The pile breaking machine uses a hydraulic cylinder to break cast-in-situ piles, prefabricated piles, etc. According to the shape of the pile head, there are circular pile cutting machines and square pile-cutters. The pile trimming machine is widely used in construction engineering, bridge construction, tunnel engineering, and other fields. It adopts a modular design and can be connected with a variety of construction machineries, such as hanging on excavators, cranes, telescopic booms, and other construction machinery. It has the characteristics of high-cost performance, high-cost performance, and low operating cost.

Square Pile Trimming Machine
Square Pile Trimming Machine
Round Pile Breaking Machine
Round Pile Breaking Machine

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Concrete pile crusher exported to Singapore

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Composition of Square Pile Breaking Machine

The square pile head breaker is mainly composed of a pile cutting frame, oil cylinder, drill rod, lifting chain, oil pipe, and other components. The design of the conical top avoids the problems that the soil will accumulate in the guide flange. The steel drill will be stuck, deflection, and easy to break. The drill rod is a device for crushing concrete. The oil cylinder directly drives the drill rod and squeezes the pile body at the same time to achieve the purpose of crushing the square pile head.

Square Pile Breaking Machine
Square Pile Breaking Machine

Three Drive Modes

The pile head breaking machine can be driven in three ways:

  • Excavator: The excavator provides power and lifting force at the same time.
  • Hydraulic system + crane: The hydraulic system provides power for the pile trimming machine, and the crane provides a lifting force.
  • Hydraulic system + loader: Similar to 2, the hydraulic system provides power. And the loader is a device that provides a lifting force.
Machine + Excavator
Machine + Excavator

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How Does the Square Pile Breaking Machine Break the Pile?

The pile breaker provides pressure to multiple oil cylinders of the equipment through power sources such as the hydraulic system behind the excavator. The oil cylinder directly drives the drill rod, and the drill rod squeezes the square pile head to cut piles. The hydraulic pile breaker is suitable for various pile engineering. The equipment adopts a modular combination, which can break square piles of different diameters through different module combinations.

Pile Cutting Machine
Pile Cutting Machine

What are the Advantages of Hydraulic Pile Breakers?

  • It is assembled by modules, which are more flexible and convenient. And the modules can be increased or decreased according to the diameter of the square pile to be removed.
  • Suitable for pile heads with large diameters and high-grade concrete
  • It is more convenient to disassemble and assemble at any time. And the operation is simple, the operation is safe, the demolition speed is fast, and the efficiency is high.
  • The design of the pile trimming machine mechanism is reasonable. And the tapered top avoids the steel drill from being stuck and broken in any direction.
  • The cylinder piston is made of alloy steel, which can meet the crushing requirements of various grades of concrete.
  • A single module can accommodate a weight of 60 tons, the concentric sealing of the drill bit is stronger, and the drill bit is more durable
  • A variety of construction machinery connections can be selected, with high economic performance and high-cost performance.

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