Disposable Salad Soup Paper Bowl Making Machine

Disposable PE Coated Paper Bowl Machine

Disposable paper bowl machine is used to make salad bowls, soup bowls, and other food containers on the basis of paper cup making machines. The paper bowl forming machine is a multi-station automatic forming equipment suitable for single and double PE coated paper. One set of paper bowl machines can automatically complete the paper feeding, sealing, bottom punching, knurling, hemming, cup closing, and other processes. The paper bowls produced are beautiful in shape, firm, and firm, and are the best containers for salads, soups, fast food, and other foods.

Introduction and Application of Paper Bowls

Disposable Paper Bowls
Disposable Paper Bowls

The paper bowl is a container with a certain degree of curvature after mechanical processing using PE-coated paper. Because of its shape resembling a bowl, it was named a paper bowl. According to the shape of the paper bowl, there are round paper bowls and square paper bowls. According to the number of layers of coating, there are two kinds of single-layer coating and double-layer coating paper. The PE-coated paper has good water resistance, air permeability, and other characteristics. Therefore, paper bowls made of PE-coated paper are widely used in food packaging and storage. 

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How to make a paper bowl step by step?

The production of paper bowls generally goes through the steps of purchasing coated paper, slitting, printing, die-cutting, forming, and packaging.

Paper Bowl Making Process
Paper Bowl Making Process
  • Buy PE-coated paper. Choose the appropriate single-coated paper or double-coated paper according to the finished product type of the paper bowl you need to produce.
  • Slitting. Use a slitter to cut the coated paper into rectangular pieces for the bowl walls and rolls for the bottom.
  • Printing. Use a special printing press to print the desired pattern on a rectangular sheet of paper.
  • Die cutting. The die-cutting machine, also known as the flat creasing and cutting machine, mainly cuts the paper with the printed pattern into the fan-shaped paper.
  • Forming. Place the fan-shaped paper and roll paper on the paper bowl making machine, and the machine can automatically make the paper into suitable size paper bowls. This high-speed paper bowl machine equips with an automatic counting device, set counting parameters, and the machine automatically counts and folds.
  • Packaging. Pack the finished paper bowl machine in a plastic bag and place it in a carton.

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PE Coated Paper Bowl Making Machine Parameters

  NameAutomatic Paper Bowl Machine
 Paper Bowl SizeMax 1400ml
 Raw MaterialSingle Or Double PE coated paper
 Speed60-70 pcs/min
Suitable paper thickness160-300g/㎡;±20g/㎡
 Voltage380V(220V)  50HZ
Paper Bowl sizeBottom 80-125mm,Top diameter 100-148mm,Height 125mm
Working  Air Source0.4-0.6Mpa;    0.4m³/min
General power12kw
Net weight2800kg
 Measurement (mm)Main MachineLength:2350mm;Width:1320mm;Length:1900mm
 Dish rack  100kgsLength :900mm;Width:800mm;Height:1500mm
Bowl Side SealingEVERGREEN Ultrasonic
Bottom    KnurlingHOT AIR SYSTEM
Noted: Molds can be customized according to customer requirements

The above are some of the parameters of the PE-coated paper bowl making machine provided by YG for your reference. In fact, YG paper bowl machine manufacturer offers several models of equipment for processing single and double-coated paper. Moreover, we can also customize the equipment according to the needs of customers. If you want to know the paper bowl-making machine details, please contact us.

Disposable Paper Bowl Machine Details Show

Automatic Cup Collection Device

Automatic cup collection device

Automatic counting and collection of cups, instead of manual labor, fast collection of cups.

Various Styles

Various styles

It can produce disposable kraft paper bowls, fast food paper bowls, salad paper bowls, soup paper bowls, etc.

Smart Control Panel

Simple operation

Using intelligent PLC control, the stroke is more precise and accurate, and labor is reduced.

Ultrasonic Device

Ultrasonic device

The encoder and the electric eye control the machine at the same time, a fan-shaped piece with a bowl bottom.

8 Aluminum Cup Films

8 aluminum cup films

Increase the chance of preventing cups from being dropped.

Paper Feeder

One-time molding

Automatically complete a series of paper bowl making processes such as paper feeding, sealing, oil filling, bottom punching, heating, knurling, and hemming.

Matched Machine With The Paper Bowl Machine

Plastic Bowl Cover Making Machine

The plastic lid making machine is the matching equipment of the paper bowl forming machine. It is used to make various shapes of plastic lids. It is suitable for the processing of HIPS, PVC, PET, PS, and other materials. This plastic lid making machine can be used to make milk tea lids, coffee lids, tea lids, and other plastic lids of various shapes and sizes. This equipment can complete the steps of thermoforming, punching, die cutting, etc. on one machine.

Plastic Bowl Cover Making Machine
Plastic Bowl Cover Making Machine

Paper Bowl Lid Making Machine

The paper bowl lid forming machine can meet the production of round, oval and square paper covers of various sizes. The raw material of the paper lid is the same as that of the paper bowl, and they can use either single-coated paper or double-coated paper. The paper cover forming machine is also multi-station automation equipment. Through this equipment, the raw material is made into a paper cover through a series of automated steps.

Paper Lid Forming Machine
Paper Lid Forming Machine

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