Tow Behind Concrete Pump
Tow Behind Concrete Pump

YG tow behind concrete pump manufacturer has always insisted on helping customers solve various concrete construction problems. In order to facilitate the transportation and pouring of concrete on the construction site, YG has developed pull behind concrete pumps, concrete mixers with pumps, and other concrete processing equipment. The towable concrete pump uses a trailer to move the pump and piping. It has the characteristics of easy operation, high efficiency, good quality, and low cost. YG offers two types of trailer-mounted concrete pumps, diesel, and electric. If you want to know the tow behind concrete pump price, please leave us a message.

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Overview of Tow Behind Concrete Pump

Machine Name: Tow Behind Concrete Pump
Scope of application: It is suitable for small construction sites and can be dragged to the construction site by a tractor.
Function: conveying and pouring work in concrete construction.
Fields of application: residential buildings, construction sites.
Technical parameters: delivery displacement, outlet pressure, power, etc., please refer to the following machine parameters for details.
Power: diesel generator or electricity.

Towable Concrete Pump
Towable Concrete Pump
Pull Behind Concrete Pump
Pull Behind Concrete Pump

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Multi Towable Concrete Pumps For Sale

The towable concrete pumps come in a variety of models depending on their pumping capacity. Some smaller units can pump 10m³ of concrete per hour. Large concrete pumps can transport tens or even hundreds of cubic meters of concrete.

Machine ModelYG-13-90YG-16-110YG-16-132YG-18-180YG-12-55
Distribution valve formS-type pipe valveS-type pipe valveS-type pipe valveS-type pipe valveS-type pipe valve
Theoretical output pressure(MPA)12.5/7.416/9.212.5/7.416/9.218/9.2
Theoretical delivery volume(m³/h)37/6437/6141/8047/8446/80
Max pumping distance(m)125AHorizontal 800, Vertical 200Horizontal 1250, Vertical 270Horizontal 800, Vertical 200Horizontal 1250, Vertical 270Horizontal 1350, Vertical 285
Max pumping distance(m)150AHorizontal 800, Vertical 210Horizontal 1350, Vertical 290Horizontal 850, Vertical 210Horizontal 1350, Vertical 290Horizontal 1500, Vertical 310
Motor Power(kW)9011013218055
High and low voltage switchingYesYesYesYesYes
Max aggregate size(mm) 125A4040404040
Max aggregate size(mm) 150A5050505050
Delivery cylinder diameter*stroke(mm)Φ200*1800Φ200*1800Φ200*1800Φ200*1800Φ200*1800
Main cylinder diameter*maximum stroke(mm)Φ125*1800Φ140*1800Φ125*1800Φ140*1800Φ150*1800
Hopper volume/feeding height(mm)0.9/14000.9/14000.9/14000.9/14000.9/1400
Hydraulic mailbox volume(L)560560560560560
Concrete slump range(cm)8~238~238~238~238~23
Machine size(mm)6200*2050*22006200*2050*22006200*2050*22006200*2050*22006200*2050*2200
Machine weight(kg)62006300625071007250

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YG Pull Behind Concrete Pump Main Features

  • Small in size and easy to move, it is the only choice for many narrow construction environments.
  • The trailer concrete pump has a high configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate, and long service life.
  • With various types of equipment to choose from, YG provides small concrete pumps, mini concrete pumps, concrete mixers with pumps, stationary concrete pumps, etc.
  • It is used for pouring structural columns, with good continuity and high conveying efficiency, which is hundreds of times more efficient than manual pouring.
  • The delivery valve is an S-type valve with good sealing performance and reliable performance.
  • Adopt an automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure that the pull behind the concrete pump is effectively lubricated during operation.
Towable Concrete Pump For Sale
Towable Concrete Pump For Sale

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Why Is Towable Concrete Pump So Popular?

The towable concrete pump is a highly portable and flexible device. It is widely used in projects with complex terrain such as rural areas and mountainous areas and various narrow construction sites. Moreover, the construction efficiency of the equipment is very high, which speeds up the conveying and pouring operations. Therefore, the project progress is greatly accelerated, and it greatly reduces the labor cost. The construction of concrete pump equipment is independent, and the mutual interference with other construction equipment is small. While pumping concrete, other construction work can be carried out near the delivery pipe. The trailer concrete pump has strong adaptability to various projects and a wide range of operations. It is a very widely used equipment.

Popular Concrete Pump
Popular Concrete Pump
Trailer Concrete Pump
Trailer Concrete Pump

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About Yugong Machinery

YG Construction Machinery Manufacturer is a manufacturer and supplier focusing on construction machinery. YG is a leading construction machinery manufacturer in China, occupying an important position in the construction industry. The concrete mixer, concrete mixer with pump, concrete cutting machine, and other equipment provided by YG are welcomed by customers at home and abroad. At present, YG’s tow-behind concrete pumps have been exported to Kazakhstan, Panama, the Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Indonesia, the United States, and other countries and regions.

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