Hydraulic Rock Drilling Splitting Machine
Excavator Rock Drill and Splitter

The integrated rock drill and splitter use hydraulic pressure to drill and split rock. The machine meets the functions of drilling and cracking rocks, and it is multi-purpose. The integrated rock drilling splitting machine is used in conjunction with the excavator, and the powerful hydraulic pressure of the excavator is used as the power source, and the effect is good. The machine can easily cope with various complex working environments and ensure safety. The Hydraulic drill splitter is more than ten times faster and less costly than the hydraulic breaker hammer method. YG also provides excavator attachments such as vibratory pile drivers, demolition shears, and log grapples. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact YG.

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Rock Drill And Splitter Application

The integrated rock drilling splitting machine integrates the functions of the drilling rig and the splitting machine. It concentrates on the drilling and splitting operations. It is especially suitable for various earth and stone works that cannot be blasted with explosives. The equipment is widely used in the excavation of broken stones such as urban foundation pits, subway station construction, pipe network trenches, and road widening.

Excavator Rock Drill and Splitter
Excavator Rock Drill and Splitter
Rock Drill and Splitter Aplplication

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Excavator Rock Drill & Splitter Parameters

Part 1Rock drill
Drilling apertureΦ115mm
Drilling depth1600mm
Drilling speed1m/min
Part 2Splitting machine
Splitting Depth1000mm
splitting force8000T
Rotation angle120°
Part 3push beam
Rock drilling propulsion25KN
splitting maximum pullout force70KN
Part 4air compressor
Exhaust pressure5-8bar
Total weight3200kg
excavator requirements>25T

The above are the machine parameters of the integrated rock drill and splitter. It consists of the parameters of some equipment such as rock drills, splitters, and air compressors. If you want to know the price of the drilling and splitting machine, please leave us a message.

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Equipment Performance

The hydraulic rock drill and splitter machine has no vibration and no dust and can complete drilling and splitting within a few seconds, with high work efficiency and simple operation. It can perform mechanical crushing and demolition work indoors and in narrow places. A single machine can generate 8,000 tons of splitting force, which can easily split rocks in a few seconds. The equipment has high working efficiency and stable performance. It is a good choice to replace other traditional equipment for rock splitting and concrete construction.

Integrated Rock Drill and Splitter
Integrated Rock Drill and Splitter
Rock Splitter
Rock Splitter

Machine Advantages

The emergence of hydraulic rock drilling splitting machines replaces explosive blasting, making rock mining without vibration and sound. The integrated drilling and splitting machine is installed on the excavator, and the operator sits in the cab to control it, making rock splitting safer. The powerful walking structure of the excavator also makes the equipment suitable for various roads with complex road conditions. When using this equipment to split rocks, the position and strength of the splitting can be adjusted as needed to achieve precise separation.

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Working Principle of Excavator Drill and Splitter

The integrated drilling and splitting machine is mainly composed of two parts: the power station and the splitter. The ultra-high pressure hydraulic oil output by the pump station is the working power, which generates huge thrust after being mechanically amplified. It first uses the oil circuit of the excavator to drive the hydraulic rock drill to drill holes. After the drilling is completed, the splitting head is rotated for splitting.

Excavator Rock Drilling Splitting Machine
Excavator Rock Drilling Splitting Machine
Using Scene
Using Scene

Hydraulic Rock Drilling Splitting Machine Features

  • Hydro-mechanical splitting: The rock is rapidly expanded and split to facilitate the efficient crushing of the stone.
  • No vibration and silent splitting: easily break thousands of cubic meters of hard rock. It is more than ten times faster than using a hammer to expand the breaker and a roulette cutter.
  • Ultra-high-pressure oil is the energy source. The ultra-high pressure oil output by the hydraulic power station is mechanically amplified to drive the oil cylinder in the hydraulic rod to generate a huge driving force.
  • Huge impetus. The huge driving force produced makes the splitter push the hydraulic jack in the splitting rod to stretch out and expand the rock.
  • Good stability. Hydraulic motor rotating power, easy to move, strong power. Drilling construction has little vibration and good stability.
  • Easy to operate. The drill stand has a large drilling stroke, large torsion resistance, a simple structure, convenient maintenance, and easy operation.

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