Hot melt glue box sealing machine is suitable for paper box gluing, widely applied to food and non-food boxed packaging, especially boxed biscuits, bread, frozen food, tissues, cosmetics, toys, medicine, etc. The equipment can seal 80-120 boxes per minute. People can place the boxes into the conveying slot, then the hot melt glue box sealing machine will automatically finish both sides sealing and conveying the finished boxes to the other end. It is suitable for many sizes of the boxes sealing, with a length of 80-290mm, width of 40-250mm, and height of 15-150mm. Moreover, the equipment can adjust the specifications according to the size of the boxes to be sealed. Get in touch with us to learn more details.

hot melt glue box sealing machine
hot melt glue box sealing machine

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Product Specifications of the Hot Melt Glue Sealing Machine

Working voltage220V, 50HZ
Working temperature180-200 degrees
Work efficiency80-120pcs/min
Noiseless than 50 decibels
Sealing box sizeL: 80-290mm, W: 40-250mm, H: 15-150mm
Machine sizeL:3500 (or 4200)*W:700*H: 1220mm

Boxed Products Sealing Machine Application

The hot melt glue sealing machine is suitable for paper-boxed packaging, related to biscuits, frozen food, medicine, tissues, toys, and other packaging box sealing. The applicable paper boxes include 80-290mm length, 40-250mm width, and 15-150mm height. But its special specifications can be customized.

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The Box Sealing Working Process:

The hot melt box sealing machine automatically heats up after the power is turned on. After the hot melt glue is completely melted, press the start button of the box sealing equipment and manually place the box on the machine. The machine completes the process of gluing, folding, and sending out. The whole process is integrated and fast.

boxed products feeding process
boxed products feeding process

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Performance Uses of the Hot Melt Box Cartoning Machine

  1. The machine implements manual loading of materials, and the machine automatically applies glue and seals.
  2. Its processing capacity is 80-120 boxes per minute, and the specifications can be adjusted according to the size of the box.
  3. The sealing effect is good, the machine’s efficiency is sustainable, and it can save production costs.
  4. The amount of glue used by the machine is about 1/4 of that of manual box sealing, and the amount of glue used is very small
  5. The characteristics of the automatic carton sealing machine are automatic dispensing of hot melt glue, rapid box sealing, efficient and high-quality production, environmental protection, convenience, and saving labor and costs.
  6. It is used in product sealing in cosmetic packaging, food packaging, tissue packaging, electronic toys, and other industries’ box packaging.
paper box sealing effect
paper box sealing effect

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Operating Steps for Hot Melt Box Sealing Machine

1. First turn on the power and ensure that the equipment’s circuits are safe and smooth.

2. Turn on the power switch and the machine starts to heat automatically.

3. Set the heating temperature of the box sealing machine according to the hot melt glue and wait until the glue is completely melted.

4. Place the box containing the product into the long slot of the hot melt box sealing equipment.

5. The box sealing machine starts to automatically complete the gluing, folding, and sending out actions.

6. Take out the paper box from the guide rail on the other side, and the box sealing is completed.

Advantages of the Hot Melt Box Glue Machine

1. The paper box sealing effect is good, and the material selection of the whole machine meets environmental protection requirements.

2. The carton feeding and discharging adopts a reasonable design so that the equipment takes up a small area.

3. Adopt automatic gluing method to glue the folded edge of the carton

4. Suitable for a variety of paper box specifications. It is easy to adjust when changing specifications. Use a hand wheel to adjust the required size.

5. The glue-sealed box design has a closed structure and a simple and fashionable appearance.

6. Optimize power consumption, conform to the new concept of energy saving, and have low investment costs.

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Other Packaging and Sealing Machines for Sale in YG Machinery

Besides the hot melt box sealing machine, we also provide other packaging machines related to other packaging types and paper products. For example, we also supply automatic paper cup-making machines, paper bag machine lines, paper bowl-forming machines, etc. In addition to paper box sealing, plastic bag packaging styles are also popular in the market. We provide automatic bag packing machines with back seals, three-side seals, four-side seals, pillow bags, thermal shrink film, and so on. If you are interested in these machines, get in touch with us to learn more detailed information.

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