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Disinfection Gate For Sale In America

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Disinfection Gate For Sale in America

Recently, our American customer Mr. Black has received disinfection gate equipment and has installed it in front of the factory he operates. The cooperation process with Mr. Black was smooth. This is the case. On May 15th, Our sales manager, Ms. Nicole, received a disinfection gateway inquiry from Mr. Black. The email stated that he needed 10 human disinfection gates to be placed at the door of the factory he operated, and asked if there was any stock because he hoped to receive the auto sanitizing gate equipment as soon as possible.

After receiving the inquiry, Ms. Nicole immediately replied to the letter, introducing the configuration of our human disinfection gate. And said that there is enough stock to be shipped immediately after receiving the payment, and a fairly competitive sanitizing gate price is given. Later they continued to communicate some details through WhatsApp, and they reached cooperation. We are very happy that we can provide Mr. Black with the disinfection gate equipment he needs. Mr. Black also said that the equipment is easy to operate and install, and it is very convenient and quick to put it into use. And expressed the willingness to continue cooperation with YG(Yugong) company.

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China Disinfection gate

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Human Disinfection Gate Manufacturers

In daily life, we go into various places every day and face various doors. In addition to the automatic door at the entrance of the store, we need to touch many doors every day and open the door by pulling or pushing. The gate handle becomes an object that everyone needs to touch when entering and leaving, and all kinds of people have made a cross-contact process through the door. In densely populated areas, if one of the people using the gate carries germs, the medium of the gate makes many people more likely to get sick.

During the period when certain infectious diseases were prevalent, especially during the current COVID-19 coronavirus raging period, everyone had to take measures to disinfect the door handle and wash their hands repeatedly after going out. These measures either need to increase the work intensity of the cleaning staff or require individuals to improve safety and health awareness, which are not very convenient, there is also a waste of time, and it is not a perfect solution. Therefore, YG (Yugong) disinfection door manufacturer solved this problem. In addition, we have disinfection channel for sale.

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YG Human Disinfection Gate Manufacturer

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Features of Intelligent Atomization Disinfection Gate

The intelligent atomization disinfection gate has many significant advantages. The first is the entire disinfection process, fully automatic and fully intelligent. This equipment function is powerful, adopts light wave atomization disinfection, 720° sterilization, and anti-virus technology. The spray nozzles are densely covered on the inside of the door frame. The matrix-type has no dead corners for full-body disinfection, which can sterilize all parts of the body in all directions.

At the same time, the human body temperature alarm and the thermal imaging body temperature detector can be added to detect the body temperature of the personnel. In addition, the disinfectant is food-grade. Non-contact disinfection is adopted for passing persons and articles. Contact us to get auto disinfection gate price now.

Intelligent Atomization Disinfection Gate Price
Intelligent Atomization Disinfection Gate

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Advantages of auto sanitizing gate

  • Food grade disinfection, safe and effective, non-contact disinfection.
  • Matrix type whole-body disinfection without a dead corner.
  • A humanized design and reasonable layout, will not cause discomfort to the respiratory tract and other organs.
  • The overall stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion and deformation and can be easily moved.
  • Plasma, ultraviolet, lightwave atomization disinfection multiple disinfection, disinfection is more thorough.
  • 220v voltage, convenient switching, simple operation, economic and environmental protection.
  • The human body temperature alarm and thermal imaging body temperature detector can be added to detect the body temperature of personnel.

We have different configurations of disinfection doors, disinfection channels, and disinfection smart atomization disinfection gate for sale. You can send an email to us directly.

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