High frequency wall saw machine is a water-cooled, electrically powered wall saw with wireless remote control. It is a tool that uses a high-frequency vibrating saw blade to cut hard materials such as stone, concrete, and brick walls. Its cutting speed is very fast, and it can quickly cut hard materials and improve production efficiency. A set of high-frequency concrete wall cutting machine mainly consists of a saw head, remote control unit, high-frequency power pack, and voltage cable. Compared with the hydraulic wall saw, the high-frequency type is smaller in size, and convenient to carry. It is designed for cutting lightly to heavily reinforced concrete, such as for sawing concrete, brick, and different stone materials. Are you looking for the equipment? Get in touch with us to get more detailed information.

high frequency wall saw machine
high-frequency wall saw machine

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Parameter of YG-105DM High Frequency Wall Saw

Saw bladeMax. Cutting Depth520mm
Saw BladeΦ600-1200mm
Remote controlWireless control range300mm
Electric control boxVoltage380V/50Hz

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High-Frequency Concrete Wall Cutting Saw Features

  1. 380V/220V two voltages can be switched freely (standard configuration is three-phase 380V; single 220V needs to be customized)
  2. Small size, lightweight, strong power, easy to install
  3. Remote control operation, visual intelligent cutting, safe and reliable
  4. Split design, quick disassembly, can be installed and operated independently by one person

Application of Wall Saw Cutting Machine

High-frequency concrete wall cutting machines are widely used in building, demolition, reconstruction, roads, bridges, and other fields, especially suitable for cutting concrete, masonry, rock, reinforced concrete, and other building materials.

high-frequency wall saw cutting machine 
high-frequency wall saw cutting machine 

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Advantages of the High Frequency Wall Saw

  1. High efficiency: High-frequency wall-cutting machine adopts high-frequency vibration technology and can quickly cut concrete, masonry, and other hard materials at a very fast speed. One machine can replace several workers working at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency.
  2. High accuracy: The wall-cutting machine adopts a computer control system, which can accurately control the cutting depth and angle to ensure the accuracy and quality of cutting;
  3. Strong applicability: The concrete cutting machine has wide applicability in cutting concrete, masonry, rock, reinforced concrete, and other building materials.
electric control box of high frequency wall saw
electric control box of high frequency wall saw

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Why Choose High-Frequency Concrete Wall Saw?

The high-frequency wall-cutting machine is a professional cutting equipment whose main feature is the use of high-frequency electric energy to cut materials such as concrete, steel bars, and stone. The high-frequency wall cutting machine has higher cutting efficiency, less damage to the material, and higher precision during the cutting process. Compared with ordinary wall-cutting machines, high-frequency wall-cutting machines are more accurate and efficient when cutting materials such as concrete, stone, and steel bars. Because the high-frequency wall-cutting machine has higher cutting efficiency and higher precision, it is suitable for some large-scale projects, such as the construction of bridges, tunnels, and other projects.

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Related Machines

High frequency wall saw is one kind of wall-cutting machine. We also have a hydraulic concrete wall saw. Besides, wire saw machines are available like hydraulic wire saw machines, diamond wire saw machines, and stone wire saw cutting machines. If you need these machines, please get in touch with us. You can send me a message or email through these contact information, and we will reply to you as soon as possible. We will do our best to provide the equipment according to your requirements.

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