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Hydraulic splitter, also known as rock splitter, is one of the useful concrete cutting tools. It is used in demolition aspects that involve breaking large blocks of concrete or rocks. Hydraulic splitter uses a hydromechanical method to split rock. It is a piece of innovative equipment for efficient cracking of hard rock. It has great technical advantages in crushing rock when mining cannot be used in construction and earthwork engineering.

Hydraulic rock splitter can help improve working efficiency and bring great benefits for the construction. Hydraulic splitter has been widely used in China’s quarrying and mining industry, construction engineering, demolition engineering, chemical industry, smelting production and overhaul engineering. And various rescue fields. It has a wide range of uses, leading technology, faster, stronger, provincial strength to serve our customers. At the same time, the hydraulic splitter produced by our company is mainly used in various construction projects for the removal of large rocks.

Portable Rock Splitter For Sale

Portable Rock Splitter For Sale

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Rock Splitter Working Principle

The crushed rock usually has high compressive strength but low tensile strength. The hydraulic rock splitter uses ultra-high pressure oil as the energy source. The ultra-high pressure oil output by the hydraulic power station is driven by the mechanical amplification of the supercharger. The oil cylinder inside the splitting rod generates a huge driving force, which causes the hydraulic rock splitter to push the hydraulic top in the splitting rod to protrude and swell out the rock. The hydraulic pressure is instantly super high, reaching a splitting force of several thousand tons. And then, the hard rock splits and causes the object to split in a predetermined direction. So as to achieve the purpose of swell and break excavation.

Efficient Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Efficient Hydraulic Rock Splitter

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Efficient Hydraulic Rock Splitter Structure

YG Hydraulic rock splitter mainly consists of a pump station and splitter. Operators drill a hole of the specific diameter and depth on the rock or concrete block that needs splitting. Then insert the wedge block into the hole, which usually consists of an intermediate wedge and two reverse wedges. When the device is on the run, the high-pressure oil output from the pump station drives the oil cylinder to produce a huge thrust. In addition, The intermediate wedge moves forward between two reverse wedges through the action of hydraulic pressure, releasing great energy from the inside out, and splitting the rock in the predetermined direction within a short time.


Model YG-250 YG-350 YG-450
Wedge Length(mm) 250mm 350mm 450mm
Piston Stroke(mm) 90/220mm 90/220mm 90/220mm
Drilling Depth(mm) >500mm >700mm >900mm
Punching Diameter(mm) 42mm 46mm 46mm
Crack Width(mm) 10-20mm 10-20mm 10-20mm
Cleavage Time(s) 10-15/s 10-15/s 10-15/s
Splitting Force(T) 500t 800t 800t
Weight(kg) 240kg 250kg 260kg

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Working principle of Rock Splitter

The hydraulic splitter grasps the brittle characteristics of rock and concrete and is designed using the principle of wedges-it can release a great breaking force outward in the narrowest hole. The hydraulic splitter is composed of a pump station and a splitter. When working, the high-pressure oil output by the pump station drives the cylinder to generate a huge thrust, which drives the middle wedge in the wedge group to protrude forward. Meanwhile, reverse the wedge spread to both sides to split the split object. Email: admin@yugongengineering.com


Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers

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What is the advantages of Hydraulic Rock Splitter in YG

  1. Safety. The hydraulic rock splitter keeps working statically so it won’t create any hazards.
  2. Convenience. It can be used indoors or on a narrow site, as well as underwater operations.
  3. Huge splitting force up to 800 tons.
  4. High efficiency. It can finish splitting fast and work continuously without interruption.
  5. Low costs. Hydraulic rock splitter doesn’t require isolation or time-consuming and costly safety measures.
  6. The operation is very simple and easy, workers can handle easily.
  7. Environment-friendly and low noise. It won’t produce shock, noise, and dust when working. It can work in densely populated areas and indoors without interference.
  8. High accuracy. The machine can control the direction of the split and determine the shape, and size of the part that needs to be removed in advance.

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YG Rock Splitter for Sale

High-quality Hydraulic rock splitter for sale in YG is of high quality and economy. At the same time, YG can guarantee the whole quality of the product and the most proper price for our clients. Our products have been sold over the years and receive good comments. YG puts quality first and insists quality is the foundation of our reputation. For years YG has been working to improve the performance of the products and create new technology.

In addition, We have a group of professional engineers and experienced workers and they devote themselves to designing the machines. We keep in close touch with our clients and send them our newest product brochure so they can purchase what they are interested in. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need it. What’s more, you will surely get a  surprise price.

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