Road Marking Machine Price

road marking machine price

What is road marking machine?

Road marking machine is a kind of pavement construction machine that can draw different restrictions, guidance and warning signs on the flat ground. Road marking paint machine is Widely used in roads, highways, parking lots, squares and runways. The road marking machine has played a huge role in urban planning and highway construction due to its advantages of fast, efficient and accurate. And it saves the construction period and economic investment of pavement construction to the greatest extent. Our company has high-efficiency road marking machine for sale always. If you want to buy cheap road marking machine price, Henan Yugong(YG) Machinery Co., Ltd will be your ideal choice.

fully automatic thermoplastic road marking machine

Fully Automatic Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

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Structure of road marking paint machine

The road line marking machine has various structures. Due to different production design conditions or applications in different construction sites and different raw materials, the marking machine will also differ in structure. Generally, the marking machine shall be equipped with an engine, air compressor, paint (melt) barrel, marking bucket (spray gun), guide rod, controller, etc.. In addition,  road painting machine shall be equipped with various power-assisted driving carriers as required. YG Machinery has professional and high-quality road marking machine for sale. Contact us to get road marking machine price for your reference.

Road marking equipment classification

According to the construction temperature, the road marking machine is roughly divided into thermoplastic road marking machine and cold paint road marking machine.

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cold paint road marking machine

Cold Paint Type

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Thermoplastic road marking machine- YG Road Machinery Manufacturer

Thermoplastic road marking machine is gradually developed and improved with the development of hot-melt coating. Thermoplastic road marking machine is a machine with high degree of automation. The construction of thermoplastic road marking machine requires a set of equipment to complete the construction functions of each link from melting material to marking. This set of equipment is generally composed of hot melting kettle, road marking machine, pre-marking machine and undercoating machine. Leave your message to get more road marking machine for sale details. View this page to know more about our thermoplastic road marking machine for sale.

Of course, you can choose different models, grades and functions of equipment configuration according to your own economic budget, engineering quantity and degree of specialization. According to the different marking methods, thermoplastic road marking machine can be divided into three types: thermoplastic scraping type, thermoplastic extrusion type and thermoplastic spraying type. We have these three types road marking machine for sale. Which kind of do you need?

As a professional road marking machine manufacturers in China, YG machinery has many types of thermoplastic road marking machine. For example, hand-push thermoplastic road marking machine, automatic thermoplastic road marking machine, thermoplastic convex vibration line road marking machine, and some of its supporting equipment. If you are looking for a professional and efficient road marking machine, please contact us. And you will get a reasonable road marking machine price list.

road line marking machines for sale

Convex Vibration Road Line Marking Machines For Sale

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Cold paint road marking machine- YG Road Machinery Manufacturer

Cold road marking spray paint machine is a kind of conventional marking machine with the longest history. Cold paint road marking machine is generally completed construction by a normal temperature marking machine. According to the different marking methods, the cold plastic road marking machine can be divided into two types: high-pressure airless type and low-pressure air-assisted type. According to the different types of applicable coatings, it is divided into three types: normal temperature solvent type, normal temperature aqueous type and heating solvent type. As a professional cold paint road marking machine manufacturer, we provide all kinds of road marking machines for sale.

YG Machinery Manufacturer has all types of thermoplastic road marking machine and cold applied plastic line marking machine for sale. Contact us now and let’s start a pleasure business cooperation.

thermoplastic road marking machine price

YG Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Price

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How to choose right road painting machine?

Faced with different types of road marking machines, how to choose the most suitable for you?
Firstly, according to the construction scope, thermoplastic road marking machine for municipal roads, urban roads, provincial roads, rural roads, etc.. Cold spray road marking machine is generally used for garage, parking lot, residential area, driving school, etc. Temporary surprise inspection can also use cold paint road spray marking machine.
Secondly, accounting based on the cost to choose the best road marking machine for yourself.
Thirdly, according to the construction conditions and special requirements, we can customize the road marking machine for you. Please feel free to leave your message and requirement, our sales manager will reply road marking machine price for your reference. There are hand push thermoplastic road marking machine and automatic road marking machine for you choose.

road marking machine manufacturers

YG Road Marking Machine Manufacturers

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Why choose YG road line marking machine?

When you search for line marking equipment for sale online, you may see that there are different road marking machine suppliers on the market. Then why choose YG Machinery as your partner from many road marking machine manufacturers? Here are some of advantages of our road marking equipment.

History: Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the machinery industry for more than 20 years.

Scale: YG is an integrated large-scale manufacturing enterprise that includes R&D, production and sales on mining equipment, tunnel construction, and construction equipment for road and bride. You can get factory direct sale road marking machine price from YG company.

Certificate: Our products strictly stand by SGS, ISO90012000 quantity control system standards. We have CE certification and so on. Send your inquiry to get road painting machine for sale price right now.

Raw materials: The raw materials of all the machines we produce strictly follow the product quality control system from selection to purchase.

Production experience: More than 20 years of the production process and skilled workers have rich experience in manufacturing.

road marking machine suppliers

China Road Marking Machine Suppliers

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After-sale service: We have a good after-sales service system. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions during the warranty period.

Professionalism: With the development and innovation of technology, all walks of life are advancing. Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd. in the machinery industry is also advancing with the times. Use the latest technology and the best product quality to continuously improve our professionalism and provide customers with the best quality and low price products.

Sales area: Yugong’s road marking machine covered throughout the country and exported Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, North America, Oceania, South America and other parts of the world. Leave your message to get road line marking machines for sale price.

Customer feedback: Our company experienced 20 years of high-speed development, gathering large number of ralents and winning sound reputation and credibility. Customers at home and abroad have expressed their willingness to continue to cooperate with us. Send your requirement to get road line marking machine price.

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