Work Principle of the electrostatic sprayer

The electrostatic sprayer transforms the low voltage direct current into nearly 20 thousand high voltage static electricity through a high-voltage electrostatic generator. The electrode is contacted with the liquid medicine in the sprayer barrel so that the fine droplets sprayed by the electrostatic backpack sprayer are charged with high voltage static electricity.

An electrostatic field is formed between the electrostatically charged mist droplets and the target crop. Using the principle of electrostatic adsorption, the fine mist droplets with static electricity are surrounded and adsorbed to the front and back of the target crop and the hidden place. Contact us directly to know more electrostatic sprayer for sale details.

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Thereby, the amount of fog droplets attached to the crop is increased, the drip loss of the chemical liquid droplets is significantly reduced, the pesticide utilization rate is effectively improved, and the amount of pesticides is reduced to achieve the best control effect. In addition, you need to pay attention that the electrostatic sprayer will generate strong static electricity when working. Therefore, using electrostatic sprayer system inflammable and explosive places is strictly prohibited!

YG electrostatic sprayer for sale
YG Electrostatic Sprayer For Sale

Electrostatic sprayer mainly consists of two parts: hand-held ultra-low volume sprayer and high voltage electrostatic generator. Its working principle is to apply high voltage static electricity. Electrostatic spraying uses high-voltage static electricity to establish an electrostatic field between the electrostatic sprayer nozzle and the spray target.

When the liquid medicine is atomized by the nozzle, the droplets are charged. Under the combined action of electrostatic field force and other external forces, charged droplets move directionally and adsorb on all parts of the target. Therefore, the purpose of electrostatic fogger application is achieved. YG electrostatic disinfectant sprayer for sale with a price. Please contact us freely.

electrostatic disinfectant sprayer for sale
Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer For Sale

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Features of electrostatic spray machine

  • The droplet size is uniform, the penetration is good, and the deposition coverage is even. In particular, on the back of the target can also be deposited.
  • Good adhesion, greatly reducing the phenomenon of mist droplets being lost by wind and rain.
  • Less drift loss, high utilization rate of electrostatic sprayer disinfectant, less environmental pollution, and wide application prospects.

Charging method of medicine droplet

At present, there are three basic methods for charging droplets of chemical liquid in an electrostatic sprayer. Corona charging, inductive charging and contact charging. The structure, type, charging effect and safety of electrostatic sprayer nozzle should be considered when selecting charging mode. The electrostatic sanitizing nozzle should have low working voltage and current, And compact structure, simple, good insulation. If you are looking forward to high-quality electrostatic sprayer for sale, YG will be your ideal choice. At the same time, we have thermal fogging machine for sale.

electrostatic backpack sprayer
YG Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

In general, contact charging can make the droplet charge the most and the effect the best. But it requires a high charging voltage and strict insulation. Induction charging effect is second, the required charging voltage is also low. But it may cause the electrode to wet and fail. Corona charging has poor effects and high power consumption. But the structure is simple, low insulation requirements, low cost. In practice, all three charging methods have been applied, and sometimes the two methods can be combined. Contact us to get electrostatic spraying systems prices.

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Application prospect of the electrostatic sprayer

YG has electrostatic pesticide sprayer and electrostatic disinfectant sprayer for sale. Actually, the electrostatic sprayer can be used not only for insecticidal sterilization in agriculture but also for epidemic prevention and disinfection in public health. Electrostatic sprayers can be divided into handheld electrostatic sprayer type, electrostatic backpack sprayer type, vehicle-mounted type, traction type and fixed type according to different structure types.

The use of handheld electrostatic sprayer in small-area gardens and vegetable plantations is the most cost-effective option. It is most suitable to use the electrostatic backpack sprayer agriculture in large areas of agriculture. Vehicle-mounted and traction-type electrostatic sprayers have greater application prospects in landscaping operations. In addition, YG has disinfection fogger machine for home use.

handheld electrostatic sprayer for sale
Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer
traction electrostatic spray machine
Traction Electrostatic Spray Machine

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Precautions before using an electrostatic sprayer

  • Do not use dangerous methods such as wet hands to operate the charging to avoid electric shock.
  • When charging, first connect the connector of the charger to the sprayer, and then connect the plug of the charger to the power outlet. Make sure that the power supply voltage used is a stable voltage of 220V. If the voltage fluctuates greatly, the charger may be damaged.
  • The charging time for the first three uses is about 12 hours. In the future, the charging time shall be kept between 5-7 hours. The charging time should not be too long. If the charging time is too long, the battery will heat up, which will reduce the battery’s active liquid. Thus, this will reduce battery capacity and affect battery life.

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Spray test

Check if there is any disinfectant leakage at each connection. If there is running, popping, dripping, or leakage, please connect correct or replace the gasket to prevent the chemical liquid from hurting the body or causing crop damage.

Check if the spray is uniform and continuous. If the pump pressure is unstable, there may be intermittent spraying or the drug is not fine, which is like a water column. At this time, it may be that the filter screen, pipes, nozzles, etc. are blocked by impurities, or it is due to insufficient battery power.

electrostatic sprayer nozzle
Electrostatic Sprayer Nozzle

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Precautions during use

  • Do not spray water-insoluble powders and medicines with too high concentration. Because it is easy to block the matching surface between the check valve and the check valve seat. Thereby, causing the pressure of the machine to drop or block the water outlet.
  • Press “-” to be in the state of electrostatic spray, press “O” to be in the state of normal spray. When in the electrostatic spray state, there is no need to repeatedly spray the top and bottom of the sprayed crops. The environment with high relative humidity will affect the effect of static electricity. It is not suitable to carry out electrostatic spraying. At this time, it must be changed to ordinary spraying.
  • Keep the outer wall of the barrel dry when in an electrostatic spray state. It is strictly forbidden to touch the spray head and the chemical liquid and the ground wire should be kept grounded. After shutdown, contact the nozzle with the ground to eliminate the residual static electricity.
  • When adding pesticides to the barrel, turn off static electricity.
electrostatic pesticide sprayer
Electrostatic Pesticide Sprayer
electrostatic spraying systems prices
Electrostatic Spraying Systems Prices

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Precautions after use

After the application, the liquid medicine that has not been sprayed shall be poured into a special container. And then, a part of clear water shall be added into the medicine box of the machine. So that the machine can automatically run for 1-2 minutes, so as to automatically clean the pipeline and pump body. Thus, avoiding the corrosion of the machine by the liquid medicine. As a result, you can use backpack electrostatic pesticide sprayer normally for a long time in the future.

After cleaning the sprayer machine, be sure to turn off the red power switch of the machine and put the liquid in the medicine box upside down to avoid water pollution.

The operator must perform self-cleaning to avoid the harm of the chemical liquid to himself or the harmful substances brought into the body due to diet.YG electrostatic crop spraying machine for sale. Fill the following form, and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Click here to know more plant protection environment equipment.

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