Automatic can sealing machine is the equipment to seal cans in drink and food filling and sealing fields. It has wide applications, such as milk powder cans, oat cans, drink cans, peanut cans, sauce cans, plastic cans, paper cans, etc. Canned sealing is a kind of common packaging style, especially for food and drinks. This packaging style is easy to store, take along, and open in our daily life. The automatic can sealer machine is able to use independently or match filling equipment to the production line. It has the advantages of good sealing effect, compact structure, occupying small spaces, simple operation, and wide applications. If you are interested in it, welcome to get in touch with us freely.

automatic can sealing machine
automatic can sealing machine

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Automatic Can Sealing Machine Product Parameters

Power supply voltage220V/50Hz
Rated power1.1KW
Equipment weight500kg
Production capacity1500-2200 bottles/hour
Equipment size3000*1800*900mm

Benefits of the Automatic Tin Can Sealing Equipment

  1. Simple operation, convenient to maintain, good applicability, safe and reliable
  2. Excellent performance, durability, food grade standard, environmental safety
  3. Good sealing effect, occupying small space, high safety performance
  4. Compact structure, more convenient to operate, high-quality, stable
  5. Automatic bottle feeding, chuck device, lower cap device, control panel, speed regulating
can sealing part display
can sealing part display

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Applicable Can Types and Fields of the Automatic Can Sealer Machine

  • Applicable cans styles: aluminum cans, PET plastic cans, tinplate cans, paper cans
  • Suitable can shapes: round cans
  • The scope of the application: food, drink, milk powder, candy, oatmeal, peanut, fruit can, juice, canned fish, dried fruit, spicy strip, nori, tea leaves, etc.
suitable for various cans sealing
suitable for various cans sealing

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Seven Characteristics of the Automatic Can Sealing Equipment’s Parts

1. Control panel Clear and intuitive

The operation panel is designed reasonable and simple. The functions of each button are clear at a glance, and it is easy to learn, adjust, and maintain. The high degree of production and automation saves labor costs.

2. Feeding bottles by chuck, stable and accurate

The bottle feeding is stable and accurate. People can choose the suitable sizes of molds and specifications of the products according to their actual needs.

3. Convenient conveyor belts for transporting cans

The automatic can sealing machine is equipped with a conveyor belt, which can automatically transport products into the equipment for can sealing, without manual intervention, fast and safe. The conveyor belt adopts a frequency converter, which ensures efficient speed regulation and saves energy consumption.

4. Monitoring device, intelligent, safe and secure

Bottle incoming photoelectric detection device: when a can body enters, there is a bottle cap falling on the can; and the bottle cap is waiting if there is no bottle.

5. Bottle cap joint control device

When a can body enters, the can lid will be allocated accordingly. If there is no can, there will be no lid falling. And the machine will stop without a lid to prevent the can body from biting the capping mold and damaging the parts of the sealing mechanism.

6. Electric and pneumatic parts, reliable and durable

Use electrical and pneumatic components to ensure stable, reliable, and durable equipment performance

7. Durable and safer manufacturing material

The outer cover and main parts are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the hygiene requirements of food. It is durable, can directly contact materials, and is safe.

automatic can sealer machine
automatic can sealer machine

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Why Is The Automatic Can Sealing So Popular?

One of the biggest advantages of can packaging materials is their good sealing properties. This kind of packaging material can prevent the product from being oxidized or contaminated, maintain the freshness of the product, and is not easily affected by the external environment, greatly extending the shelf life of the product. Can packaging materials be not only easy to open, but also easy to carry. This packaging material is lightweight, strong, and easy to put in bags, backpacks, and other common carrying tools. It is a very convenient choice for use in outdoor activities, traveling, or on the way to work. Can packaging materials be suitable for various industries, especially for beverages and food, etc. Due to its unique advantages, the automatic can sealing machine has become an increasingly popular packaging material and one of the future trends.

Automatic Can Sealing Machine in YG Machinery

Yugong Machinery is a professional automatic can sealing machine manufacturer and supplier. We not only provide the can sealing equipment, we also have other packaging and sealing machines, such as powder packaging machines, granule packing machines, pillow packaging machines, PET bottle blowing machines, water bottle filling machines, tea bag packing machines, etc. In addition, we also sell paper cup forming machines, paper bowl making machines, paper bag making equipment, paper straw machines, and so on. Are you interested in these machines? Get in touch with us for more detailed information.

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