Fairy floss vending machine is the fully automatic vending equipment for cotton candy. It is a hot product exported to lots of countries in recent years. There are main four models, YG-606, YG-503, YG-301, and YG-101. Their ability to make cotton candy shapes is quite different. People can choose the suitable types according to their budgets, requirements, and plans. Among them, the YG-503 is the most popular model sold to different countries because of its high-cost performance and beautiful appearance. Besides, we support customization services for the machine body.

fairy floss vending machine YG-606
fairy floss vending machine YG-606
automatic candy floss machine YG-503
automatic candy floss machine YG-503

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Technical Parameter of Robot Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Fairy floss shapes128484812
Candy containers6444
Storage candy12kg8kg4kg4kg
Bucket capacity12L12L12L6L
Payment methodsCard, paper money, coins
LanguageSupport 85 kinds language optional and dual language display
robot cotton candy vending machine YG-301
robot cotton candy vending machine YG-301
robot cotton candy machine YG-101
robot cotton candy machine YG-101

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Advantages of the Fairy Floss Vending Machine

  1. Various types of candy floss vending machines are available for different customers’ needs
  2. YG-606 system has 128 shapes of cotton candies for customer choosing.
  3. 1kg cotton candy consumption can make 30 candies. And manufacturing 25 candy flosses need 1L water.
  4. The fastest speed of making a cotton candy is about 40 seconds.
  5. Fully automatic cotton candy selling and manufacturing process, saving manpower.
  6. The investor can monitor the equipment on his phone. It’s convenient to know the machine situation.

Applicable Places for Placing Automatic Candy Floss Machine

Fairy floss vending machines are popular in younger groups. So it’s important to choose a good place to put the equipment. It’s better in shopping malls, amusement parks, convenience stores, supermarkets, parks, pedestrian streets, playground, scenic spots, and so on.

candy flosses shapes display
candy flosses shapes display

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Why Choose Us as Your Supplier?

  1. Our company has rich experience for the exportation of the cotton candy floss vending machine. We can recommend suitable solutions for you on the basis of the customer’s real needs and requirements.
  2. We pursue to make good-quality equipment for helping more and more customers to start and expand their business. It is guaranteed for 18 months.
  3. 24-hour after-sale online service for you. We do not only provide good pre-sale and during sale service, but also have professional team to deal with the problem you meet after you receive the equipment.
  4. We support customization services. If you want to customize the machine body, we can manufacture it based on your requirements.
candy floss vending machine factory
candy floss vending machine factory

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FAQ of the Fairy Floss Vending Machine

Q1: How long does the machine produce one cotton candy?

A1: Average 60-80 seconds, depending on the complexity of the different patterns

Q2: How many cotton candies can be made from 1kg of sugar?

A2: 30 candies.

Q3: What are the payment methods?

A3: Credit Card System, Bank Note Reader, and Coin Acceptor (compatible with Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay).

Q4: Is it possible to change the language? Support local currency?

A4: Supports 85 languages, can be set to local language, supports local currency.

Q5: How much sugar can fill in a sugar bowl?

A5: One sugar bowl can fill 2 kg sugar, so 6 sugar bowls with 12kg sugar (YG-606), 4 sugar bowls with 8kg sugar(YG-503, YG-301, YG-101)

Q6: How to package the robot cotton candy machine before shipment?

A6: All automatic candy floss vending machines adopt wooden box packaging.

Q7: Can I set up coupons and discount on the system?

A7: Yes, it supports.

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Related Vending Machines in YG Machinery

We not only have cotton candy vending machine, but also supply ice cream vending machine, automatic popcorn vending machine, and clip doll machine. They are hot products in recent years. Compared with traditional equipment, these vending machine can save much labor cost. The investors just need to choose a good place to put the equipment, add raw materials, clean and maintain it regularly. If you are interested in these machines, please get in touch with us. We will reply to you as soon as possible, and provide the best price for you.

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