Fog cannon machine for dust suppression

Fog Canon

Fog cannon machine for sale

The fog cannon dust suppression machine is one of the most useful environmental machines to solve the problem of air pollution and dust from construction . The fog cannon machine also named mist cannon machine or water sprayer . It’s one of the most efficient dust suppression equipment. The  fog cannon dust suppression system can help prevent the workers from air pollution and improve working efficiency. Contact us to get the YG fog cannon machine price right now.


Model YG-30 YG-40
Horizontal Range 20-30m 30-40m
Horizontal Rotation ±360° 0-100°(Adjustable)
Pitch Angle -10°-40° -5°-85°
Consumption  10-20L/min (adjustable)  20-30L/min (adjustable)
Fog Size  40-200μm (adjustable)  40-200μm(adjustable)
Equipment type Automatic / normal / standard / automatic remote control Automatic / normal / standard / automatic remote control
Control Method Optional Optional
Pump Power 1.5KW 2.5KW
Fan Power 3KW 4KW
Suitable Ambient Temperature -10°C ~ +45°C with a water tank -10°C ~ +45°C with a water tank

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Fog Cannon Equipment Composition

The fog cannon for sale consists of impeller, fan, backflow preventer, frame, nozzles, electric motor, water tank, etc. With a new type of impeller, good quality backflow preventer, and high-performance electric motor, our fog cannon dust sprayer can produce mist at a stable speed and large range. It is with special design and scientific technology, according to the environment, dust control, and disinfection standards. As a professional fog cannon machine manufacturer, YG has dust suppression truck for your choice.

fog cannon machine

YG Fog Cannon Machine

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Fog cannon dust suppression application

Dust suppression fog cannon machine widely applies in the environmental protection industry. The city administration, environmental sanitation bureau, environmental protection bureau. Garden bureau pesticide application, urban construction bureau, urban solid waste center. Agricultural and forestry bureau, mine dust reduction, garbage dump disinfection. Deodorization, coal storage yard, coal port terminal, refining steel plants. Stone processing plants and other relatively dusty construction sites. Please leave your message if you have any questions about the water mist cannon machine.

dust suppression fog cannon machine

Dust Suppression Fog Cannon Machine

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Water spray for dust control features

Spray cannon has strong wind and strong maneuverability and is especially suitable for dust removals on-site operations such as coal mines and docks. The water mist particle size is 30-200um. Compared with other spraying equipment, the water consumption can save 70% -80% (spray gun, sprinkler truck), and the area covered by water mist is much larger than other dust suppression equipment. Contact us to get factory direct sale fog cannon for sale price now.

fog cannon dust suppression system

Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System

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Spray Cannon Operation and Maintenance

1. Check the spray cannon machine before the operation, make sure all parts are connecting well and in good condition.
2. Press the fan button, the fan part starts to rotate well, press the spray button, the water pump begins to supply water, adjust the pressure handle screw to make the pressure 25-30kg, then tighten the screw, switch on the water valve, the fan begins to spray mist. We can control the fan move and spray up/down and left/right.
3. After spraying, first press the spray button, then the fan button, at last shut down the electric power supply.

4. After the first 20 hours’ use of the fog cannon, replace the engine oil, then replace it every 50 hours. The right way for this step is to take off the oil cat, drain the oil and clear the crankcase after the fog cannon machine stops working and becomes cooler.
5. If the flow or pressure reduces, check if the pump belt, inlet tube, and piston seal are in good condition. Check the valve, handle and base, if there is any water leaking out, replace related parts. By the way, we provide fog cannon machine color custom service.


The Use of Water Mist Cannon Machine

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Mist Cannon Machine Adjustment Instruction

1): Adjust belt and wheel, make sure the triangle belt is in a straight line and can’t be loosened, in case it might fall while operating.

2): Add 30# engine oil from tank filter inlet, keep the oil level reaches half of the oil drilling cap, replace the oil after the first 20 hours’ use of the spray cannon, then replace it every 50 hours. The right way for this step is to take off the oil cap, drain the oil and clear the crankcase after the fog cannon stops working and becomes cooler.

3): Add lubricant oil in the three oil cups, clockwise rotate the cup cover once every 2 hours operating.

4): Adjust the handle and lift it to the top place, then switch off the water outlet button.

5): After the machine works in stable condition, adjust the handle and lower it to the bottom, adjust the pressure regulating screw and keep it 25kg, then tighten the screw.

6): Switch on the water outlet button, then the water mist cannon machine begins to spray water mist.


YG Water Mist Cannon Equipment

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Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System for Sale

Fog cannon dust suppression system for sale in YG is sold very well over the world. We have exquisite craftwork and unique technology in environmental construction equipment. We can produce sets of fog cannon machines. We have a group of engineers and experienced workers and they keep innovating and exploring high technology to improve the performance of the spray cannon machine. Leave your requirement to get fog cannon for sale price right now.

Why choose Yugong engineering?

High-tech design, material purchasing, precise manufacturing, and strict quality inspection are all processed according to the ISO9001 standard. We guarantee the quality of the fog cannon and ensure the after-sale of the water mist cannon machine. YG Machinery Co., Ltd. aims to have top quality, top reputation, and top service. “Quality First, Reputation First, Be Innovative, Be Excellent” has always been our purpose. We warmly welcome your visit. So, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll give you a surprise mist cannon machine price.

spray cannon dust suppression

Spray Cannon Dust Suppression Package

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At the same time, YG has the following environmental protection equipment. Dust suppression truck and hydroseeding machine. If you are interested in them, please leave your message to tell us.

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