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Hydroseeding machine, also known as hydroseeding equipment, is a kind of vegetation greening equipment which belongs to the environmental machine, and it has become an effective method in greening projects such as high-speed highway (iron) road slope greening, mine regreening, desert management, riverbank protection, large-scale green space reconstruction, and vegetation planting methods.

The hydroseeding equipment gradually replaced the position of the dry sprayer and the concrete pump in the construction, to a certain extent, it solved the low efficiency of the dry sprayer, the high construction cost, the high labor cost and the high cost of the wet sprayer. After repeated research and improvement, it is constantly improved. Now it can be used for spraying on the soilless surface such as rocky soil, sand grain or organic soil surface.

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How Does Hydroseeding Work?

The hydroseeding machine is a new method of greening. Hydroseed process: It mixes green grass seeds with water-retaining agents, binders, and fertilizers in a mixing container with water to form a gelatinous mixed slurry. Sowing land. Because the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials and various nutrients, the water and other nutrient sources required for plant growth are guaranteed, so the plants can grow healthily and quickly. Suitable for large-scale greening operations, especially in arid areas without irrigation facilities.

hydroseeding equipment manufacturers

Hydroseeding Equipment Manufacturers

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Hydroseeding Machine Advantages in YG

Compared with the traditional method of turf planting, the hydroseeding equipment in YG has many advantages:

  1. The planting is uniform and efficient, and the hydroseed process of fertilization, mixing, seeding, and covering are completed at one time, which is less affected by wind and improves the speed and quality of lawn planting.
  2. To overcome the impact of unfavorable natural conditions, it is possible to spray seeds on steep slopes where direct seeding is difficult to succeed. At the same time, hydroseeding machine can resist wind, rain, and water erosion to meet the needs of building under different site conditions.
  3. The cost is lower than turf rolls, and it does not occupy farmland, and does not require excavation, shipping, paving and long-distance transportation, which reduces labor intensity.
Hydroseeding Machine Factory Site

Hydroseeding Machine Factory Site

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Tank Volume 2m³ 4m³ 6m³ 8m³
Spraying Area 200-500m² 500-1500m² 700-2000m² 1000-2500m²
Spraying Distance H 20-30m H 20-35m H 20-35m H 24-40m
V 10-20m V 10-25m V 10-25m V 15-30
Pipe Head H 20-50m H 20-60m H 20-70m H 30-80m
V 20-30m V 30-40m V 30-40m V 30-50m
Weight 1000KG 1300KG 1600KG 1900KG
Dimension 2.5*1.5*1.4m 3.3*1.5*2.4m 3.6*1.8*2.4m 4.2*1.8*2.4m

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Hydroseeding Machine Features

  1. Hydroseeding equipment has a high scientific and technological content. The integration of grass seeds, fertilizers, and wrapping materials (fibers) is a combination of chemical and biological energy, which is applied to the ground through mechanical energy, reflecting the scientific and advanced nature of biological planting. It is a revolution in lawn planting technology.
  2. Special high-pressure mud pump with wide leaf path and difficult to get stuck; mud pump has a large flow rate and high work efficiency (direct spraying can be completed once in 15 minutes);
  3. This hydroseeding equipment can add the appropriate amount of grass fiber and a lot of rice husks and sawdust to increase the adhesion of mud, which has a significant effect on spraying high and steep slopes;
  4. The factory can customize different tank capacities, external dimensions, and horsepower according to customer needs.
Cheap Hydroseeding Machine Price

Cheap Hydroseeding Machine Price

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Hydroseeding Machine Maintenance

  1. Check the oil (diesel, engine oil) and water in the diesel engine at least once per shift. If none left, add it.
  2. After the new hydroseeding machine works for 100 hours, the engine oil in the diesel engine needs to be replaced, and it will be replaced in the next 200 hours. The diesel filter, oil filter, and air filter are cleaned or replaced every six months.
  3. Add oil to the front and rear bearing chambers of the mud pump at least once a week. Packed mud pumps are used to check the tightness of the packing pressure plate at least once every shift. If it is loose, adjust it properly. If the packing is damaged, replace it.
  4. Within one week of the construction of the hydroseeding machine on the site, check the anchor bolts of the moving parts at least once per shift. If they are loose, they must be tightened in time.
Hydroseeding Application

Hydroseeding Application

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Hydroseeding Machine for Sale

Hydroseeding machine for sale in YG can add a certain amount of grass fiber and a lot of rice husks and sawdust to increase the adhesion of the mud, which has a significant effect on spraying high and steep slopes; our factory can customize different tank volumes, external dimensions, horsepower according to customer needs.

There are two types of sprayers: mechanical and hydraulic, which can be determined according to the customer’s operating habits. There are two types of mud pumps developed by our factory: single-stage pumps and multi-stage pumps, which can be selected by customers. We can guarantee the quality of the hydroseeding machine for sale. Feel free to contact us for the machine. Click here to know more YG fog cannon machine for sale.

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