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The iron rod cutting machine is a tool used to cut steel bars. There are automatic bar cutter machines and semi-automatic rebar cutting machines. Steel bar cutting machine is mainly used for cut-to-length steel bars in civil engineering. It is indispensable equipment for steel bar processing. Compared with other cutting equipment, the steel bar cutter machine has the advantages of a lightweight, less energy consumption, reliable work, high efficiency. Therefore, the iron rod cutting machine has been widely used in the field of machining. Rebar cutting machine has played an important role in the process of national economic construction. YG company specializes in the production of steel processing machinery. Please contact us to get iron rod cutting machine price right now.

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Steel Processing Machinery Manufacturer

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YG iron rod cutting machine for sale

The YG series iron rod cutting machine products include the following models: YGQ40, YGQ50, etc. These products can be used efficiently to cut plain carbon steel, hot-rolled steel, screw bar, flat bar, square bar, angle steel bar which is widely used in machining and construction projects. Let’s see YGQ40, YGQ50 steel bar cutter machine parameters.

factory direct sale steel bar cutter machine price

Factory Direct Sale Steel Bar Cutter Machine Price

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YGQ40 rebar cutting machine parameters

The Diameter of Round BarΦ6-40mm
2nd of Screw BarΦ6-32mm
Max. Size of Flat Bar70*15mm²
Max. Size of Square Bar32*32mm²
The Diameter of Angle Bar30*30mm²
Cutting Frequency32times/min
Rotation Speed2800circle/min
External Dimension1310*460*760

Quantity of cutting bars at one time, according to the diameter of steel bars.

Diameter(mm)6-89-1314-1819-20Over 21
No. of bars65321

Remarks: the max. diameter of twisted steel to be cut should be Φ32mm.

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Steel Bar Cutter Machine

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screw steel bar cutting machine price

Screw Steel Bar Cutting Machine

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YGQ50 iron rod cutter machine parameters

Diameter of Round BarΦ6-50mm
The Max. Size of Flat Bar80*18mm²
The Max. Size of Square Bar40*40mm²
Diameter of Angle Bar40*40mm²
Cutting Frequency28times/min
Rotation Speed2800circle/min
External Dimension1310*460*810mm

Quantity of cutting bars at one time, according to the diameter of steel bars.

Diameter(mm)6-89-1314-1819-20Over 21
No. of bars65321

Remarks: the max. diameter of low-alloy screw bar to be cut should be Φ42mm.

flat bar cutting machine

Flat Bar Cutting Machine

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Angle Bar Cutting Machine

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Advantages of YG steel bar cutting machine

(1)YG steel bar cutting machine small in size, light in weight, reliable in quality, compact structured.
(2)Iron rod cutting machine has well lubricated. Our machine adopts the closing-box structure in which the flying gears lubricate by them. Filling the lubricate oil over the oil level indicator to make sure machines are well lubricative. The oil filling once can be used for over one month with continuous working.
(3)Less functional loss. The resistance becomes small because of improvement in the lubrication system and the adoption of rolling bearing at the end of the axis. This machine functional loss is reduced by 1/3 than other cutting machines.
(4)The bar cutter machine is convenient to be moved and maintained.

YG rebar processing machine factory package

YG Rebar Processing Machine Factory Package

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In addition to iron rod cutting machine, we also have rebar straightening machines for sale. Steel bar straightening and cutting machine. Rebar bending machine. Thread rolling machine. Rebar upsetting machine for sale. Threaded rebar couplers. Beam bending machine for sale. And other rebar processing machines. Just leave your requirement. As a professional steel bar processing machinery manufacturer, you will get a factory direct sale rebar cutting machine price definitely. Welcome dealers come to discuss.


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