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YG company specializes in manufacturing wet wipes machine. We have a series of wet wipes production line with different specifications. For example, fully automatic high-speed wet tissue-making machine. Auto-splicing high-speed wet wipes manufacturing machine. Wet tissue folding machine. Wet wipes packing machine. According to the number of wet wipes per pack, we have a single sachet wet wipes machine, 5-30pcs wet wipes machinery, 30-120pcs wipes making machine. According to the degree of automation, there are fully automatic wet tissue making machine&semi-auto wet wipes production line. If you are looking for a baby wipes machine or wet tissue paper-making machine for adults use, YG will be your ideal partner. Please feel free to leave your requirements to get wet wipes making equipment price.

Fully Automatic High-speed Wet Wipes Production Line

Fully Automatic High-speed Wet Wipes Production Line

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Wet tissue manufacturing machine series

Model Capacity Dimension(mm)
YG-BWL80 16000Pcs/Min 200Bags/Min 58000*5500*2100
YG-BWL52 12000Pcs/Min 160Bags/Min 43000*3800*2100
YG-BWL40 9600Pcs/Min 160Bags/Min 36550*3800*2100
YG-BWL20 4800Pcs/Min 80Bags/Min 21500*3800*2100
YG-WL10 3600Pcs/Min  45Bags/Min 16000*3500*2100
YG-WL12 4000Pcs/Min  50Bags/Min 17500*3800*2100
YG-WL16 6400Pcs/Min  80Bags/Min 19500*3800*2100
YG-WL20 8000Pcs/Min  80Bags/Min 21500*3800*2100
YG-WL68 1400Pcs/Min 80Bags/Min 9600*3800*2100
YG-GWL68 1800Pcs/Min 100Bags/Min 17000*1500*2100

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Technical Parameters

Applicable materials: spun lace nonwoven. Thermal bond cloth, degradable non-woven fabrics, wet strength paper, etc.

Specification of nonwovens: Max W220x2, Φ>1200mm, two independent rolls in one reel shaft.

Applicable packing materials: PET/PE BOPP PET/AL/PE and other hot sealable materials.

Film rolling specification: Max W420mm, Φ360mm.

Applicable labels: transparent labels & non-transparent labels; Metal labels are optional.

Label specification: Max W100mm, Φ400mm 2-axis labels are prepared.

Folding type: independent extraction, continuous extraction and varied special folding types.

Size of wet wipes: L 120-225mm W 80-110mm.

Unfolded size: L 120-225mm W 140-220mm.

Packing size: L 150-330mm W 80-120mm H 10-95mm.

Power: AC380V 50/60HZ

Air source required:0.6-0.8Mpa

As one of the most professional wet wipes machine manufacturers, we can supply many kinds of wet wipes manufacturing machines to you.

Wet Wipes Production Line Draft

Wet Wipes Production Line Draft

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Specification of wet wipes machine

Control drive system: HD touch screen, multiaxial motion control, precise drive with a servo.

Unwinding mechanism: independent drive of unwinding device, online automatic splicing, automatic control of tension.

Folding and traction mechanism: adjustable folding width, synchronous conveying with a servo.

Quantitative humidifying system: precise control of flow meter, zero reclamation of lotion during the whole process.

Flail knife cutting system: synchronous cutting with big flail knife, precise control of cutting length, flexible and convenient for nonwovens length adjustment. Contact us to get wet wipes making machine price right now.

Baby Wipes Manufacturing Machine Price

Baby Wipes Making Machine Price

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Compression stacking device: accurate compression with the manipulator, uniform stacking under intelligent control.

Separating and feeding mechanism: automatically separating and conveying nonwovens to several packaging machines, linkage and stable running. Which speed of wet tissue manufacturing machine do you need?

Automatic feeding mechanism: automatic adjusting the position of nonwovens, synchronous and isometric conveying, avoiding nonwovens jamming.

Portiforium and labeling device: several portiforium shapes and dimensions are optional. Synchronous labeling and non-stop label changing can be finished automatically. Send your inquiry to get YG wet tissue making machine price list.

wet wipes manufacturing machinery

YG-WL68 Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machinery

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Bag making and forming device: the tension of the film and width and height of packing bags can be adjustable automatically.

Packaging, cutting&sealing device: adopting vertical sealing technology, advanced horizontal sealing of the Chinese mainland. The seal is firm and beautiful. Get wet wipes production line quotation now.

Frequency division detecting system: online monitoring and alarm for material joints and non-conforming products.

Safety guarantee system: Fixed, movable and closed preventive device, conforming to IS014120:20021. Please feel free to send information to us if you have any questions about equipment.

single sachet wet wipes machine

Single Sachet Wet Wipes Making Equipment

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Optional wet wipes making equipment configuration

The following are optional additional configuration machines for the wet wipe production line. Therefore, you can choose according to your need and budget. Leave your message to know more YG wet wipes production line related details.

Date coding machine. Visual inspection system. Automatic correcting system. Automatic lid applicator machine. Metal detector. Robotic Palletizer.

wet wipes lid applicator machine

Wet Wipes Lid Applicator Machine

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Market area

Our wet wipe production lines are exported to Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, United States, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries. Click these pages to know more wet wipes machine details. 30-120 PCS/Pack Wet Wipes Production Line. Wet wipes manufacturing machine.

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