The small road sweeper for sale is an integrated garbage sweeper that combines sweeping and vacuuming. It has the advantages of high working efficiency, low cleaning cost, good cleaning effect, high safety performance, and high economic return rate. It has been widely used on roads in major, medium, and small cities for cleaning work. Some mini street cleaners are equipped with water sprinkling functions to prevent dust from being generated during the cleaning process and causing secondary environmental pollution. Are you looking for a reliable small road sweeper? Get in touch with us freely to get more information.

small road sweeper for sale
small road sweeper for sale
mini street cleaning car
mini street cleaning car

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Technical Parameters of the Small Road Sweeper for Sale

Cleaning width2300mm
Main brush width800mm
Work efficiency15000-20000/h
Trash can capacity240L
Traveling motor2200W
Roller brush motor1000W
Vacuum filtration square meter10㎡
Water tank400 L large capacity water tank
Power source48V
small road sweeping car
small road sweeping car

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What Are the Advantages of the Mini Street Sweeper?

The small road sweeper car is made of sheet metal steel material, which is stamped in one piece. It has good solidity, and anti-collision, and not easy to be deformed and damaged. The small road sweeper for sale uses front tempered glass, clear and durable. The whole car adopts electrophoretic baking paint of automobile technology, which has anti-impact, good adhesion, and corrosion resistance. Its appearance structure is reasonable and practical and can be used in both winter and summer. In summer, the inner room of the machine is equipped with a skylight, and a fan, the left and right doors can be freely disassembled, and the rear window provides free ventilation. The mini street sweeper has the effects of ventilation, cooling, and sunshade. In winter, a closed cab is used, which has good sealing and keeps warm.

small street cleaning car
small street cleaning car

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Configurations of the Small Road Sweeper for Sale

  1. Equipped with LED headlights at the front and rear work safety warning lights at the rear to make cleaning at night brighter and safer; use front water spray device, hydraulic shock absorption, and solid anti-puncture tires at the front and rear.
  2. The cleaning width of the mini street cleaner is 2300mm, and the front 700mm large side brush can be freely retracted to sweep as wide as you want from 1500mm to 2300mm.
  3. Cleaning, fogging, double vacuuming, telescopic lifting, anti-collision, high-pressure cleaning (optional), fog cannon (optional);
  4. Built-in reversing image and speakers (USB can be plugged in to play music and advertisements);
  5. Comes standard with high-power dual fans, dual filter elements, and dual dust vibrators. The super suction power allows cleaning without raising dust;
  6. A hairdryer and tool kit are provided to make dust cleaning more convenient;
  7. 400L ultra-large capacity water tank; durable, solving the trouble of frequent water refills.
small street sweeper
small street sweeper

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How About the Small Road Sweeping Car Performance?

  1. The rear axle of the small road sweeper car is driven by double disc brakes with anti-lock braking, strong power, good climbing performance, and a three-speed transmission, which can be used as you wish, making work more convenient. Automatic dust vibrating is used to solve the trouble of frequent manual dust vibrating during cleaning.
  2. Thermostatic controller, durable, automatic overload protection system for safer cleaning.
  3. Car parking to prevent the sweeper car from sliding down.
  4. High-strength wear-resistant side brush can sweep away bricks, sand, stones, and dust.
  5. Optional high-pressure cleaning and fog cannon, high-pressure cleaning pressure is 150kg, automatic hose reel for 15m high-pressure pipe, handheld high-pressure gun, four types of water broom nozzles, front waterway spray start and stop control valves.
  6. High-definition reversing image, fan skylight, fire extinguisher, 400L large-capacity water tank, alarm light.
mini road cleaner
mini road cleaner

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Why Is the Small Road Sweeper Important?

The mini road cleaning car has the characteristics of high work efficiency, long working time, low price, improving image, creating a beautiful environment, and so on. It is an inevitable trend in the cleaning industry instead of manual cleaning. Besides, the industrial road sweeper can solve the following problems:

  1. Health problems caused by people living in a dusty environment;
  2. Environmental indicators required by national laws or local regulations;
  3. Premature and excessive damage to the road surface due to dust or garbage;
  4. The problem of dust contamination of products in the production workshop;
  5. The problem of dust contamination of fixed or mobile machines in the production workshop;
mini road cleaning car
mini road cleaning car

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Mini Road Sweeper Car Manufacturer – YG Machinery

YG Machinery is a professional manufacturer of small road sweepers for sale. If you have requirements about the street sweeper car and the cleaning width, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to meet your needs. Besides, we also provide other road machines, such as snow sweeper cars, slip curb machines, mini road rollers, vibration road roller machines, concrete cement floor shot blasters, portable shot blasting machines, hot road crack sealing machines, thermoplastic road marking machines, etc. Welcome to contact us freely if you are interested in the equipment.

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