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AS professional wet wipes manufacturing machine manufacturers, YG Machinery specializes in producing a series of automatic high-speed wet wipes machinery. If you are looking for high-quality wet wipes manufacturing machine for sale, YG is your ideal wet wipes-making machine supplier definitely. Please feel free to contact us to get the wet wipes manufacturing machine cost right now.

Automatic High-Speed Wet Wipes Machine

Model YG-2700 A YG-2700 B
Production Speed 300-400cuts/min, 3600-4800pcs/min 300-400cuts/min, 4800-8000pcs/min
Production Range 30-120pcs/pack 30-120pcs/pack
Weight of raw material 40-80g/m² 40-80g/m²
Cutting Unit
Standard equipped 2 paper shelves, 3 paper shelves could be chosen 4 paper shelves, 8 rolls slitting into 16 lanes. 20 lanes could be chosen
Cutting lanes 10,12 lanes (adjustable) 10,16,20 lanes (adjustable)
Raw material roll width 1000-1520mm 300-500mm
Full Automatic High-Speed Wet Wipes Machine - YG-2700
Full Automatic High-Speed Wet Wipes Machine – YG-2700

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Single-Channel Wet Wipes Production Line

Model: YG2035-A
Production Speed: 300-420pcs/min
Production Range: 5-30pcs/pack
Weight of raw material: 40-80g/m²
Counting Way: auto counting system, variable slice stacking system

Full automatic single channel wet wipes manufacturing machine
Full automatic single-channel wet wipes manufacturing machine

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Double Channel Wet Wipes Machinery

Model: YG2035-B
Production Speed: 700-800pcs/min
Production Range: 5-30pcs/pack
Weight of raw material: 40-80g/m²

PS: This machine is equipped with a nonstop automatic connecting raw material function.

Full automatic double channel wet wipes machinery
Full automatic double-channel wet wipes machinery

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Single or Double Sheet Wet Wipes Making Machine

Model: YG – 200
Production Speed: 150-220pcs/min
Production Range: 1-2pcs/pack
Weight of raw material: 40-80g/m²
Control system: PLC control system, color touch screen

single or double sheet wet wipes making machine
single or double sheet wet wipes making machine

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Canister Wet Wipes Making Machine

Production Speed: 80m/min
Raw material roll size: 1500*1000mm(w*dia)
Max lanes and max-width: 15*100mm(lanes+width)
Hole-punching length: 100-300mm

Hot Sale YG Canister Wet Wipes production line
Hot Sale YG Canister Wet Wipes production line

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Wet Wipes Packing Machine

Packing speed: 30-60bag/min
Packing size: 100-300mm L
80-150mm W
10-100mm H
Film cut-off: up to 500mm
Wrapping materials: PP, OPP, PET, PE, and all suitable packing films.

wet tissue packing machine manufacturer
Wet tissue packing machine manufacturer

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Lid Applicator Machine

Production flow: Labeling-deliver-grab 2 lids-gumming-sticking
Production Speed: 50-80 lids/min
Angular accuracy: +/-2°
Paste accuracy: +/-1.5mm
Operation system: OMRON control system
Label speed: 100pcs/min

wet wipes lid applicator machine
Wet wipes lid applicator machine

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Why Choose YG Wet Wipes Manufacturer

YG machinery insists on technical innovation as the motive power, wet wipes manufacturing machine product quality is the foundation, satisfaction of our customers is our purpose. In meaning time, our company has successfully developed a lot of wet wipes making machine with high speed, low cost, high performance. Click here to know more about our wet wipes-making machine or wet wipes production line. Our wet wipes manufacturing machines are sold and used by more than 20 countries and areas. Almost every client praises our strict quality control. Here is one of our wet wipes machines for sale customer cases. At the same time, you can check our rewinder machine details on this page. If you are looking for reliable wet wipes machine manufacturers as your partner, YG will be the best choice.

Other Products

In addition to the wet wipes-making machine, we have a tissue paper-making machine, PE gloves-making machine, nitrile gloves-making machine, latex gloves-making machine, disposable glove dipping machine. Welcome to contact us.

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