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Rebar thread rolling machine is a kind of reinforcement processing machine widely used in the construction industry in recent years. The machine is an important part of rebar processing. It quickly and directly rolls the end of the steel bar at one time to cold-harden the head of the wire, thereby improving the strength and making the steel bar the same as the base metal.

It consists of a frame, a clamping mechanism, a feed carriage, a reducer and a thread rolling head, a cooling system, and an electrical system. Rebar thread rolling machine is the special equipment for processing straight threaded ends of steel bars. The rib ends are stripped round by rib strippers, and then the hollow steel bars are rolled with straight threads by three hollow thread rolling wheels, to achieve straight steel bars.

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Model Rebar Threading Machine
Processing Range 16-40mm
Motor power 4kw
Speed 40-62r/min
Max.processing length 80mm
Working efficiency 30-40mm/min
Dimension 1500*600*1000mm
weight 450kg

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Thread Rolling Machine Application

The steel bar rolling straight thread connection technology is suitable for industrial and civil buildings and requires the connection of rigid, oblique, and horizontal steel bars in the important parts of the structure that fully utilize the strength and ductility of the steel bar. Its process is simple and fast, and it can be prepared. It has no open flame operation, no pollution to the environment, no hidden danger of explosion and fire, safe and reliable, and can be constructed around the clock, saving a lot of steel and energy. Use only wrenches to connect the rebars, and each rebar joint is about one minute. The construction period of the structure was shortened, and the industrialized and civilized construction was realized.


Rebar Threading Machine

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Thread Rolling Machine For Sale

We have two types of rebar thread rolling machines for sale in YG, the normal model and the enhanced one. The maximum length of the lengthened model is 25cm. The reinforced straight thread metal fiber formed by it is continuously dense and has good comprehensive mechanical properties. The tensile strength is increased by 20% -30%, the fatigue strength is increased by 40% -60%, and the corrosion resistance is increased by 50% -200%.

The strength of the steel bar connection is higher than that of the base steel, and the mechanical properties of the steel bar joints meet and exceed domestic and foreign standards. We have sold this machine for many years and receive high remarks about the machine and our clients are satisfied with our performance. We keep moving forward to offer you better service. Please Feel free to contact us and we will reply quickly.

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Rebar Thread Rolling Machine Features

The steel bar rolling machine has a novel design, advanced technology, and is lightweight and convenient. Simple operation, the high degree of automation, rib stripping and rolling straight thread forming at one time. The thread profile is of good quality and high precision. It has the same length as the straight thread of the specification. The steel bar rolling machine can directly roll the common ribs HRB335, HRB400, RRB400 ~ ribbons with the specifications of Φ12, Φ14, Φ1 6, Φ1 8, Φ20, Φ22, Φ25, Φ28, Φ32, Φ36, and medium 40, etc. By pre-treating the reinforcement bar, stripping ribs, etc., regular threads can be directly processed.


Rebar Threaded Rolling Machine

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Advantages of Thread Rolling Machine

  1. Thread rolling machine can be rolled after the ribs are stripped. The accuracy of the thread profile is very high, and the consistency of the diameter is also very good;
  2. Its compact structure, simple operation, and thread processing speed are significantly faster than other equipment;
  3. We call its rib stripping device “fool”, which is easy to learn and understand, and the stability of the rib stripping size is very good;
  4. The thread processing can be completed as long as the steel bar is clamped once, and the processing efficiency of the wire head is also very high;
  5. Its automaticity is very strong, thread rolling machine can automatically increase the knife and return automatically, and the noise generated by the equipment is very small.

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Rebar Thread Rolling Machine Working Principle

The thread rolling machine uses cutting and rolling threads at one time to achieve the purpose of reinforcing steel bar ends and thread processing. The thread rolling machine uses a rolling head to implement rolling processing of various specifications of rebar, which solves the problem of similar equipment processing the end of the rebar.

In this way, on-site processing is reduced and multiple rebar handling is carried out, which improves the efficiency of on-site production and processing; The thread needs the condition of one threading head of each specification. The thread rolling machine adopts an internal coolant to solve the problem of chip removal during rolling processing. The threaded rebar couplers can connect the rebars. It has high automation intensity and automatic stop and reset when the feed is stopped.

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