Disposable Paper Cup Making Machine For Sale in Lebanon

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Three days ago, we received an inquiry from a customer in Lebanon. He told us he needed a paper cup machine to produce 100 cups per minute. Our sales manager shares lots of working videos and corresponding parameters with him. He was satisfied with the equipment we showed to him. On the third day, he ordered the high-speed paper cup-making machine from us.

paper cup forming machine for sale
paper cup forming machine for sale

Parameter of Disposable Paper Cup Making Machine

Production speed100-120pcs/min
Paper cup size2-10oz
Paper stockSingle PE or double PE coated paper
Paper raw materials150-280g

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Composition and Structure of Paper Cup Forming Machine

The disposable paper cup making machine sold to Lebanon consists of the paper dispensing system, crimping system, positioning system, shaping system, sealing system, electrical control system, etc. Among them, the paper dispensing system is the most critical subsystem, and its performance directly affects the quality and stability of the entire paper cup manufacturing process.

Working Process of Disposable Paper Cup Making Machine for Sale in Lebanon

  1. Paper dispensing: The paper dispensing system sends the paper cup fans to the machine, and after shaping, the bottom cup cutting, sealing, and forming.
  2. Curling edge positioning: The paper passes through a series of crimping devices to turn the cup mouth up, and then the positioning system aligns the bottom of the paper cup with the contour to ensure that each cup fits evenly.
  3. Shaping: Through the push-pull and hot pressing processes of the module, the bottom and side walls of the paper cup are formed into a complete cup shape.
  4. Sealing: The bottom of the paper cup is sealed through the sealing mechanism so that the paper cup will not leak.
  5. Neat stacking: The sealed paper cups are sorted through the neat stacking mechanism to complete the production process

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