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portable water well drilling rigs for sale

How to maintain portable water well drilling rigs?

Before the start-up of the portable water well drilling rigs, the high-pressure gas is led into the air chamber through the control valve in sequence through the handle body. The disc type valve alternately guides the gas into the front and rear chambers of the cylinder block, thus driving the piston to make high-speed round-trip action, and the remaining gas is discharged from the muffler cover. Contact us to get portable water well drilling rigs price now.

best small water well drilling rigs for sale

YG Small Water Well Drilling Rigs For Sale

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Clean portable well drilling rig internal parts

Before using the new portable well drilling rig, the internal parts must be disassembled and cleaned, and the antirust grease applied to the machine when leaving the factory shall be removed. After cleaning, the surface of each part shall be repainted with lubricating oil. When using, it shall be operated under low pressure (0.3MPa) or half started state for 10 minutes, and then it can work normally. Contact us to get more portable water well-drilling rigs details.

Truck mounted water well drilling machine

Truck-mounted Water Well Drilling Machine

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Air pressure range

The air pressure of the air supply pipe of the small water well drilling rigs should be within the range of 0.5-0.6mpa. If the air pressure is too high, it is easy to damage the parts. If the air pressure is too low, the drilling efficiency will decrease obviously, which will lead to the failure of the small well drilling rig.

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Keep air supply pipe clean

Before connecting the air supply pipe of the portable water well drilling rigs with the rock drill, blow the dirt in the air pipe first, so as to prevent the dirt from blowing into the body, causing valve plate failure and damaging parts. After the gas and water are connected, before starting the machine, check whether the threaded connection parts are tightened, and then start the machine formally. As a professional portable water well drilling rigs manufacturer, we are happy to answer your question about small water well drilling rigs for sale.

hydraulic water well drilling rig

High-quality Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig Price

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Check atomization condition of oil mist atomizer

After the portable water well drilling rigs is started, first check whether the atomization condition of the oil mist atomizer is appropriate and adjust it well. During the operation, fill the oil mist atomizer every 1 hour, and do not work without lubrication. Leave your message to get water well drilling machine price.

When the drilling machine starts, the drilling machine should be started in the middle operation. When the propulsion force of the air leg is gradually increased, the drilling machine can start at full speed. It is not allowed to open the full operation when the air leg thrust is maximum, which may cause the whole machine to be stuck. And it is not allowed to run at full speed for a long time to avoid parts wear. Id you want to buy cheap water well drilling machine for sale, please leave your message.

Portable electric folding type water well drilling rig factory

Portable Electric Folding Type Water Well Drilling Rig Factory

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When the portable water well drilling rigs finish drilling and pulling out the drill rod. It should be carried out at a medium speed. If the drilling machine stops drilling anymore, the water pipe should be removed and the residual water stains inside the machine should be blown to prevent corrosion of internal parts. If you have any questions about YG water well drilling equipment for sale, please feel free to tell us.

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