hydraulic rock splitter for sale in Canada

Hydraulic Rock Splitter for Sale In Canada

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Hydraulic rock splitter for sale in Canada is usually applied in building, decorating, construction, mining, demolition, etc. The machine consists of a pump station and splitters. With the wedge moving principle, the rock splitter machine can split rock or concrete quickly. A customer in Canada wanted to purchase it for his project. Knowing his requirements, we recommended a proper model for him. Considering the working efficiency of one set, he finally ordered three sets of hydraulic rock splitter machines.

hydraulic rock splitter for sale in Canada
hydraulic rock splitter for sale in Canada

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Rock Splitter Machine for Sale in Canada Parameter

Wedge length250/520mm350/620mm450-720mm
Piston stroke90-220mm90-220mm90-220mm
Drilling depth>500mm>700mm>900mm
Drilling diameter42mm46mm46mm
Crack width10-20mm10-20mm10-20mm
Splitting time10-15s10-15s10-15s
Splitting power500t800t800t

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Advantages of the Hydraulic Rock Splitter

  1. Small size, lightweight, compact structure, simple operation, portable, and convenient.
  2. Huge splitting power, quick splitting, a few seconds only need for splitting time.
  3. Small use and maintenance costs, do not need expensive safety precautions.
  4. The rock splitter machine can determine the precise direction of the split in advance and can split precisely according to the required splitting shape and size of the part to be removed.
  5. Fast speed, safe, and adjustable hydraulic oil pressure.
rock splitting wedge of the rock splitter machine
rock splitting wedge of the rock splitter machine

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YG Hydraulic Rock Splitter Machine Manufacturer

Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of rock splitter machines with rich experience. Our hydraulic rock splitter has been exported to more than 30 countries, like the United States, Colombia, UAE, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, South Korea, Portugal, Indonesia, Russia, New Zealand, Maldives, Turkey, and so on. Moreover, we have received great feedback from the majority of customers who bought the machine from us. If you are interested in the equipment, please contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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