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Medical Oxygen Generator For Sale In India

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Customer background

Since the intensification of the epidemic in India in April, the supply of oxygen in the Indian market has been in short supply. Therefore, large PSA medical oxygen generator machine for hospitals, 1-10L small oxygen generators for personal use has become in short supply. As a leading air separation equipment supplier in the industry, YG Machinery is also doing its best to provide oxygen generator equipment for epidemic areas to alleviate oxygen shortages. If you want to build a medical oxygen generator plant, please tell us your requirement.

During this period, we exported a lot of YG medical oxygen generators to the Indian market. Including 12 sets of 30Nm³/h oxygen generators, 15 sets of 50Nm³/h oxygen generators. And 8 sets of 100Nm³/h oxygen generators. More than 10000 units of oxygen cylinders of different capacities. At the same time, there are more than 6000 units of YG 1-10L small oxygen generators exported to India. Hope to help India get through this epidemic as soon as possible. We will introduce the 100Nm³/h medical oxygen generator in the following. If you need an oxygen generator machine for the hospital, please feel free to contact us.

100Nm³/h PSA Medical Oxygen Generator For Sale In India
100Nm³/h PSA Medical Oxygen Generator For Sale In India

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100Nm³/h medical oxygen generator specification

Project name Unit Parameters
Type of equipment SPO93-100/4
Oxygen production NM³/h 100
Oxygen purity % ≥93
Oxygen Dew Point ≤-40
Working pressure MPa 0.8
Treatment Medium Compressed air
Adsorption mode Four-tower pressure swing adsorption
Oxygen outlet pressure MPa ≥0.5
Start-up time Min ≤30
Effective PSA gas consumption NM3/min ≥21.7
Oxygen temperature 24 ± 3
Intake maximum oil content ppm ≤0.001
Pressure drop MPa ≤0.05
Residual oil dust content ppm ≤0.001
Oxygen-producing molecular sieve The service life of 10 years
Pneumatic valve Service life 3 million times
Compression mode Cylinder compression
Container material Carbon Steel (anti-rust blast treatment)
Mode of discharge Manual/automatic blowdown
Power supply V/Hz 220/60
Power Kw 0.15
Mode of operation Automaticity

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What advantages of YG medical oxygen generator?

1. The start-up speed is fast, and qualified oxygen can be provided within 15-40 minutes.
2. The equipment is fully automatic and unattended during the whole process.
3. High-efficiency molecular sieve packing is tighter, firmer, and has a longer service life.
4. The pressure, purity, and flow are stable and adjustable to meet the different needs of customers.
5. Reasonable structure, advanced technology, safety and stability, and low energy consumption.

YG Medical Oxygen Generator For Hospital
YG Medical Oxygen Generator For Hospital

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Why Choose YG Machinery?

Sales Network: With reliable quality and extremely competitive prices, our oxygen production equipment has been sold to many countries and regions. This includes India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Oman and other Asian countries. Peru, Mexico, Brazil and other South American countries. South Africa, Tanzania, Morocco, Algeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and other African countries. And the United States, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Chile and other countries and regions.

Customer Feedback: Customers who are running oxygen generators say that the YG oxygen generators are good quality, fast gas production, high purity, a high degree of automation, low noise, and low failure rate.

Machine Price: We are a manufacturer of oxygen concentrator equipment. It is no exaggeration to say that with the same product configuration, you can’t find a supplier with a more competitive price than ours.

Industrial Oxygen Generator For Sale
Industrial Oxygen Generator For Sale

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