wet wipes making machine exported to Qatar

Wet wipes making machine exported to Qatar

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Recently, Yugong Machinery exported a wet wipes making machine to Qatar. The customer wants to use the automatic wipe machine to produce a single pack of regular wipes. The automatic wet wipes machine can realize the production of the whole package of wet wipes from raw material feeding to the final. With high degree of automation and high production efficiency, it is the best machine for producing wet wipes. If you also want to buy a set of automated wipes machine, please click to get a free quote.

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Qatar wet wipes making machine case introduction

At the beginning of April, the Qatari customer left a message to our website asking about the price of the wet wipes machine. After receiving the customer’s message, our sales manager immediately got in touch with the customer. Through detailed communication with the customer, we learned that the customer wants to add a new machine for his wet wipes production factory to expand the production capacity of wet wipes. The customer provided the size and desired capacity for the production of wipes. After getting the customer’s demand, Yugong’s sales manager made a quotation for the wet wipes machine for the customer, and provided the detailed configuration of the wet wipes machine. After receiving the quotation and configuration sheet, the Qatari customer cut some machines from it. The Qatari customer quickly paid Yugong the deposit for the machine after confirming the final machine and quotation.

wet tissue manufacturing machine
wet tissue manufacturing machine

The machines exported by Yugong overseas are already installed and debugged, and the customers can use the machines after they receive them. If the large-scale machinery you purchased requires an engineer to install it on site, Yugong can also arrange an engineer to go abroad to install it according to your needs.

Introduction of wet wipes machine

The wet wipes making machine exported to Qatar is used to produce a single pack of ordinary wipes. In addition, Yugong Engineering Machinery provides wet wipes that can produce 2 pieces, 5 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces per pack and other different specifications. Yugong’s wet wipes machine can adjust the mold design to realize the production of wet wipes with different packaging specifications in one machine. And Yugong not only provides wet wipes machines that can produce ordinary wet wipes, but also wet toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, and baby wipes. The wet wipes machine provided by Yugong Machinery is a machine that can realize one-stop production and delivery. The machine can realize a series of processes from raw materials to finished products. The whole process adopts intelligent control panel to control the operation of the whole process, which reduces manual pollution and manual operation.

wet wipes making machine exported to Qatar
wet wipes making machine exported to Qatar

What are the advantages of wet wipes machine?

The wet wipes machine can meet the needs of customers for a variety of packaging specifications. The wet wipes machine has fully automatic and automatic plus semi-automatic production machines and modes. If you want a fully automatic one-stop production mode, you can choose a fully automatic wet wipes production machine. If you want to reduce investment costs, then you can choose semi-automatic plus automatic wet wipes machine. And the matching method of the machine can be selected according to the production needs. Most of the wet wipes on the market can be produced by the corresponding wet wipe machine. Wet wipes with different packaging specifications can be completed by matching different types of wet wipes packaging machines.

In short, the wet wipes machine has many advantages, and the wet wipes production equipment has become mature. And now that the demand for wet wipes is also increasing, it is also profitable to invest in the production of wet wipes. If you want to know the price of wet wipes machine or the production process of wet wipes, please contact us.

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