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What is down the hole drilling machine?

Down the hole drilling machine, also a known DTH drilling machine. The down-the-hole drilling rig uses the impactor and the DTH drill bits submerged into the bottom of the hole to impact and crush the rock. Therefore, it is called down-the-hole drilling machine equipment. YG DTH drill rig machine is widely used in metal mines, hydropower, transportation, building materials, harbors and national defense projects.

Small outrigger type down-the-hole drill rig parameters

Model YGD70/YGD80 YGD100 YGQ100 YGB100-4/YGB120-5.5
Drilling Diameter 50-90mm/90-120mm 90-130mm 90-130mm 90-130mm
Apply Rock ≥20 ≥20 ≥20 ≥20
Drilling Depth 15m ≥25m ≥25m ≥30m-40m
Drilling rotate speed 110r/min 110r/min 110r/min 110r/min
Working air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa 0.5-1.0Mpa 0.5-1.0Mpa 0.5-1.0Mpa
Air consumption 4m³/min 6m³/min 12m³/min 10m³/min
Cylinder Diameter 90mm 140mm 140mm 140mm
Propulsion Stroke 1070mm 1070mm 1070mm 1070mm
Max propelled force 3600N/8000N 9600N 9600N 9600N
Electric motor power 3KW/4KW 4KW / 4KW/5.5KW
Electric motor voltage 380V 380V / 380V
Rated speed 1440r/min 1440r/min 3200r/min 1440r/min
Drilling rod OD 42mm 50-60mm 50-60mm 60mm
Drilling rod length 1025mm 1025mm 1025mm 1025mm
Dimension 1740*260*420mm 2280*440*550mm 2230*380*550mm 2230*380*550mm
Weight 280/320KG 470KG 450KG 460/480KG

We have a series down the hole drilling equipment for sale. If you want to get large crawler DTH drill carriage (YGL100T 130 /YGM150T 153 /YGH320) specifications, please feel free to contact us.

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Classification of DTH drilling machine

1: Divided by walking mode

Small outrigger type down-the-hole drill rig (YGD70-80-100-120)

Large crawler DTH drill rig machine carriage (YGL100T 130 /YGM150T 153 /YGH320)

Small outrigger type down-the-hole drill rig

Small Outrigger Type DTH Drill Rig

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Large crawler DTH drill carriage

Large Crawler DTH Drill Carriage

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2: Divided by work power

Pneumatic-electric linkage down the hole drilling machine. Pneumatic-hydraulic linkage (full hydraulic) down the hole drilling machine. Fully pneumatic down the hole drilling machine (SKQ100).

3: According to the wind pressure level

Low wind pressure L dth drill rig. Medium wind pressure M dth drilling machine. High wind pressure H down the hole drilling machine.

4: According to the hydraulic power configuration of the drill rig

Diesel-driven down-the-hole drill rig. Diesel-electric dual-use dth drill rig. Electric down the hole drill rig(need to be customized).

Diesel driven down the hole drill rig price

Diesel Driven DTH Drill Rig Price

Diesel-electric dual-use dth drill rig

Diesel DTH Drilling Rig

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5: According to different places of use, DTH rigs can be divided into underground DTH drilling machine and open-air dth drilling machine.

6: According to the different drilling diameters

Light-duty down the hole drilling rigs (with an aperture of 80~100mm). Medium-duty down the hole drilling rigs (with an aperture of 130~180mm). Heavy-duty down the hole drilling rigs (with an aperture of 180~250mm).

AS a professional DTH drilling rig manufacturers, YG Machinery provides all series down the hole drill rig. Which kind of down the hole drilling equipment do you need? Please leave your requirements.

cheap dth drilling machine price

Cheap DTH Drilling Machine Price

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Application of DTH drilling rig?

Down the hole drill rig can drill holes in rocks above medium hard (f ≥ 8). Therefore, down-the-hole drilling machine equipment is suitable for large-diameter blast hole drilling in small and medium-sized mines. Road construction, water conservancy and rock engineering. And drilling anchor holes in slope support, tunnel support and foundation pit support. The main drilling object of the DTH drilling machine is the rock stratum. Contact us to get a cheap YG DTH drilling machine price.

Large crawler DTH drill carriage manufacturers

YG Large Crawler DTH Drill Carriage Manufacturer

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YG crawler type DTH drilling machine advantages

  1. The portable dth drill rods holder reduces the time and cost of workers’ handling.
  2. DTH drill machine operation table of the whole machine is moved forward by 80mm, which is suitable for single-person operation and convenient to observe the drilling progress.
  3. YG whole dth drilling machine is equipped with a sleeve roller chain. Both the fixed pulley and the movable pulley are driven by a sprocket, which improves practicability and durability.
  4. The pressure gauge in the dashboard can quickly diagnose drill rig faults.
  5. Traveling part is equipped with a 0.5S reinforced traveling motor to replace the original 1.6S steel ball motor.
  6. Rotary motor of the powerhead is improved from the original 700 swing cylinder motor to a high-speed cycloid BM630 motor. Click the following button to get the latest dth drilling machine price.

As one of the best dth drilling rig manufacturers, you can get the ideal construction plan from us. Just leave your requirement by email or message form.

dth drilling machine factory price

DTH Drilling Machine Factory Price

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Working Principle of down the hole drilling machine

The working principle of the down-the-hole drilling rig is the same as other rock drilling rigs. Which includes the drilling process of impact, rotation, ballast removal and advancement. DTH machine belongs to percussion rotary drilling. The difference is that the impactor of the down-the-hole drill is installed at the front end of the drill rig rod, submerged into the bottom of the hole. And continues to advance as the drilling extends.

DTH drill machine – impact rotary drill

YG down the hole drilling machine is an impact rotary drill. Its internal structure is different from ordinary rock drills. The air distribution and piston reciprocating parts of the down-the-hole drill are independent, namely the impactor. The front end of the impactor is directly connected to the dth bit. And the rear end is connected to the drill rod. When rock drilling, the impactor dives into the hole, and the piston (hammer) in the impactor reciprocates to strike the shank through the gas distribution device (valve). So that the dth drill bits impact the rock at the bottom of the hole. Waiting for your inquiry.


The high-speed rotation of the impactor in the hole is realized by a separate rotation mechanism. That is a motor or a pneumatic rotating device outside the hole. And a drill rod connected to the back end of the impactor. Rock dust produced during rock drilling is flushed out of the hole by the mixed gas of wind and water. The mixed gas is injected into the impactor through the center of the drill rod by the powder discharge mechanism. And then, enters the bottom of the hole through the air groove on the impactor cylinder. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

DTH drilling rig construction site

DTH Drilling Rig Construction Site

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Structure composition of down the hole drill rig

The down the hole drill rig consists of a drill rod, a DTH button bits and an impactor. When drilling, use two drill rod extensions to drill. A rotary air supply mechanism consists of a rotary motor, a rotary reducer, and an air supply gyrator. Slewing reducer is a three-stage cylindrical gear enclosed heterosexual component. It is automatically lubricated with a screw lubricator. The air supply gyrator is composed of a connecting body, a seal, a hollow main shaft, and a drill pipe joint. There is a pneumatic clamp for connecting and unloading drill rods. Contact us to get dth drilling machine price right now.

Lifting pressure regulating mechanism

The lifting pressure regulating mechanism is realized by the lifting motor by the lifting reducer, lifting chain. And the turning mechanism and the drilling tool. In the closed chain system, a pressure regulating cylinder and a movable pulley block is installed. During normal operation, the piston rod of the pressure regulating cylinder pushes the movable pulley block to realize the decompression drilling of the down the hole drill rig. Just leave your requirement, we will reply you within 12 hours. Or you can message us directly by WhatsApp: +86 138 3856 5351 or Email:

down the hole drill rig composition parts

Down The Hole Drill Rig Parts

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YG Machinery has a variety of drilling rigs for sale. For example, down the hole drilling rigs machine, water well drilling rig, small water well drilling machine, anchor rig, core drill rig, horizontal directional drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, etc. Now contact us to get the drilling rigs price list. Contact us now.


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