CNC Pipe & Tube Bending Machine
CNC Pipe & Tube Bending Machine

The CNC tube bending machine is a special pipe & tube bending equipment, which is three-dimensional forming equipment for various pipes, profiles, and bars. CNC pipe bender can process metal pipes into various angles, radii, radians, and shapes. It meets the needs of different industries for bending pipes. CNC pipe & tube bending machine has a very wide range of applications in road construction, ships, furniture, decoration, locomotives, and other industries. YG also provides stirrup bending machines, rebar straightening and cutting machines, punching and shearing machines, I-beam cold bending machines, and other steel bar processing equipment.

Tube Bend Shape
Tube Bend Shape

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CNC Tube Bending Machine For Sale

Maximum Bending Capacity Iron(S=40kgf/mm2 )51 x3.0mm
The maximum elbow outer diameter when reciprocating feeding48 mm
Copper tube, aluminum tube( S=25kgf/mm2 )51
Round tube/stainless steel( S=60kgf/mm2 )43 x3.0mm
Square iron pipe( S=40kgf/mm2 )48 x2.5mm
Iron rod ( S=40kgf/mm2 )40mm
Bending radius range35~200mm
Bending Radius Range/Square Tube35~200mm
Bending Angle Range190内
The maximum effective distance through the heart2100mm
Maximum feeding length2700mm
Bending (D.O.B.) Speed35 deg/sec
Feeding (D.B.B.) Speed180 deg/sec
Rotating tube (P.O.B.) speed120deg/sec
Hydraulic system motor5.5kw
Total power7.25kw
Greatest pressure120 kg/cm2
Preset pressure90 kg/cm2
Fuel tank capacity120L
Equipment length x width x height3500 X1000X880
Equipment weight1350kg

Note: YG offers many kinds of CNC pipe benders for sale. Since the equipment bends steel pipes into different angles through different molds, YG also supports the customized production service of molds. If you want to know more about the pipe bender, please contact us.

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What Is Tube Bending?

One of the most commonly used manufacturing methods is pipe bending, where the straight pipe is permanently formed into the pipe by bending. The arc bend itself has a small stress concentration, high strength, and good impact resistance. Therefore, bent pipes are more versatile than straight pipes. There are many uses of pipe bending processing, involving many fields. For example, bending processing equipment for pipe fittings such as auto parts, stair railings, furniture frames, air-conditioning equipment, ships, fitness equipment, sporting goods, etc.

Pipe & Tube Bending Shape
Pipe & Tube Bending Shape
Bending Shape
Bending Shape

Application Fields Of CNC Tube Bending Machine

Bends are used in many industries, and the following are the common uses of tube bends:

  • Pipeline, ship pipeline, automobile oil pipe, etc.
  • Furniture pipes. Office chairs, beach chairs, shopping carts, computer desks, etc.
  • Bathroom elbows, faucets, towel racks, and S-shaped attachments.
  • Air-conditioning refrigeration pipes, small U-shaped pipes, return-shaped pipes, etc.
  • Sports equipment, fitness equipment, lighting, construction machinery, etc.
CNC Tube Bender Application
CNC Tube Bender Application
Machine Application
Machine Application

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CNC Pipe Bender Operation Process

The use of CNC pipe bender roughly goes through the processes of material preparation, feeding, bending, returning, cutting, and collecting.

  • Material preparation: Cut the pipe to be bent into a suitable length and place it in the feeder.
  • Automatic feeding: The automatic feeding system of the CNC pipe bender feeds the pipe from the feeder into the bending area of the pipe bender.
  • Bending: Through the machine’s motor and hydraulic system, the pipe bender automatically bends the pipe to a preset angle and shape.
  • Automatic material return: After the bending is completed, the pipe bender will automatically return the bent pipe to the feeder.
  • Automatic cutting: According to production needs, the pipe bender can be equipped with an automatic cutting system to cut the bent pipe.
  • Automatic collection: CNC pipe bender can also be equipped with an automatic collection system to automatically collect the cut pipes for subsequent processing.
CNC Tube Bending Machine Price
CNC Tube Bending Machine Price
CNC Tube Bender For Sale
CNC Tube Bender For Sale

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Function Of CNC Pipe & Tube Bending Machine

  • Rapid production of customized metal pipes. Traditional metal pipe processing mostly adopts manual bending, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also prone to errors. The emergence of CNC pipe bending machines ensures that metal pipes can be processed quickly and with higher precision and quality.
  • Improve production efficiency and reduce costs. The entire process of pipe bending is automated without manual intervention, improving production efficiency.
  • Expand the scope of product application. CNC pipe & tube bender can bend and process metal pipes according to different needs, so it can produce metal pipes of various shapes to meet diverse needs.
  • Improve product quality. When processing metal pipes, certain precision and quality can be guaranteed, thus improving the quality of products.
CNC Pipe Bending Machine
CNC Pipe Bending Machine
Bending Machine Manufacturer
Bending Machine Manufacturer

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Features Of CNC Tube Bending Machine

  • The performance of the equipment is stable. A pure copper wire generator is adopted, with high power and stable operation.
  • Wide range of applications. The equipment is suitable for processing all kinds of pipe fittings.
  • A variety of models to choose from to meet the needs of different industries. YG can also customize CNC tube bender machines according to the different needs of customers.
  • Easy to use. Microcomputer control, multiple programs, and multiple angle settings make the operation and program setting more convenient.
  • Hydraulic drive. It is suitable for bending pipes at multiple angles in three-dimensional space, with precise bending and forming, hydraulic drive, and powerful.
  • The use of servo motors can effectively extend the service life of the machine.
  • The hydraulic system of the machine is equipped with an automatic oil cooler device, which is convenient for the user to control the oil temperature.

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