The dust suppression system fog cannon is a device designed for dust pollution. It achieves the purpose of dust suppression by spraying water mist into the air and combining it with dust. The fog cannon dust suppression system has strong wind and good dust suppression effect, especially suitable for dust suppression in coal mines, docks, factories, and other on-site operations. The size of the water mist sprayed by it is 30~200um, and the spray distance is optional from 10~150 meters.

Fog Cannon Machine Overview

Functions: smog spray, road environmental dust removal, cooling, air purification, farm spraying.
Applicable fields: Any place with smog and dust, coal mining area, construction site, road sanitation, factory workshop, road bridge, etc.
Spray distance: 10~150m
Water mist particle size: 30~200um
Features: long range, strong power, small fog particles, rapid dust suppression, 350° horizontal rotation.

Dust Suppression System 
Dust Suppression System 

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Fog Cannon Dust Suppression Machine Parameters

Air cylinder diameter500
Air cylinder rear diameter575
Air cylinder cone mouth diameter300
Hair length1.25m
Extended wind deflector6pieces
Blade diameter480
Number of blades8pieces
Blade angleAdjustable
Water ring stainless steel nozzle10pcs
Fan motor national standard3kw
Water pump60model
Water pump motor national standard3kw
Tank capacity460 catties of water
Water intakeWater pipe injection
30 M Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System
30 M Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System

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Air cylinder diameter700
Air cylinder rear diameter930
Air cylinder cone mouth diameter500
Hair length2.1M
Extended wind deflector8pieces
Blade diameter680
Number of wind blades (double wind blades)8pieces
Water ring stainless steel nozzle32pcs
Fan motor national standard18.5kw
Water pump120model
Water pump motor national standard5.5kw
Tank capacity800 catties of water
Overall volume1.8*1.2*2.2m
Water intakewater pipe injection
Way of movingmobile on 4 ground wheels
Electric control box panelManual
60M Fog Cannon Machine
60M Fog Cannon Machine

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Machine Size2.7*2.0*2.3
Rotating motor0.4kw
Air duct inner diameter1200m
The inner diameter of the air outlet950m
Water pump motor11kw
Pump flow2850R/MIN
Effective range100M
OperationManual, remote control
Pitch angle0~60°
Remote control distance150 meters effective distance
Atomized particles30~150um
100M Water Sprayer for Dust Control
100M Water Sprayer for Dust Control

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The 30, 60, and 100 model fog cannon dust suppression systems are listed above. Each model corresponds to the farthest distance that can be sprayed. For example, YG-100 can spray up to 100m. Of course, YG fog cannon machine manufacturer also provides other types of equipment to meet the needs of different customers. Please send us your requirements so we can give you this machine quote.

How About the Dust Suppression Methods?

The fogging cannon for dust control is based on the theory of liquid atomization and air jet for spray dust reduction. It first applies pressure to the liquid with a high-pressure pump, then atomizes the water through a micro-atomizing nozzle, and then sprays it out with a high-pressure jet. The water mist sprayed by the environmental protection mist cannon dust suppression machine is small and can reach the micron machine, with strong adsorption. The sprayed water mist can quickly combine with the fog and dust in the air to condense the dust and sink to the ground. Therefore, it can achieve the effect of cleaning and purifying the air.

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How Does the Dust Suppression System Suppress Dust?

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Fog Cannon Machine Application Field

The environmental fog cannon machine sprays fine water mist and has a long distance, which can achieve fast dust reduction and low water consumption. Therefore, the device is widely used. The dust suppression system has a very wide range of applications, it can be applied in factories, mines, indoors, outdoors, etc. For example, urban roads, power plants, port terminals, railway cargo factories, coal mines, and other places.

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Dust Suppression System Applies in Coal Handling Plant
Fog Cannon Application Field
Fog Cannon Application Field

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Features of Using Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System

  • It has various functions, which can meet the needs of urban cooling, dust removal on construction sites, suppression of factory pollution, dust suppression in coal mines, etc.
  • A variety of models are available for selection, and the horizontal shooting range is relatively long, which can meet the shooting range of 10~150 meters.
  • Two control methods, manual and remote control, are available to meet the needs of different customers.
  • 304 stainless steel adjustable nozzle, strong atomization.
  • It adopts thickened refined aluminum fan blades and an embedded vortex flow design, which has a high range, improves work efficiency and reduces human failures.
  • 350° horizontal rotation + 70° vertical angle to freely adjust the direction, easy and convenient.
Mist Cannon Machine Factory
Mist Cannon Machine Factory

YG Dust Suppression System Manufacturer

After years of development, the production and sales of dust suppression system manufacturers have become very mature. YG provides customers with a one-stop online purchase of 10~150m range dust and haze removal services. And we can customize the machine according to the needs of customers. YG’s water sprayer for dust control has high quality and has good user feedback. At present, YG fog cannon machine has sold the equipment to Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Canada, India, Singapore, Tanzania, and other countries and regions. If you want to buy or inquire about the environmental protection fog cannon, please contact us to get the fog cannon machine’s price.

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