YG-WGJ250 I-beam bending machine

The beam bending machine is the special equipment for processing steel arch supports. The processed steel arch can be widely used in the construction of railways, highways, and hydraulic tunnels. It can also be used for bridges, large factories, and other projects. The advantages of the cold bending machine are high dimensional accuracy, small distortion, and smooth and uniform arc.

Different parts can be matched according to the different needs of users. So as to realize the cold bending processing of steel rails, I-beams, H steels, square pipes, rectangular pipes, and other materials. The YG-WGJ250 machine has the advantages of high efficiency, easy transportation, and convenient operation. It is an ideal equipment for steel arch cold bending.

H Beam Bending Machine
H Beam Bending Machine

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Parameter of beam bending machine

Model YGM-WGJ250
Usage 14-25 H steel beam
Cylinder speed 3-3.5mm/s
Max Hydraulic Pressure 25mpa
Hydraulic pump power 4kw
Pulling Motor Power 2.2kw x 2
Minimum Bending Radius 1.8m
Weight 2200kg
Dimension 2760*1640*1360mm

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Selection of I beam bending machine

About I-beam cold bending machine according to the type of work is divided into mechanical manual type (electric), full hydraulic automatic type (recommended selection).

The I-beam cold bending machine is also called according to the different areas and places: H-beam bending machine. U-shaped steel cold bending machine and so on.

Machinable Steel Type

In addition to bending I-beams, this equipment is also suitable for arched coiling, variable diameter, and fixed-angle bending of section steels such as miner steel. U-shaped steel. C-shaped steel, angle steel, channel steel, rail, square steel, and steel pipe. The hydraulic system of the cold bending machine adopts advanced hydraulic components. Its unique hydraulic system design adds an ejector rebound device, which makes the ejector powerful, prolongs the service life. And avoids frequent maintenance.

Machinable Steel Type
Machinable Steel Type

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Steel Beam Bending Machine Working Principle

Its main function is to cold-bend the workpiece according to a certain radius of curvature according to the requirements of construction and use without changing the internal stress of the section steel. The section steel not only achieves the purpose of bending deformation but does not change its mechanical properties and strength. Therefore, the labor intensity and labor cost are greatly reduced. And the work efficiency and the processing accuracy of the cold bending machine are improved. The cold bending machine has become the necessary equipment for tunnel steel arch support steel processing.

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Components of I H beam bending machine

The cold I H beam bending machine is composed of two sets of main motors and reducer groups. Active rollers, passive rollers. And oil pump motors, gear pumps, overflow valves, solenoid steering valves. And hydraulic workstations composed of working cylinders and other components.

Components of I Beam Bending Machine
Components of I Beam Bending Machine

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Steel bender machine work process

The main working principle is to place the I-beam on the cold bending machine. And after contacting the roller driven by the deceleration, the compression handle is fed and locked, And the motor oil pump unit is started. The high-pressure relief valve output by the electric oil pump (all pressures can be adjusted) enters the manifold to the electro-hydraulic valve.

The oil cylinder is controlled by the electro-hydraulic valve and the moving point switch (point-in, point-return). The working cylinder is advanced. And the I-beam has pressed against the three supporting cruise ships and the calculation starts when bending deformation occurs. The length of the cylinder is 10mm-15mm, and the main motor is turned on to drive the I-beam to work. And the operation is repeated until the required radius is reached.

Application of Beam Bending Machine
Application of I Beam Bending Machine

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