Mini street sweeper for sale, also named small road sweepers, is widely used in cleaning roads and streets of large, medium, and small cities. Mini road sweepers have the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, low cost, good effect, and so on. Some of them are equipped with a water sprinkling function to prevent dust in the cleaning process. Are you looking for a road sweeping car to improve cleaning efficiency? Do you want to get more details about the equipment? Welcome to get in touch with us for more information, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

mini street sweeper for sale
mini street sweeper for sale

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Mini Street Sweeper for Sale Parameter

Battery48V, 100A
Cleaning width2000mm
Main cleaning width700mm
Edge brush diameter500mm
Power supply48V
Working ability14500m²/h
Working time4-5h
Dustbin capacity220L
Water tank capacity100L
Traveling motor1500W
Main brush motor1000W
Draught fan500W
Edge brush motor100W*4
Climbing ability35%
Walking speed10-15km/h

Application of the Small Street Sweeper

The mini street sweeper for sale is an integrated road sweeper that combines cleaning and vacuuming. The car-type street sweeper can be used in roads, industrial parks, resident areas, and underground garages. The cleaning width can reach 2000mm, and the water tank equipped is 100L. It is ideal cleaning equipment for cleaning and dust suppression for roads and dust in cities. Its working time can last 4-5 hours, with low noise. Besides, the small road sweeper is easy to operate and convenient to use and maintain.

mini road sweepers in factory
mini road sweepers in the factory

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Precautions for Using the Small Road Sweeper

  1. Walk around the mini street sweeper for sale to see if it is safe.
  2. Walk around to check if the sweeping brush is entangled, if the trash can is placed properly, and if the body, power plug, and other parts are intact.
  3. Fill the water tank with water before formal operation. If in winter, the water tank needs to be emptied in time to prevent the sweeper from freezing and cracking.
  4. The operator of the sweeper enters the driver’s seat of the machine and sits down.
  5. Check that all gears of the sweeper have been closed, and check the forward and reverse gears of the sweeper.
  6. Press the sweeping switch off the sweeper to check whether the sweeping brush is working normally.
  7. When parking the sweeper car, it should be parked in a flat place, and the sweeper cannot be parked on a slope.
  8. 8. Daily maintenance and cleaning of the sweeper.
small street sweepers for sale
small street sweepers for sale

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YG machinery not only provides mini street sweepers but also supplies snow sweeper machines, road line marking machines, roadside slip form machines, mini road rollers, road crack sealing machines, mobile stone crushers, high-frequency wall saws, fog cannon machines, etc. If you need these machines or other construction or building machines, please contact us freely.

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