The thermal fogging machine is a device for making a medicine into smoke or water mist for plant protection and disinfection. It adopts a pulse jet engine working principle, so it is also called a pulse jet fogging machine. The pulse jet fogging machine widely applies in insecticide, disinfection, fertilization, and other purposes. The thermal fogging machine has the characteristics of strong penetrating power, strong adsorption, and good atomization effect. It is the best equipment used in greenhouses, agriculture, forestry, orchards, and other places.

Thermal Fogger Machine Parameter

TypeTank in shoulder and sprayer in hand
Solution tank capacity16L
Oil tank capacity2L
Battery12V rechargeable battery
Fuel92 # or above pure gasoline
Spray volume12L/H
Machine size1140*240*330(mm)

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Application of Pulse Fogging Machine

The automatic thermal fogging sprayer is widely used in sanitation, anti-epidemic, and disinfection in various places. Such as the disinfection and sterilization of urban underpasses, garbage dumps, toilets, warehouses, stations, docks, airports, etc. At the same time, as agricultural machinery, portable thermal fogger machine is widely used in greenhouse, agriculture, forestry, orchard, grassland, and urban environmental protection. As well as the application of chemical fertilizer, disinfection, and sterilization of open-air crops. Such as the insecticide and sterilization of fruit trees, corn, rice, wheat, citrus, and other crops.

thermal fog generator application
Thermal Fog Generator Application

In addition, the portable smoke thermal fogger machine can be used to kill insects in forest trees. Because the thermal fogging sprayer machine has the characteristics of a large dispersion area and quick effect. Therefore, a thermal fog generator is a better insecticide tool for forest insecticides. Now send your requirement to get pulse thermal fogger machine price. We will reply to you as soon as possible. YG high-quality thermal fogging machine for sale at a low price. Click the button to send us your inquiry.

thermal fogging sprayer
Thermal Fogging Sprayer
agriculture thermal fogger machine
Agriculture Thermal Fogger Machine

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How to Use a Thermal Fogging Machine?

The dual-purpose smoke and mist thermal fogging machine are fueled by gasoline. During operation, the high-temperature and high-pressure air flow generated by the pulse engine is ejected at a high speed from the outlet of the nozzle. After opening the medicine valve, the air pressure in the medicine box hydraulically presses the medicine into the explosion tube and mixes it with the high-temperature and high-speed airflow. At the moment of encounter, the medicine liquid is smashed and atomized into smoke or mist, sprayed from the nozzle, and quickly diffused. When the controlled object is exposed to mist or smoke, portable thermal fogging machines can kill insects or sterilize them.

In the current global emergency to fight against COVID-19. If your factories, office buildings, supermarkets, etc. need to resume production, YG thermal fogging sprayer will be your ideal choice. Please feel free to contact us to get a thermal fogging machine for sale price.

portable thermal fogging machine
portable thermal fogging machine

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Why Do You Need to Buy Portable Thermal Fogging Machine?

At present, the epidemic situation of COVID-19 pneumonia is still in a critical period. All countries and regions are actively responding to the arrangements for epidemic prevention work. At the same time, deploying production and operation and epidemic prevention work in a unified manner.

First of all, do a good job in mask protection, equip with disinfectant, alcohol, hand sanitizer, thermometer, disposable gloves, and other protective equipment. So as to provide a safety guarantee for employees returning to work.

Secondly, do a good job in the disinfection work of each department. Responsible personnel in each area should do disinfection and ventilation the area on time.

Meanwhile, disinfect the plant area every day. Use YG pulse jet fogging machine to disinfect the plant area on time to ensure the safety of the working environment. In a word, buying a smoke&mist fog generator sprayer is very necessary. Feel free to contact us to get the thermal fogger machine price. The picture below shows that the YG staff is using the thermal fog generator machine for disinfection.

thermal fogging machine for disinfection
thermal fogging machine for disinfection
thermal fogging machine price
YG Thermal Fogging Machine

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What are the Features of Thermal Fog Generator?

YG thermal fogger sprayer uses the pulse engine of modern new rocket technology. The whole pulse fogging machine has no rotating parts and no lubrication system. The pulse-jet fogging machine has a simple structure, low failure rate, small size, and is lightweight. Simple maintenance, low fuel consumption, and durability. Send your inquiry to us. We will send the thermal fogger machine price to you as soon as possible.

thermal fogging machine for sale
Thermal Fogging Machine For Sale

At the same time, the smoke and mist dual-purpose portable thermal fogging machine is very advanced agricultural machinery. Thermal fogging sprayer machine is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and urban sanitation. Large-area epidemic prevention and sterilization of insects in public places. Under the premise of ensuring the requirements of agricultural technology, agricultural machinery should have a wide range of versatility and a high degree of comprehensive utilization. The smoke pulse jet fogging machine just meets this requirement. The smoke thermal fogger machine can improve the utilization rate of agricultural machinery and reduce the operation cost.

Moreover, the mist eliminator is easy to carry, and suitable for a wide range of environments. High efficiency. Low cost of medication, prevention, and control. Good diffuse, high adhesion. Beautiful, simple, light structure, smooth lines. What’s more, convenient operation. If your greenhouse, orchard, etc. needs a mist portable thermal fogging sprayer machine to apply pesticides and kill insects, please contact us freely. In particular, YG smoke thermal fogger machine for sale can carry out comprehensive disinfection work for your area. In order to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment and the safety of people at work.

pulse jet fogging machine
YG Pulse Jet Fogging Machine

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The Advantages of YG Thermal Fogging Sprayer

When the portable thermal fogging machine is used for epidemic prevention and disinfection and agricultural insecticide sterilization. It has the following advantages.

1)Epidemic prevention and sterilization. When the smoke&mist thermal fogger spray machine is used for large-area epidemic prevention and sterilization. The fogging particles sprayed by the mist thermal fogging sprayer are extremely fine with strong adhesion. What’s more, it has the advantage of wide coverage and no dead ends. This can improve the efficacy of disinfection. No matter whether the virus is on the ground or the air, there is nowhere to escape.

pulse thermal fogging machine price
YG Fogging Machine Price

2)Save time and effort. Pulse thermal fogging machine only takes about 120 minutes per hectare to use this machine to spray medicine, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. Thereby avoiding the disadvantages of the old-fashioned medicine pump. For example, large water requirements, long medicine tubes, and extremely inconvenient operation by multiple people.

3)Quick effect. The fine particles produced by the thermal fogging sprayer machine have strong penetration, which can directly pass through the plant canopy to kill insects, kill bacteria and leave no dead angle. You can send email to us to get YG thermal fogger machine price now.

thermal fogger machine for sale
Thermal Fogger Machine For Sale

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4)Improve the quality of fruit. The pesticide spray from the thermal fogging sprayer machine is very fine. Especially, no stimulation to the fruit surface, and good fruit surface light. At the same time, it can reduce drug residues. A pulse thermal fogging machine is an ideal supporting machine for the development of green and pollution-free vegetables. Fill in the message form below to get the thermal fogger machine price now.

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