Blu Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun

blu ray anion nano spray gun for sale

YG Blu ray anion nano spray gun for sale

YG Blu ray anion nano spray gun adopts high-level imported high-speed motor rotor. Also has the latest research technology anion nano nozzle. YG nano disinfectant spray gun can produce 120 million/cm2 blue light sterilization anion. Nano sanitizer spray gun has a large amount of atomization, saves water and electricity, and is not easy to block. Application scenarios include auto interior disinfection, household disinfection and so on. Nano spray gun has blue light nano-sterilization, disinfection and repair effects.

nano disinfectant spray gun factory price

Nano Disinfectant Spray Gun Factory Price

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Blu ray nano disinfection spray gun can effectively disinfect and sterilize. The epidemic is very serious now. To protect your own safety, it is safer to put one in your home or store. People who need to go out every day need this Blu ray nano spray gun to help sterilize effectively. YG disinfection spray guns have the plug-in and wireless battery disinfection spray guns. Which one do you need? Welcome to wholesale YG nano spray gun for sterilization.

plug-in battery blu ray anion nano spray gun price

Plug-in&Battery Blu Ray Anion Nanospray Gun

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What are the features of nano disinfectant spray gun?

This nano mist disinfectant spray gun adopts dynamic nano hydrating water system pressures, transforming water into molecule.
Ergonomic handle design: provide a comfortable feeling.
Suitable for hair coloring, hair care, and moisturizing face.
You can add your favorite essential oils to get several good effects.
Disinfection and sterilization: remove odors, they can be used in places that need to be disinfected and cleaned.

Massive disinfection spray is sprayed within 30 seconds.
The effect is dozens of times higher than that of traditional press spray, and the disinfection effect is better.
The sterilization rate is 99.99%.
The mist sprayed by the Blu ray handheld nanospray gun will stay in the air, and the disinfection range is wider.
The 0.26-nanometer vapor fog molecule is twice that of ordinary sprayers!
Lightweight and easy to carry!
Protect yourself! Protect employees! Guarantee the enterprise!

blu ray nano disinfection spray gun

YG Blu Ray Nano Disinfection Spray Gun

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Blu ray anion nano spray gun instructions

The YG nano mist disinfectant sanitizer spray gun factory recommends using alcohol-free disinfectant to be safer. You can choose disinfectant, bleach, etc. by yourself.

Plug it in. Press the red button to start and wait for the machine to heat up for about 30 seconds. When the green light is on, the disinfection gun can be used to spray fine mist. (For the plug-in type of handheld nano spray gun)

battery nano spray gun for sterilization

Battery Nano Spray Gun For Sterilization

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Blu ray anion nanospray gun application

Nano blue light atomization disinfection device, through the nano blue light can kill virus strongly. At the same time, the particles are sprayed to cover the whole area and disinfect thoroughly at 360°. Blu ray anion nano spray gun can be used in cars, homes, shops, companies, schools, and beauty salons. For example, the table, stools, menus, utensils, etc. can be atomized and disinfected before eating, which is healthy and safe.

Before going home and entering the house, you can disinfect your palms or whole body, including clothing, handbags, shoes, etc. In the gym, the fitness equipment can be atomized and disinfected to avoid cross-infection. If you have a shop, you can spray disinfection before guests enter the shop. Convenient and safe.

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nano spray gun for auto interior disinfection

Nanospray Gun For Auto Interior Disinfection

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