Automatic ice cream vending machine is a new type of integrated equipment for ice cream making and vending. It’s a popular and hot machine, especially in shopping malls, restaurants, scenic spots, office buildings, playgrounds, universities, commercial streets, pedestrian malls, and so on. The automatic vending machine for ice cream is a new trend, which can provide ice cream for customers 24 hours. The investors only need to fill in the raw materials and clean the machine’s inner part regularly or when needed. One person can manage multiple machines. Compared with traditional ice cream machines, it saves lots of labor costs. In addition, our company also supplies automatic cotton candy vending machines and popcorn vending machines. If you are interested in these machines, welcome to contact us to learn more information.

automatic ice cream vending machine
automatic ice cream vending machine

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Main Parameter of the Soft Serve Ice Cream Vending Machine

Machine size1000*810*2190mm
PowerStandby: 500W, Working 2500W
Paper cup number200 plastic cups/ 300 paper cups
Milk storage capacity12L( 1L can make 12-15 cups of ice cream)
Taste1 kind of milk paste, 3 kinds of jam, 3 kinds of small materials
Working temperature-10~40℃

Advantages of the Automatic Ice Cream Vending Machine

  1. Unmanned self-service sales, 24-hour open service
  2. Fast production, make an ice cream in 20 seconds
  3. Customized milk flavor, 3 kinds of jams, 3 kinds of small particle materials, rich taste, and diverse choices.
  4. Energy saving, low standby power, extending the service life of the equipment.
  5. Provide overseas services, raw materials can be purchased locally, provide 24-hour after-sales service, and worry-free quality and after-sales.
  6. Using high-quality milk syrup, the taste is smooth and the milky aroma is long-lasting
  7. Cool and rich in taste, and one type of milk syrup (milk syrup type can be customized)
  8. Three kinds of jams, three kinds of crushed nuts or other small materials, various flavors available
ice cream vending machine for sale
ice cream vending machine for sale

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Applicable Scenarios of Robotic Ice Cream Vending Machine

Like other automatic vending machines in the markets, the automatic ice cream vending machine also needs a good place to attract people to order ice cream. It mostly is placed in shopping malls, restaurants, scenic spots, office buildings, playgrounds, schools, commercial streets, pedestrian streets, parks, convenience stores, etc.

Backend Functions Available of the Ice Cream Vending Machine for Sale

  1. Remote restart and shutdown
  2. Insufficient raw materials received by mobile phone, fault alerts
  3. Remotely adjust parameters and ice cream output
  4. Set coupons, discounts, the second one-half price, and other attractive functions
  5. Machine language self-service switching, dual language display available
  6. Shopping cart function, and automatic refund for equipment failure
  7. Remotely view material inventory and equipment network status
  8. Remotely set name and price
  9. Set the scheduled power on and off time
  10. The computer switches the advertising video and voice shopping guide
soft ice cream vending machine
soft ice cream vending machine

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How to Use the Ice Cream Vending Machine Buy Ice Cream?

1. Choose the toppings and jam you want

2. Select payment method

3. Make ice cream

4. After making, take away the ice cream

Main Characteristics of the Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine

The automatic ice cream vending machine has the main functions of intelligent demonstration, multi-flavor selection, ultraviolet sterilization, intelligent freshness preservation, automatic vending, remote monitoring, and material shortage warning. It is mainly composed of a 21-inch touch screen, top illuminated characters, a shipping port, top material storage, an intelligent robotic arm, an ice cream whipper, and so on. We support personalized customization for body stickers, top luminous words, body color, screen advertising, various languages, etc. Credit card payment, cash payment, and coin payment methods are available. It adopts an intelligent robot arm, automatic cup dropping, various payment methods, 24-hour automatic vending, advertising setting, and easily adding raw materials.

ice cream automatic vending machine for sale
ice cream automatic vending machine for sale

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Other Related Automatic Vending Machines for Sale

Our company not only provides automatic ice cream vending machines, but also automatic cotton candy vending machines, automatic popcorn vending machines, and so on. At present, we have sold them to the United States, Turkey, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland, and so on. The majority of the customers said that they have earned the machine cost within 3 to 6 months. In the long term, it’s great profitable. If you are interested in the equipment, please get in touch with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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