Portable dry ice cleaning machine, as the name implies, is a kind of cleaning machine by using dry ice. The cleaning system uses high-pressure air to spray dry ice particles from the dry ice blasting machine onto the work surface that needs to be cleaned. It makes use of the physical reaction of temperature difference to make different substances to detach at different shrinkage speeds. If you are looking for this machine, please get in touch with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

portable dry ice cleaning machine
portable dry ice cleaning machine

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Technical Parameter of the Dry Ice Cleaner for Sale

VoltageAC220V, 50-60Hz
Air consumption28-106CFM (0.8-3.0m³/min) adjustable
Air supply pressure0.1-0.9Mpa
Ice delivery speed0-0.75kg/min (adjustable)
Hopper capacity10.5kg (23.5lbs )
Hopper size0.3m³
Protection levelIP54
Machine weight55kg
Dry ice state2.5-3mm (granular)
Drive modeDirect connection
Machine size(L)510*(W)460*(H)960
dry ice blasting machine for sale
dry ice blasting machine for sale

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Working Principle of the Portable Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

When the dry ice particles come into contact with the dirt surface, they will cause embrittlement, causing the dirt to shrink and loosen. Then the dry ice particles will instantly vaporize and expand, producing a strong peeling force, which will quickly and completely remove the dirt from the surface of the object, thereby achieving fast, efficient, safe, and energy-saving cleaning effects. The carbon dioxide used in dry ice cleaning comes from industrial waste gas, high-altitude air separation, etc. Dry ice blasting itself does not produce carbon dioxide.

Machine Design Advantage for the Dry Ice Cleaner

Straight-through air system design improves the utilization of compressed air. The advanced air-mixing structure of the portable dry ice cleaning machine head effectively controls the pressure loss within 8%, reducing air loss while increasing the injection pressure. The back storage box design can reasonably store equipment accessories, showing the lean design concept. A filter is installed at the air inlet end, and the dry compressed air reduces the chance of ice blockage during the injection process. Are you looking for dry ice cleaning equipment? Get in touch with us to get more information.

dry ice cleaning equipment
dry ice cleaning equipment

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Advantages of the Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

  1. Environmentally friendly, safe, and no residue. Dry ice is a non-toxic substance that sublimates and vaporizes without any secondary waste residue.
  2. No reagents, safe, no chemical components, no secondary pollution problems
  3. No secondary waste, ensuring equipment safety, and avoiding harm to personnel

Applicable Industries of the Dry Ice Blasting Machine

  1. Petrochemical industry: Clean main fans, gas compressors, hoods, steam turbines, blowers, and other devices, as well as various heating furnaces, reactors, etc. Clean polyvinyl chloride resin on heat exchangers.
  2. Printing industry: Removing ink is difficult, and ink buildup on gears and rails can result in poor print quality. Dry ice cleaning can remove various oil-based and water-based inks and varnishes, and clean oil stains, ink deposits, and dyes on gears, guide rails, and nozzles.
  3. Automobile industry: Clean door skins, roofs, cabins, oil stains on the bottom of the car, etc. without water stains and will not cause water pollution. Clean car carburetors and remove paint from car surfaces. Remove carbon deposits from engines.
  4. Electronics industry: Clean the internal grease and dirt of robots and automation equipment, integrated circuit boards, post-weld flux, contaminated coatings, resins, solvent coatings, protective layers, and photosensitive anti-corrosion agents on printed circuit boards.
  5. General manufacturing: Clean oil, paint, ink, adhesives, carbon deposits, asphalt, surface rust, industrial fans, welding slag, electroplating and coating, etc.
portable dry ice cleaner
portable dry ice cleaner
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