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High efficient! YG Hydraulic Pile Breaker breaks a 3-meter high cast-in-place pile every 5 minutes!

Hydraulic Pile Breaker Customer Service Case

Service time: June 29-30, 2020
Location: Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Service Object: China Railway Construction Corporation.
Project: Zhejiang Taizhou Railway Station Housing Construction Project.
Machine Model: YG hydraulic pile breaker.
Service objectives: Assisting clients to quickly complete the work of changing the excavator to the oil circuit. Put the hydraulic pile breaker into operation as soon as possible. Training workers to master the operation of the increase and decrease module of the hydraulic pile breaker. So as to avoid affecting the progress of the construction period due to inconsistent pile diameters.

Engineer Zhao is Installing a Pile Breaker Machine

Engineer Zhao is Installing a Pile Breaker Machine

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Customer Background

On June 24, 2020, the construction site of Zhejiang Taizhou Railway Station, a subsidiary of China Railway Construction Corporation, had a cylindrical cast-in-place pile with a diameter of 850-1100mm and a height of about 2-3 meters. In order to improve the construction efficiency, the construction party abandoned the old manual method and used the mechanical method — YG Hydraulic Pile Breaker instead.

Hydraulic Pile Breaking Machine Construction Site

Hydraulic Pile Breaking Machine Construction Site

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After-sales Service Process

At 10 pm on June 28, 2020, Engineer Zhao of the Yugong After Sales and Technical Support Department arrived in Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province. He arrived at the project site of China Railway Construction Corporation at 7 am the next day to install and debug the YG concrete pile breaker machine.

Because the excavator that provides pile-breaking power for the pile-cutting machine has no oil return oil path, the concrete pile breaker cannot work normally! Therefore, the customer needs to add four oil pipes to the excavator to ensure the normal operation of the pile-breaking machine. Due to the client’s construction period being urgent. So our Engineer arrived at the client’s construction site one day in advance to assist the workers in rebuilding the oil path. After half a day of joint efforts, the oil path of excavator reconstruction was completed.

After the modification of the excavator oil path, Engineer Zhao immediately installed and debugged YG hydraulic pile breaker machine. The concrete pile breaker machine works normally after an afternoon’s hard work.

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Pile Cutting Machine is Installed

Export Case

Concrete Pile Crusher Exported to Singapore

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Working Process of Hydraulic Pile Breaker

The test YG hydraulic pile breaker machine started on the morning of June 30. A 3m high cast-in-place pile will be removed in 5 minutes.

In this construction, the excavator is used to lift the pile breaker machine. Meanwhile, the excavator is used as the mobile carrier and the power source to provide the hydraulic pile breaking power. Engineer Zhao directed the staff to assist in putting the pile cutting machine into the pile body. When cutting the first section, was cut at about 400mm from the top end of the pile. And then, cut at a distance of not more than about 300mm at intervals. At the last cut, first, remove the broken concrete that fell around the pile and then align the elevation line for the last cut.

concrete pile breaker machine work test

YG Concrete Pile Breaking Machine Work Test

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Because the pile diameter of the client project site is not uniform. When removing the cast-in-place pile with a relatively small pile diameter, the number of modules of the pile breaker needs to be readjusted according to the pile diameter.

A pile breaker machine module of more than three hundred kilograms needs to remove the positioning pin and then assemble it. Engineer Zhao collaborated with the three workers and quickly completed the assembly work.

Yugong Hydraulic Pile Break For Sale

Yugong Hydraulic Pile Break For Sale

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Hydraulic Pile Breaker Customer Feedback

The customer praised the work efficiency of the Yugong pile breaking machine, which was dozens of times that of labor! Our clients highly recognized the professionalism of adjusting the number of modules. And thanked Yugong’s after-sales service team for their warm service and patient guidance. Contact us to get a hydraulic pile breaker price right now.

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Pile Head Cutting Machine is Working

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