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YG Machinery is a professional equipment supplier for roll tissue paper-making machines and wet wipe production lines. If you are looking for a tissue paper-making machine price, please contact us. Our sales manager will send a quotation for your reference within 12 hours. This page will introduction tissue paper-making machines in detail.

tissue paper making machine mechanical assembly drawing
Mechanical Assembly Drawing

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Equipment Composition of Tissue Paper Production Line

Tissue paper production line includes: paper making machine, rewinding cutting machine, paper packaging machine.

Tissue Making Machine

A Paper machine is the general name of a complete set of equipment that makes pulp from the paper web. These include the headbox, wire section, press section, drying section, calendar, paper reel, and transmission section, and auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, and heat recovery. Leave your requirements to get a tissue paper-making machine price.

Process flow: forming section, pressing section, drying section, surface finishing section, transmission system, white water system, auxiliary system.

Paper making raw materials: plant fibers and non-plant fibers (inorganic fibers, chemical fibers, and metal fibers).

At present, the main raw materials for papermaking in the world are plant fibers. And the conifer or hardwood wood used in some economically developed countries accounts for more than 95% of the total consumption.

paper manufacturing machine
Paper Manufacturing Machine

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What paper manufacturing machine do you need?

If you are looking for a tissue paper-making machine price, we need to discuss the following items.

  1. What kind of paper do you want to produce?
  2. Which raw materials will be used to produce paper?
  3. What is the grammage (GSM) of the paper (g/m m2)?
  4. The width of the finished paper you need?
  5. What is the daily output of paper (tons/day)?
  6. Is there an on-site venue or factory building? What is the area?
Removable boxed facial tissue machine
The Removable Boxed Facial Tissue Machine

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Rewinding cutting machine for sale

Rewinding cutting machine including rewinding machine and paper cutting machine.

The rewinder is the special equipment for paper, mica tape, and film. Its purpose is to rewind the paper rolls (called base paper rolls) produced by the paper machine in sequence. After rewinding, the paper is made into finished paper and leaves the factory. At present, it has become a development trend in the paper-making machinery industry to replace the DC drive with an AC drive in the rewinder. If you want to know the tissue paper-making machine price, please contact us now.

The paper rolled by the paper reel is relatively soft and may be damaged or broken inside. The edges on both sides are not neat. And the width of the paper web cannot be directly used in paper processing or printing machines. Most paper types (such as newsprint, letterpress printing paper, packaging paper, etc.) must be trimmed, slit, and spliced. And re-rolled on the core of the paper roll to form a finished paper roll with a certain specifications and certain tightness requirements before leaving the factory.

The rewinding process mainly completes three tasks. First, cut off the raw edges of the original paper. Second, cut the entire base paper into several widths that meet the user’s specifications. Third, control the roll diameter of the finished paper roll to make it meet the factory specifications. If you are looking for a tissue paper machine, please feel free to contact us.

Rewinder Machine
Rewinder Machine

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Technical parameters of rewinding cutting machine

  1. Width of base paper: ≤2100mm
  2. Finished product diameter: Φ60~150mm (adjustable elasticity)
  3. The inner diameter of the finished paper core: Φ 32~50mm
  4. Diameter of base paper: Φ1100mm
  5. The inner diameter of the base paper core: is 3″
  6. Punching pitch (please specify): 4 knives, mechanical adjustment 90~180mm;
  7. Rewinding speed: 0-200 m/min
  8. Punching method: pneumatic separation
  9. Paper ejection rack: 1-3 layers
  10. Dimensions (L×W×H): 6500×3100×2600 (mm)
  11. Machine weight: 3500kg
  12. Total power: 4kW
  13. Pneumatic system: 3 HP air compressor, minimum pressure 5kg/cm2 Pa (customer provided)
paper sliter rewinder machine
paper sliter rewinder machine

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Performance characteristics of rewinding machine

  1. Use Delta programmable controller and touch screen control to maximize the reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.
  2. The full-automatic toilet paper rewinder can process coreless, cored, and roll-tube toilet paper.
  3. Automatic unwinding.
  4. The automatic toilet paper rewinder automatically trims, sprays glue, seals, and draws the shaft instantly and synchronously, so that there is no paper loss when the roll paper is transferred to the band saw for cutting and packaging, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product. , The finished product has a paper tail for easy use.
  5. Fully automatic toilet paper rewinder with pneumatic belt feeding, the reel and each axis of the base paper have an independent tension adjustment mechanism.
paper rewinding machine manufacturer
Roll Paper Rewinding Machine Manufacturer

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Roll paper cutting machine

Roll paper cutting machine suitable for slitting cored and coreless roll paper.

Technical parameters of paper cutting machine

  1. Rated speed: 150 cuts/min
  2. Design speed: 170 cuts/min
  3. Cutting diameter: φ60—φ130(mm)
  4. Total power: 6.2kW
  5. Cutter motor: 2.2kW
  6. Conveying servo motor: 1kW
  7. Rotary cutter motor: 3kW
  8. Machine noise: ≤65dB
  9. Compressed air: 0.5-0.8MPa
  10. Overall dimensions (length×width×height): 5350×1500×1850(mm)
  11. Machine net weight: about 1500kg
  12. Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Roll paper making machine - convolute cutting machine
Roll Paper Making Machine – Paper Cutting Machine

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Performance characteristics

  1. Adopt an Omron programmable controller, SICK sensor, touch screen, and servo motor control to maximize the reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.
  2. The minimum diameter of the disc cutter can be up to 400 mm.
  3. The sharpening frequency and grinding wheel feed frequency can be set on the touch screen according to the number of cuts to automatically sharpen the knife.
  4. Low power consumption, the whole machine is 6.2kW.
paper cutting machine
Paper Cutting Machine

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Tissue paper packaging machine

YG roll paper packaging machine is suitable for packing regular materials such as cylinder paper. The whole machine is composed of an automatic material sorting part, the main machine part of the tissue paper packaging machine, and aside ironing part, and a control part. Send your requirement to get tissue paper making machine price.

Technical Parameters of paper packing machine

  1. Rated speed: 110bages/min
  2. Design speed: 120bages/min
  3. Packing specification: length 100-140mm, diameter φ60-φ140mm
  4. Total power: 4.24kW
  5. Machine noise: ≤70dB
  6. Machine net weight: about 1500kg
  7. Overall dimensions (length×width×height): 6730×1310×1480 (mm)
  8. Power supply: 380v, 50Hz
  9. Packaging materials: BOPP, PE/OPP, CPP, PP, etc.

If you are looking for a professional tissue paper manufacturing machine manufacturer, YG Machinery will be your ideal choice. Please feel free to tell us your requirements, our sales manager will send tissue paper making machine price to you shortly.

tissue paper production line package machine
Tissue Paper Production Line Package Machine

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Performance characteristics

  1. Using Panasonic inverter, Omron PLC control, reducing mechanical contacts, low system failure rate, more stable and reliable operation.
  2. This machine adopts gear chain-type continuously variable transmission, and the length of the packaging bag can be changed by rotating the handle.
  3. Digital display function, which can directly display bag length, packaging speed, sealing temperature, output, etc.
  4. The two-way photoelectric tracking system can ensure that the film is cut at the required position and the cut point is accurate.
  5. The automatic positioning and parking function can ensure that the film will not be burned when the machine is stopped. The leakage protection switch installed in this machine can ensure the safety of people and machines.
Pillow tissue paper packaging machine
Pillow Tissue Paper Packaging Machine

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