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How to Use Small Oxygen Concentrator

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With the advent of portable oxygen supply equipment and the development of personal small oxygen concentrator. Some patients with chronic respiratory diseases and persistent hypoxemia can receive oxygen therapy at home. Home oxygen therapy usually uses an oxygen cylinder and a small oxygen concentrator. The home-use oxygen concentrator has a significant effect on improving the health of patients. And improving the quality of life and exercise endurance.

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How to use a personal small oxygen concentrator?

  • Install the main machine of the small oxygen concentrator on the floor in rotation or hang it on the wall with a pylon, and install the gas filter.
  • Nail the gusset of the personal oxygen concentrator on the wall or support as needed. And then, hang the oxygen generator.
  • Connect the oxygen outlet of the oxygen generator with the oxygen pipe. And connect the 12V power cord of the portable oxygen generator to the 12V power cord of the host. If multiple oxygen generators are connected in series, you only need to add a three-way joint and fix the pipeline with a buckle.
  • Plug the 220V power cord of the host into the wall socket. And the red light of the portable small oxygen concentrator will be on.
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  • Please add pure water to the designated position in the humidifying cup. Then install it on the oxygen outlet of the portable oxygen machine
  • Put the oxygen delivery tube on the oxygen outlet of the humidification cup.
  • Press the home oxygen generator start button, the green indicator light is on. And the personal oxygen concentrator starts to work.
  • According to the doctor’s advice, adjust the flow to the desired position.
  • Hook up the nasal cannula or wear the mask to inhale oxygen according to the packaging instructions of the oxygen mask or nasal suction tube.

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Precautions for use

Patients who purchase the oxygen generator should read the manual carefully before using it.

Avoid open flame when using an oxygen generator to avoid fire.

The oxygen generator should be placed steadily. Otherwise, it will increase the noise of the oxygen generator.

The water level in the humidification bottle should not be too high (the water level should be half of the bottle body). Otherwise, the water in the bottle will easily escape or enter the oxygen suction tube.

When the oxygen generator is not used for a long time, please cut off the power supply and pour out the water in the humidifying bottle. In addition, the surface of the oxygen generator should be wiped clean, covered with a plastic cover. And stored in a dry place without sunlight.

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New Personal Oxygen Concentrator Function

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When the oxygen generator is turned on, do not place the flow meter float at the zero position.

Pay special attention when filling the oxygen bag with the oxygen generator. After the oxygen bag is full, you must first unplug the oxygen bag cannula. And then, turn off the oxygen generator. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the negative pressure of the humidifying bottle to suck back into the oxygen generator. Therefore, causing the oxygen generator to malfunction.

During transportation and storage, it is strictly forbidden to put it horizontally, upside down, damp or direct sunlight.

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