water well drilling machine for sale
water well drilling machine for sale

Water Well Drilling Machine For Sale

YG series water well drilling machine is a light, efficient, and multifunctional water well drilling equipment. Powered by diesel engines, water well drilling rigs are mainly suitable for drilling water wells, agricultural irrigation wells, and other wells. YG series water well drilling rigs are especially suitable for water intake projects in mountainous areas and rock formations. This series of water well drilling machines use new hydraulic technology, supporting large-torque hydraulic motor rotation and large-bore hydraulic cylinder propulsion. All YG water well rigs for sale must be used with air compressors. Contact us to get the water drilling rig’s price right now.

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Crawler Type Large YG Water Well Drilling Rigs

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Hotlist Water Well Drilling Rigs For Sale

ModelDrilling DepthThe Hole Diameter
Custom is available

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YG-D180 YG-D200 Specification

Because there is a series of water drilling machines for sale, so here is the crawler type YG-D180 & YG-D200 water well drilling machine specifications displayed on this page. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know other YG water well drilling equipment detail.YG Machinery also has portable water well drilling rigs for sale at a cheap price. If you are looking for small water well drilling rigs for sale, please leave a message.

The Weight(T)4.55.8
The Hole Diameter(mm)140-254140-305
Drilling Depth(M)180200
One-time Advance Length(M)3.43.4
Walking Speed(KM/H)2.52.5
Climbing Angles(Max.)3030
Equipped Capacitor(KW)5565-70
Using Air Pressure(MPa)1.7-2.51.7-3.0
Air Consumption(m³/min)17-3117-30
Drilling Pipe Diameter(mm)Φ76    Φ89Φ76    Φ89
Drilling Pipe Length(M)1.5   2.0   3.01.5   2.0   3.0
Rig Lifting Force(T)1512
Swing Speed(rpm)45-6545-70
Swing Torque(N.m)3200-46003500-4800

The above are the parameters of some water well drilling rigs. YG provides small water well drilling rigs, crawler types, trailer types, and truck mounted water well drilling rig. If you are interested in a water well drilling rig, please contact us.

Borehole Drilling Machine Truck
Borehole Drilling Machine Truck
Trailer Water Well Drilling Rig
Trailer Water Well Drilling Rig
Crawler Type Drilling Rig
Crawler Type Drilling Rig

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Working Principle of Water well rig machine

YG series water well drilling rig machine is a full hydraulic open-air drilling equipment. It is powered by a diesel engine, forming a high-pressure oil circuit by driving a hydraulic oil pump. And driving hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders to complete various predetermined actions by manipulating various relevant hydraulic control valves on the console. Click here you can check our down-the-hole drilling rigs for sale.

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Functions of Each Part of The Drilling Rig

When working, start the power and push the rotary control valve handle on the console. The pressure oil drives the swing motor on the gyrator to rotate through the swing control valve. Push the handle on the walking control valve to realize the movement of forwarding, backward, and turning of the whole crawler-type water well drilling rig machine. Send your requirement to us if you need to buy small portable water well drilling rigs.

Push the handle on the console to control the actions of each related oil cylinder and hoisting motor, so as to complete the tilting and unloading oil cylinder of the guide rail, the outrigger oil cylinder, the telescopic movement of the telescopic oil cylinder, and the forward and reverse movement of the hoist motor. Leave your message to get high-quality water well drilling rigs for sale details.

large water drilling machine for sale

Water Drilling Machine Console

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Push the handle on the propulsion control valve to realize the telescopic action of the propulsion cylinder, thereby driving the wire rope to feed and lift. When the propulsion cylinder shrinks and the gyrator rotates forward, the ball valve on the air intake pipe is opened at the same time to supply the compressed air from the air compressor to the drill rod and the impactor. The impactor works and blows the broken rock out of the ground, so as to realize the continuous feed of the broken rock by the impactor to form a rock drill.

The handles on the confluence control valve are used in combination with the propulsion and revolving handles to realize the rapid movement of the gyrator and the propulsion cylinder. Now contact us to get a cheap water well drilling machine factory price.

YG water well drilling rigs prices
YG water well drilling rigs prices

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How Should You Choose Water Well Drilling Rig Accessories?

  • Choose the drill bit according to the geological conditions of the location where you use the drill. If you don’t know how to choose a drill bit, please tell us your basic information to choose a water well-drilling machine drill bit.
  • The impactor is configured in reverse according to the size of the drill bit you require.
  • Transition joints are configured according to the number and model of impactors and the model of drill rods.
  • The configuration of the drill rod should be selected according to the drilling depth and hole diameter. Tell us your drilling depth and hole diameter right now.
  • The configuration of the steel wire duct. Steel pipes are used to connect air compressors and drilling rigs. So choose according to the pressure of the air compressor. If you have specific requirements, please let us know.
water well drilling rods
water well drilling rods
water well rig transition joints
water well rig transition joints

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Why Choose the YG Water Drilling Rig?

YG Machinery is one of the most professional water well drilling equipment manufacturers. Our various types of drilling rigs are sold at home and abroad for over 10 years. Relying on the quality of the water well rig machine to win the trust of many customers. Contact us to get more water well-drilling machine work videos and photos.

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Best Water Well Drilling Equipment For Sale

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YG Best Water Well Drilling Rigs Prices

The above content is the basic information of the YG Machinery water drilling machine for sale. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. As a professional water well drilling machine manufacturer, we promise you will get the best water well-drilling rig prices from us. Just leave your message.

crawler type water well drilling machine factory price

Crawler Type Water Well Drilling Machine Factory Price

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In addition to large water well drilling rigs, we also have down-the-hole drilling rigs machineswater well drilling rigssmall water well drilling machinesportable water well drilling rigsYG-D200 water well drilling rig for sale in the Philippines, anchor rig, diamond core drill rig, horizontal directional drilling rig, rotary drilling rig for sale, etc. Now contact us to get the drilling rigs price list. Contact us now.

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