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YG cement spray machine is a screw-type high-pressure cement mortar spraying machine. The equipment is mainly used for building interior and exterior walls, cement mortar spraying, and refractory material spraying. The cement plaster spraying machine replaces the traditional manual application method and is very efficient. The spraying flow is large and the pressure is high, which solves the defects of the adhesion between the mortar and the wall and the density of the mortar in the artificial powder wall. YG cement spray machine is widely used in mines, tunnels, subways, hydropower projects, and other construction.

Cement Spray Machine Construction Site
Cement Spray Machine Construction Site

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Manual Plastering VS Cement Plaster Machine

Our cement plaster spray machine and mortar pump will improve daily work efficiency while ensuring quality standards. Contractors can use these mortar pump products to develop their business and obtain higher profits. At the same time save more time to complete more work. In addition, these reliable portable cement render spray equipment can be easily moved on the job site for easy operation. A mortar sprayer can easily spray 150 square meters per hour. The output of spraying with this equipment in one day is equivalent to the amount of spraying by 20 skilled workers. If you want to know more about the white cement spraying machine and stucco sprayer machine, please leave a message. We will send product details to you shortly.

cement plaster spray machine application
Cement Plaster Spray Machine Application
Mortar Cement Spray Machine

Mortar Pump And Cement Spray Machine For Sale

YG’s cement mortar sprayer machine and mortar pump series are designed to save your labor costs and simplify your work. Manual application of cement-based materials is very time-consuming. But YG cement mortar plastering machine and mortar pump (piston and rotor-stator) can double the production efficiency. Our mortar pumps have a variety of sizes and functions to support everything from residential operations to large-scale commercial projects and high-rise buildings. In addition, since the new plaster spray machine you purchase is a YG product, it can be used for a long time!

fast cement plaster spray machine price
Fast Cement Plaster Spray Machine

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Cement Plaster Spray Machine Parameters

YG712 Stirring and Spraying Machine parameter

Delivery flow4m3/h
Max. pressure6MPa
Material ratio (water:ash: sand)0.7:1:3
Power(Main motor/stirring motor)7.5kw/3kw
Through particle size≤6mm
Conveying distanceHorizontal:50m/Vertical:30m
Hopper volume100L
Air compressor displacement4m³/min
Total Weight370kg
Mixing and spraying machine

Stirring and Spraying Machine

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Automatic plaster spray machine parameter

Mixer capacity115L
Power supply380V/50HZ
Material height90cm
Conveying distanceHorizontal:50m/Vertical:60m
Maximum particle size6mm
Standard pumping pressure50Bar
Motor power5.5KW
Air compressor power3KW
Total weight220kg
Automatic plaster spray machine

Automatic Plaster Spray Machine

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YG800 Plaster mortar spraying machine

Delivery flow3-6m³/h
Max. pressure3MPa
Material ratio (water:ash: sand)0.7:1:3
Through particle size≤8mm
Conveying distanceHorizontal:60m/Vertical:40m
Hopper volume100L
Total weight280kg
YG800 Plaster mortar spraying machine

YG800 Plaster Mortar Spraying Machine

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Advantages of Cement Spraying Machine

Cement Spray Machine Saves Labor Cost & Time

Compared with the mortar pallet and trowel method, the use of a YG fast cement plaster spray machine and pump can increase productivity. The fastest cement plaster spraying machine can enter the areas that are difficult to apply by hand without damaging the surrounding areas and easily spray or pump the repair mortar. The effect is remarkable. Generally speaking, the same workgroup of five to six people can complete twice as much work. Please feel free to contact us to get the cement plaster spray machine price.

Flexible Enough to Handle Any Material

The mortar spraying machine designed and manufactured by YG can handle a variety of materials. Including epoxy mortar, non-slip coating, waterproof coating, and cement-based coating. Contractors use these durable materials in water and wastewater treatment plants, parking lots, road construction, mining, and oil and gas applications. These are just a few examples.

stucco sprayer machine construction Site

Stucco Sprayer Machine Construction Site

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Easy to Use and Mobile

The compact and portable YG mortar equipment are easy to move between different work sites. You only need to install it near the location that needs to be pumped or sprayed, and then you can easily clean the pump and get ready for the next construction job.

Maximize Team Productivity

The use of YG’s cement spray machine can improve the productivity of the worksite. Thereby reducing labor costs and increasing profits. Allows you to flexibly transfer staff to other positions. The more work, the more benefits. YG cement mortar plaster machine uses high-quality components to provide long-lasting excellent performance. The stucco sprayer machine we design and manufacture can provide years of reliable service in harsh industrial environments. Each product is made of durable, high-quality components and enjoys the best warranty service in the industry.

cement mortar sprayer machine manufacturer

Cement Mortar Sprayer Machine Manufacturer

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Why Choose YG Cement Plaster Spray Machine?

YG Machinery specializes in the production of mortar spraying machines, gypsum spraying machines, white cement spray machines, stucco sprayer machines, render spray machines, and other plaster spray machines. Faced with many cement plaster spraying equipment on the market, which one should you choose? Why can YG Machinery stand out among many equipment suppliers? This page mainly introduces the advantages of YG Machinery and some hot-selling spraying machine parameters. Or you can tell us your requirement directly, so we can give your professional advice and the most competitive quotation.

YG Cement Mortar Spraying Machine Manufacturer
YG Cement Mortar Spraying Machine Manufacturer

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