Disposable Glove Making Machine For Sale

Disposable glove making machine is a general term for machines capable of making disposable gloves, which includes a variety of machines. According to different types of gloves, we have PE plastic glove-making machines, nitrile gloves making machine, latex glove making machine, rubber glove-making machines, and medical glove-making machines for sale. Which kind of disposable glove-making machine do you interested in?

Disposable glove making machine for sale
Disposable glove making machine for sale

In terms of production equipment, the disposable glove production line is not a line that includes fixed equipment. It is a production line that can be freely selected and equipped according to the needs of different production enterprises. Yugong provides customized disposable gloves production line. You can buy an entire glove line or several pieces of special equipment included in the line separately. For example, glove stripping machine, glove counting machine, glove crimping machine, glove packing machine, etc. We have production lines for latex, nitrile, PE, rubber, and other disposable gloves. Leave your message, you will get a competitive disposable glove-making machine price list. Also, if you want to know more about the wet wipes production line, please view it here.

cheap glove making machine price

Cheap Glove Making Machine Price

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Types of Disposable Glove-Making Machines

Disposable glove making machine is not a machine name, it is a general term for many equipment for making disposable gloves. Any machine that can make disposable gloves can be called a disposable glove machine. Yugong provides nitrile glove machines, latex glove machines, PE glove machines, knitted glove-making machines, and other disposable glove machines.

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Automatic Glove Making Machine Parameters

 Machine size 110*1.8*16*10 layers*2
 Power 190kw/hr
 Speed 25m/min
 Production 30,000pcs/hr
 Heat consumption 3,800,000cal/hr
 Mould 22,000pcs
 Chain 1,100m

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The above is one of the disposable glove making machines’ parameters. Its production output is 30,000 pieces per hour. In fact, many kinds of glove making machines provided by Yugong have various models and outputs. In addition, we also provide customized services for customers. For example, we can customize a machine of the right size with the same output according to the customer’s plant area.

Disposable Glove Making Machine Characteristics

  • The YG glove production line adopts the most advanced glove production process layout and production process at present, and the product qualification rate reaches more than 98%. The protein content is less than 120μg/g.
  • TPU coating technology.
  • Imported surfactant coagulant, the film formation is more uniform, without powder release.
  • With the introduction of a foreign advanced transmission main chain structure, the chain running resistance is small, and the production is stable at high speed.
  • The main motor drags the automatic glove production line, which solves the problems of multiple drags, difficult synchronization, multiple failure points, and difficult maintenance.
  • Vertical hot air circulation is adopted in the drying oven of the automatic glove production line. Compared with other forms of hot air circulation, energy consumption is saved by nearly 20%.
nitrile gloves production line price

YG Nitrile Gloves Production Line Price

  • Six-roller long-hair brush mold cleaning technology for cleaning the mold fingers.
  • Mold orientation and onboard coding technology for the glove production line.
  • Various specifications of gloves are produced on the same automatic glove-making machine, automatic curling adjustment, and PU curling rollers, and the glove production line has a long service life.
  • We can design automatic disposable glove-making machine models with different lengths, heights, and costs according to customer needs. Now contact us to get the disposable glove-making machine price.
disposable automatic glove making machine

YG Disposable Automatic Glove Making Machine For Sale

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Disposable Glove Manufacturing Process

YG disposable glove production process

YG Disposable Gloves Production Process

The above is the dipped disposable gloves production process, such as the production of nitrile, latex, rubber, and other gloves. Each of the above steps requires a device or machine to implement. And the entire disposable gloves manufacturing process is fully automatic, which reduces human contact, generates bacteria, and reduces labor usage.

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Disposable Gloves Market Overview

Disposable gloves are extremely versatile. They are mainly used in medical, pharmaceutical, health, beauty salons, food processing, and other operating industries.

Disposable latex gloves can be used in household, industrial, medical, beauty, and other industries. In the meantime, it is suitable for automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing. Glass fiber reinforced plastics industry, aircraft assembly, aerospace, and environmental cleaning.

Disposable PE gloves are suitable for cleanroom, hard disk manufacturing, and precision optics. And optical electronics, LCD/DVD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, PCB printing, and other industries. In addition, PE gloves are widely used in labor protection and household hygiene in industries such as sanitation inspection, the food industry, the chemical industry, the electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry. Also suitable for the paint and coating industry, printing and dyeing industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and other industries.

disposable nitrile latex PVC gloves production line

Disposable Nitrile/Latex/PVC Gloves Production

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As a kind of fast consumable, disposable gloves have large consumption and demand. Especially now, COVID-19 has not been completely controlled. The awareness of the protection of individuals and groups is constantly being strengthened. Consequently, investing in glove production lines is a good business opportunity. Contact us to get a disposable PE glove making machine or wet wipes packing machine price.

Why Invest in Disposable Glove Production Line?

At present, the construction cost of disposable gloves production line, especially disposable nitrile gloves production line is relatively high. At the same time, the production of disposable gloves requires much advanced supporting equipment and technical support. The degree of machine automation is getting higher and higher. Therefore, investment in the production of disposable gloves is relatively large. Newly-entered enterprises must have the sufficient financial strength and technical equipment to compete with existing enterprises.

disposable glove production line

Saudi Arabia Client Visit Disposable Glove Production Line

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Because of this, customers who invest in the disposable gloves production line are courage and forward-looking. Because of the relatively high initial investment, there are few competitors in the same industry. And the demand for gloves will only increase and not decrease. Such a huge market will definitely bring you considerable benefits. Meanwhile, the disposable gloves industry has a significant scale effect. That is, with the increase in production, the unit cost continues to decline. Now contact us directly to know more about YG disposable glove-making machines for sale.

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