YG thermoplastic road marking machine for sale
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YG thermoplastic road marking machine for sale

The thermoplastic road marking machine is used to mark roads, pavements, and other road traffic safety signs such as zebra crossings, sidewalks, lanes, and other road signs and signs. The thermoplastic paint machine is mainly used for the scraping operation of thermoplastic marking. After replacing the marking bucket, it can complete the marking construction of various widths. Contact us to get the thermoplastic road marking machine price right now.

Thermoplastic marking sample

Thermoplastic Road Painting Sample
Thermoplastic Road Painting Sample

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YG-180 integrated hand push thermoplastic line marking machine
YG-180 Thermoplastic Type
Line thickness1.0-3.0mm
Marking width50~450mm
Daily workload150—200m²/day

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YG-380 Hand Push Thermoplastic Paint Machine
YG-380 Thermoplastic Paint Machine
Marking thickness1.0-3.0mm
Walking speed1.5km/h
Liquefied Gas Tank30kg
Heating temperature180-210℃

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YG-360 hand push thermoplastic road marking machine
YG-360 Hand Push Type
Marking thickness1.0-3.0mm
Glass bead spreader15cm & 20cm
Liquefied Gas Tank30kg
Heating temperature180-210℃

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YG360S Electric Hand Push Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine
Marking thickness1-2.5mm
Battery capacity12 × 4 = 48 AH
Walking speed1-8 km/h (Adjustable)

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How to choose the right road line marking machine?

As we all know, there are two kinds of road marking machines for sale. Thermoplastic road marking machine for sale and cold paint road marking machine. View this page to know more about YG road marking machine prices. So, how do choose road marking equipment? Which one is best for you?

  1. According to the scope of construction: Municipal roads, urban roads, provincial roads, rural roads, etc. use thermoplastic road marking machines. Garages, parking spaces, communities, driving schools, etc. generally use cold spray marking machines. And cold paint road marking machine can also be used for temporary surprise inspections.
  2. According to Party A (required by the outsourcing party).
  3. According to your cost accounting (meet national standards).
fully automatic thermoplastic road marking machine factory
fully automatic thermoplastic road marking machine factory

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How to choose one set of thermoplastic line marking machines?

Small-scale projects (not in a hurry)

All you need is a thermoplastic road paint machine. The thermoplastic paint machine is used when the paint melts after heating for 40 minutes. And then, you can continue to heat the paint when it is used up.

Without the hot-melt kettle, a single fully automatic thermoplastic road marking machine can mark about 100 meters per barrel. About 70-80 square meters per day, and about three and a half bags of paint per barrel.

Larger project

Simple configuration: 1 thermoplastic road striping machine + 1 hot-melt kettle (a mechanical double cylinder is recommended because it is more convenient to change the paint color for white and yellow lines)

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High configuration: 1 thermoplastic paint machine + 1 hydraulic double-cylinder hot-melt kettle + 1 water line machine + 1 breeze sweeper + 1 primer machine

hot melt kettle

hot melt kettle

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Hot-Melt Kettle

The difference between the mechanical double cylinder and hydraulic double cylinder of hot melt kettle
Machinery: One-way stirring
Hydraulic: two-way mixing

YGM-300 mechanical single cylinder hot melt kettle
YGM-300 hot melt kettle
YGH-1000 hydraulic double cylinder hot melt kettle
YGH-1000 hot melt kettle

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How wide can the thermoplastic striping machine draw?

The width of the thermoplastic road marking machine can be 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and other widths at one time. It can replace the marking buckets of equal size according to the width of the marking line. And the thickness of the scribe line can also be adjusted. By adjusting the floor knife on the machine, it can adjust the thickness range of the marking line: 1~2.5mm

The general structure of thermoplastic road marking machine

  1. Paint bucket: Double-layer stainless steel heat preservation and heating barrel, capacity 100kg. Plug-in detachable manual stirring device.
  2. Glass beads storage box: 25kg/box.
  3. Glass bead and microbead spreader: synchronous clutch spreading, equipped with speed control gear.
  4. Marking bucket: made of high-precision ultra-thin material, scraper structure, standard configuration 150mm.
  5. Floor knife: hard alloy, equipped with an eccentric sleeve device, can adjust the thickness of the marking range: 1-2.5mm.
  6. Rubber wheels: aluminum alloy wheels, specially made of heat-resistant rubber, the rear tail wheel is equipped with a positioner to make the car body move in a straight line.
  7. Marking width: change the marking bucket of different specifications according to engineering requirements.

Heating method: liquefied petroleum gas, carrying liquefied gas tank; respectively supplying the paint bucket, the front and back nozzles of the marking bucket. There are three regulating valves respectively control the firepower. Click here to get our road marking machine price right now. Email: admin@yugongengineering.com

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