Pile Breaker Machine

pile breaker machine

What is a pile breaker machine?

A pile breaker machine is a kind of construction machinery suitable for quickly cutting pile heads in pile foundation engineering. It is suitable for cutting off various pile foundation forms. Pile breaking machine is semi-automatic equipment for civil engineering. A concrete pile breaker is used for cutting and removing uneven concrete piles. Such as high-speed railways, highways, bridges, ports, and river channel foundation construction. Under normal circumstances, after pile driving, the pile head is about 1 meter high above the ground. Then, these piles need to be removed.

In the past, it was often removed by hand chiseling. The traditional manual method is both tired and slow, so our company invented the “pile head breaking machine”. And equipped with a variety of pile turns to adapt to various sizes of piles. Since then, the hard work of pasting the pile head has become easy and fast. The cut surface is neat and unified. Our company has high quality & durable pile-breaking machine for sale at a cheap price.

concrete pile breaker machine factory

Concrete Pile Breaker Machine Factory

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Modular pile cutting machine parameter

pile cutter machine parameter

Pile Cutter Machine Parameter

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Advantages of pile head breaking machine

The concrete pile breaker machine solves the practical problem of slow construction speed and high working intensity. Pile head breaking machine has greatly liberated the labor force. The working efficiency of pile breaker machine is more than 20 times of manual work. The pile breaker for sale has the characteristics of convenient operation, small size and flexible activities.

This concrete pile breaker has a patented water spraying technology for sewing machines. The high-speed shaft water mist spray blade greatly prolongs the service life of the blade. Pile breaker machines can reduce construction dust and improve the working environment. Therefore, concrete pile breaker is currently the most powerful special construction machine for saw piles.

pile head breaking machine price

YG Pile Head Breaking Machine Price

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YG concrete pile breaker machine classification

According to the driving method, we have hydraulic pile breakers and electric pile breakers for sale. At the same time, electric pile breaker includes fixed clamp type and hand-push pile breaker for sale. Hand-push pile breaker includes fixed height pile breaking machine and liftable pile breaking machine. In addition, a hydraulic pile breaker includes a round hydraulic pile breaking machine, a square hydraulic pile breaking machine and a modular hydraulic pile breaker. Which kind of concrete pile-breaking machine do you need? Please leave your requirements to us. At the same time, our company has rock splitter, concrete wall saw, diamond wire saw for sale at a cheap price.

clamp type pile breaking machine

Clamp Type Pile Breaking Machine For Sale

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modular hydraulic pile breaker

Modular Hydraulic Pile Breaker For Sale

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Structure of concrete pile breaking machine

Pile card and cutting machine compose to concrete pile breaker machine. When in use, the pile card is sleeved on the pile head. And the cutting machine is installed on the pile hoop. A hanging plate is arranged on the outside of the pile card, and a shaft hole is opened on the hanging plate. A hook is provided on the bottom surface of the mounting plate of the cutting machine. You can adjust the position of the hook on the mounting plate. The hook is hung in the shaft hole of the hanging board. Meanwhile, the hook can rotate along the shaft hole.

The hook is hung on the hanging board to install the pile card and the cutting machine together. You can adjust the position of the hook on the mounting plate. So that when the connection between the cutting machine and the pile card is worn or the feed direction of the blade deviates. You can adjust the position of the hook to ensure the level of the cutting surface. Yugong utility model concrete pile breaker for sale is a pile-breaking machine with convenient and fast installation. A pile head-breaking machine can greatly shorten the construction time.

hand-push liftable pile breaker machine

hand-push liftable pile breaker machine

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fixed height hand-push pile breaking machine

fixed height hand-push pile breaking machine

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Work principle of concrete pile breaker machine for sale

The pile breaker machine provides pressure to multiple cylinders of the pile breaker through a power source. The oil cylinder directly drives the drill rod and simultaneously squeezes the pile body to cut off the pile head. During the construction process of pile breaking machines, it is easy to operate, high efficiency, low noise, low cost, suitable for pile group construction. The pile cutting machine adopts a highly modular combination. The modules connect through the pin shaft. Through the combination of different numbers of modules that can cut the pile heads with a diameter within a certain range.

According to the construction pile diameter, you can combine the corresponding quantity modules according to the construction reference parameter table. And then, connecting the pile cutting machine is to the working platform through the quick-change joint directly. Then move the pile cutting machine to the pile cutting position of the working pile head.

Next, adjust the height of the pile cutting machine to the appropriate pile cutting position and clamp the pile surface to be cut. Adjust the system pressure of the excavator according to the strength of the concrete poured by the pile. And pressurize the oil cylinder until the concrete pile body breaks under strong pressure. After the pile body is cut off, the platform lifting force is used to directly lift the concrete block. Then, move the broken pile to the designated position.

hydraulic pile breaking machine manufacturer

Hydraulic Pile Breaking Machine Manufacturer

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Applications of concrete pile breaking machine for sale

A concrete pile breaker machine is suitable for cutting various pile foundation forms. Such as cast-in-place piles, cement piles, precast piles, etc. There are round pile cutting machines and square pile cutting machines from the shape of pile breaking heads. In high-speed railway bridges, industrial and civil construction pile foundation engineering, pile cutting machine is a common machine.

The general circular pile breaker machine is suitable for a pile diameter of 200mm-2200mm. The square pile cutting machine is suitable for the length of the pile side of 300-650mm. Yugong pile head breaking machine can meet the requirements of various large-scale foundation construction.

concrete hydraulic pile breaking machine application

Concrete Hydraulic Pile Breaking Machine Application

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As a professional concrete cutting machine manufacturer, we have a series of concrete cutting machines for sale. For example, large rock splitterconcrete wall sawhydraulic wall sawdiamond wire saw, pile cutting machine and so on. Just tell us which cutting machine do you need.

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