paper cup making machine exported to Korea

YG Paper Cup Making Machine Exported to Korea

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On the 15th of this month, we packed a paper cup making machine, which will be shipped to Korea. The paper cup machine ordered by the Korean customer is used to produce 8oz plastic paper cups with a production efficiency of 70-90 Pcs/Min. The paper cup making machine is one of Yugong Machinery’s hot-selling products. The mechanically produced plastic paper cups can be used to hold tea, beverages, coffee, and other foods.

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Koera Paper Cup Making Machine Details

The customer sent an inquiry about the paper cup machine to Yugong’s website in early March. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our sales manager Eileen quickly contacted him and confirmed the customer’s needs immediately. The customer wants to produce 8 oz paper cups to supply to a beverage store. The dimensions of the specific paper cups were also quickly provided to Eileen for confirmation. After receiving the customer’s cup style and size, Eileen confirmed that the YG-80 model paper cup machine can make 8oz paper cups. And provide customers with the parameters and video of this model of the machine. After receiving the quotation from Yugong, the Korean customer quickly paid the deposit.

YG paper cup machine
YG paper cup machine

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Machine Parameters

Model YG-80
Cup Size 3-9oz
Speed70-90 pcs/min
Top Diameter 45mm(min)-82mm(max) 
Bottom Diameter35mm(min)-60mm(max)
Raw material160-350g/㎡
Output 5.5KW,380V/50HZ
Working Air Source0.4-0.6Mpa; 0.4m³/min
Dimension of machineL:2115mm;W:1000mm;H:1700mm
Dimension of cup collectorL:900mm;W:600mm;H:1500mm
Korea paper cup making machine parameters

The model of this paper cup machine can make 3~9oz size paper cups and can produce 70~90 paper cups per minute. And the size of the top, bottom, and height of the cup can be customized. Yugong also offers other sizes of paper cup making machines, if you are interested, please contact us.

machine details

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Why Choose YG Paper Cup Machine?

The high degree of automation

The new paper cup machine designed by Yugong is a fully automatic machine, which can realize one-time forming from raw materials to finished products.

Paper cup size can be customized

The automatic paper cup making machine provided by Yugong can produce paper cups of different sizes. And the top, bottom, and height dimensions of the produced paper cups can also be customized according to customer needs.

High stability

The new paper cup machine adopts intelligent control panel operation, and one person can operate the machine. Multi-row automatic paper feeding, the paper anti-backward device ensures the stability of the production process.

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