GRC Machine
GRC Machine

What is GRC Machine?

The GRC spray machine newly developed by YG Company mainly applies to spraying GRC European-style components, interior and exterior wall decoration, and other materials. GRC is also called GFRC, which is the abbreviation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement. Therefore, the GRC spray machine is also called Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement Spray Machine. The GRC/GRG products sprayed by GRC machines have a short cycle and a wide range of applications, making it the best choice for many customers to produce GRC/GRG products. Contact YG for the GRC spray machine price.

GRC Spray Machine
GRC Spray Machine

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Application of GRC Spray Machine

YG company’s new GRC spraying machine can not only be used for spraying GRC European-style construction but is also suitable for spraying other materials and products. For example, indoor and outdoor wall decoration spraying, fireproof/waterproof material spraying, and relief handicraft paint spraying. Spraying of bridges, rockeries, dams, river embankment guardrails, etc. He has a very wide range of applications, and GRC and GRG products have a short cycle, good quality, and low cost.

GRC Spray Machine Application
GRC Spray Machine Application

GRC GFRC Machine Technical Parameters

Machine NameScrew GRC Shotcrete Machine
Power2.2-4.0kw step-less speed regulation motor
Rotating speed20-200r/min Speed regulation when the machine is running
Work area4.5M(Horizontal boom radius)
Delivery capacity300-1600kg/h
Working pressure0.6-0.8mpa
Machine size1400*1000*2200mm
Machine Weight220kg

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Glass Fiber Spraying Machine Composition And Characteristics

The glass fiber spraying machine mainly includes a step-less speed regulation motor, power distribution control box, high-speed mixer, special spray gun, and other components.

Stepless Speed Motor

Stepless Speed Regulation Motor

It uses a 3KW step-less speed-adjusting copper wire motor to ensure stable power output.

Power Control Box

Power Distribution Control Box

The power distribution system is combined with the frequency conversion speed regulation system, and the low-speed pneumatic can effectively protect the motor. Avoid leakage and other faults, safe and stable.

High Speed Mixer

High-Speed Mixer

The high-speed mixer can not only be used for mixing GRC mortar but also can be used for mixing ordinary cement mortar, superfine cement mortar, and other materials.

Shotcrete Part

Special Spray Gun

The spray gun of the GRC mortar spraying machine adopts three-axis linkage support cutting, and the cutting is stable and continuous. It not only improves production efficiency but also greatly reduces damage.

GRC Spraying Material

The spraying materials of GRC products are mainly prepared from cement, sand, glass fiber, water, pigments, and various admixtures. Compared with concrete products, GRC products have the advantages of thin components, lightweight, high strength, high tolerance, good impact resistance, simple preparation, and rich shapes. It makes up for the lack of heavy weight, low tensile strength, and poor durability and impact performance of cement or concrete products. GRC is widely favored by the construction industry in various countries.

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Features of GRC Spray Machine

  • Machine spraying, large single-piece area, convenient and stable installation, long service life
  • It makes up for the shortcomings of uneven force applied by manual plastering and delamination of cement mortar and mesh cloth.
  • It is widely used in the spraying of bridges, indoor and outdoor walls, embankments, guardrails, and other products.
  • Double-pipe mixing spray gun or co-core spray gun, mortar nozzle accessories can be fan-shaped spraying or directional spraying.
  • Machine support and universal mobile workbench, movable spraying, more convenient spraying.
  • The produced GRC products are of good quality, low cost, and have good economic benefits.
GRC GFRC Spray Machine
GRC GFRC Spray Machine
Glass Fibre Cement Spray Machine
Glass Fibre Cement Spray Machine

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GRC Shotcrete Machine Hot Sale

YG’s GRC shotcrete machine is very popular with customers. GRC spraying has a wide range of applications, high-quality finished products, and low cost, and is welcomed by many customers. YG’s glass fiber reinforced cement spraying machines have been exported to Mexico, Morocco, India, Russia, France, UAE, and many other countries. YG also provides mortar spraying machines, shotcrete machines, polyurethane foam spray machine, automatic wall plastering machines, and other construction equipment for sale. If you are interested in YG’s spraying equipment, please contact us.

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