Crawler Drill Rig
Crawler Drill Rig

The pneumatic crawler drill rig is a multifunctional high-efficiency drilling rig, which integrates the functions of rhinestone and air drilling. It has the characteristics of both water drilling and air drilling machines and solves the construction problem of difficult drilling. The air track drill rig is an efficient and versatile drilling equipment. The main hole drilling parts are mechanically driven, and the others are hydraulically driven to effectively utilize power. The overall power loss is small and the drilling cost is low.

Hydraulic Crawler Drill Machine
Hydraulic Crawler Drill Machine
Pneumatic Water Well Drilling Rig
Pneumatic Water Well Drilling Rig

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Pneumatic Crawler Drill Rig Parameters

Max drilling depth180m200m260m300m350m
Drilling diameter90-315mm90-315mm90-315mm90-315mm90-315mm
Working wind pressure1.7-3.0Mpa1.7-3.0Mpa1.7-3.0Mpa1.7-3.0Mpa1.7-3.3Mpa
Air consumption17-35m³/min17-35m³/min17-35m³/min17-35m³/min17-35m³/min
Drill pipe length3m3m3m3m/6m3m/6m
Drill pipe diameter76/89mm76/89mm76/89mm76/89mm76/89/102mm
Axial pressure4T5T7T8T10T
Lifting force14T15T16T17T25T
Maximum Swing Torque4500-6500Nm4900-6900Nm5400-7400Nm7200-8500Nm8800-9500Nm
Rotational speed50-70r/min50-70r/min50-70r/min50-115r/min50-115r/min
Recommended length3000mm3000mm3000mm6000mm6000mm
Crawler speed2.5km/h2.5km/h2.5km/h2.5km/h2.5km/h
Crawler gradability35°35°35°35°35°
Total Weight4T4.5T5T7.5T9T
Machine size3.9*1.7*2.2m3.9*1.7*2.2m4*1.7*2.2m4.3*1.8*2.7m4.5*1.9*2.7m

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Application of Crawler Drill Rig

Pneumatic drilling rigs are suitable for various bottom layers, and the efficiency of drilling cores in well drilling and geological exploration is high. The daily drilling efficiency reaches 100-400 meters, and the operation is simple, requiring only 3-5 people to start work. The pneumatic crawler drill rig is widely used in water well drilling, rock drilling operations, photovoltaic base station construction, wind power hydropower station foundation operations, etc.

Air Track Drill Rig
Air Track Drill Rig
Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig
Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig

Advantages of Crawler Air Water Well Drilling Rig

The crawler water well drilling rig is a machine designed by combining the characteristics of water drills and air drills. The water drill works with the mud pump for water supply, and the drilling speed is moderate, which is suitable for drilling wells in the early stage. The air track drill rig is constructed with an air compressor, which has high efficiency and fast speed. Water and air dual water well drilling rigs can be drilled with water, and can also be drilled with an air compressor, one machine with multiple functions. It is suitable for working efficiently under various geological structures.

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Pneumatic Water Well Drill Rig Components

Pneumatic Crawler Drill Structure
Pneumatic Crawler Drill Structure

Hydraulic outriggers: The four outriggers can be controlled individually, which facilitates the adjustment of the blowing angle between the wellbore and the ground during drilling, and ensures the stability of the drilling rig at the same time.
Power part: 76kw high-power diesel generator is adopted, which has strong power and meets the working requirements of various complex environments.
Hydraulic part: Double-pump hydraulic power head is used to realize walking, tower lifting, drill pipe feeding, drill pipe lifting, etc.
Crawler chassis: It is suitable for walking on a variety of roads, and there will be no inconvenience when it needs to move quickly.
Gearbox: The soil layer can be drilled at a high speed using a compound disc or a roller cone drill with a mud pump; the rock layer can be drilled with a pneumatic down-the-hole hammer and an air compressor for impact rotary drilling.

Features of Air Track Drill Rig

  • Fully hydraulic operation. The drilling speed, torque, propulsion shaft pressure, counter shaft pressure, propulsion speed, etc. of the drilling rig can be adjusted at any time.
  • Top drive rotary propulsion lift. It is convenient to connect and unload the drill pipe, facilitate drilling with the pipe,and shorten the auxiliary time.
  • High operating efficiency. Due to the full hydraulic and top drive rotary propulsion and lifting, it is suitable for various drilling techniques and various drilling tools. The operation is convenient and flexible, the drilling speed is fast, and the operation efficiency is high.
  • Has many uses. It is widely used in drilling water wells, testing wells, coalbed methane, natural gas, oil extraction, and other projects.
  • Easy to move. Equipped with rubber and steel wire crawlers, it is easy to move, and it will not hurt the road when walking on urban roads.

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Crawler Drill Rig Accessories

YG also provides crawler drilling machine accessories, such as air compressors, drill pipes, drill bits, etc.

Air Compressor

The air compressor provides compressed air for the crawler drilling machine. The operating system of the drilling rig is mostly controlled by pneumatics, and the air relay is controlled by the on-off of the air circuit. The air relay controls the movement of parts such as the clutch to complete a control process.

Drill Head

The drill bit is a component used to drill underground, and the drill bit is drilled into the ground by rotation and impact. During drilling, the drill bit continually breaks up rock and soil, bringing it to the surface. According to different geological soils, YG provides three types of roller cone bits, diamond bits, and drag bits.

Drill Pipe

The drill pipe is a device used to connect the surface equipment of the drilling rig and the equipment at the bottom of the drilling well. Its purpose is to send mud to the drill bit, and then raise, lower, or rotate the bottom hole device together with the drill bit.

YG Drilling Rig Series Products

YG construction machinery manufacturer offers various types of drilling rigs. For example, water well-drilling rigs, down-the-hole drilling machines, horizontal directional drilling machines, diamond core drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, mineral exploration drilling rigs, mini rock drilling machines, etc. If you are interested in YG’s drilling rig series, please send us a message.

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