Snow sweeper machine, also known as snow pushers, or snowplow, with snow rolling in the front, mainly applies in places with cold weather and heavy snow. It has the advantages of being highly efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. Mechanical snow clearing is a good way to free people from physical snow-clearing work. It weighs more than 900 kilograms and can be equipped with large-size roller brushes, snow-throwing heads, and snow shovels. The equipment can also install leaf suction, salt spreading, and high-pressure cleaning modules. Get in touch with us to learn more details

snow sweeper machine
snow sweeper machine

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Features of the Snow Sweeper Car

  1. Four-wheel drive, full gear transmission, double differential, with steering power, engineering snow tires, warm air, multi-function module.
  2. It weighs more than 900 kilograms and can be equipped with large-size roller brushes, snow-throwing heads, and snow shovels. It can also install leaf suction, salt spreading, and high-pressure cleaning modules later.
  3. It is mainly used for snow cleaning on roads in small areas such as city parks, squares, sidewalks, and residential courtyards.
  4. It integrates multiple functions into one, and can quickly and easily switch various attachments. It has multiple functions and can meet the needs of snow removal works in different road conditions.
snow brushing part
snow brushing part
snow plowing part
snow plowing part

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Snow Sweeping Machine Parameter

Engine powerAir-cooled, single cylinder, 459cc/10kw532cc/9.2kw
 Air-cooled, single cylinder, 532cc/9.2kwAir cooled, single cylinder, 532cc/9.2kw
Fuel tank capacity20L
Engine oil capacity1.1L1.65L
Steering assistElectronic power
Transmission typeGear drive
Drive modeAll wheel drive
Wheel size4-wheel hydraulic disc brake
Gear shift4F/4R
1stF 2.3km/h, R 2.4km/h
2ndF 5.1km/h, R 5.3km/h
3rdF 6.8km/h, R 7.1km/h
4thF 9.7km/h, R 10.2km/h
Wheel base1300mm
Wheel tread1150mm
Clutch modeWet clutch
Sweeper adjust mode3 stage self-pendulum balanced output
Sweeper lift height300mm
Sweeper direction adjust15°
PTO mode3-stage self-pendulum balanced output
TrailerWith (dump-trailer for choice)
Snow brush diameter600mm
Brush working width1500mm
Snow throw height600mm
Throw working width1200mm
Chute angle190°
Snow plow height400mm
Plow working width1500mm

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Why Is the Snow Sweeper Machine Important?

Now there are three methods to clean snow, manual cleaning, snow melt agent to remove snow, and sweeping snow by using the equipment. The manual method requires more labor, low efficiency, and a cleaning time long. Snow melting agent snow removal is a method that relies on the action of heat or chemical reactions to slowly melt the snow. The cost of snow melting agents is high, easy to cause certain pollution to roads and the urban environment, certain damage to people’s health. Moreover, when the temperature is too low, it will lose its original role, and it is not conducive to protecting the vehicle’s tires. The snow sweeper machine cleans the snow directly, which is more efficient than manual cleaning, and has wider applications. Therefore, choosing and purchasing a snow sweeper machine is important, especially in winter or the areas usually in low temperatures.

snow sweeper car
snow sweeper car
snow sweeper machine for sale
snow sweeper machine for sale

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Advantages of the Snow Cleaning Machine

  1. Frame: According to the structure of the snow sweeper machine, the design is reasonable and can be equipped with a variety of modules later, which is cost-effective. It is heavy and its entire vehicle weighs more than 900 kg, making it stable and not easy to slip.
  2. Both the body and the roller brush adopt a full-gear transmission structure. The transmission efficiency is much higher than that of belt and chain transmission. and there is no need to worry about the problems such as the wear of the belt and the easy tooth loss of the chain greatly improving the service life and working efficiency of the machine.
  3. The body has a double differential structure, making the steering more flexible and more suitable for road conditions.
  4. Snow plow head lifting: This car uses hydraulic steering and lifting. More flexible and more reliable.
  5. Special snow plowing tires: not easy to slip when walking in the snow, good road grip performance. Compared with ordinary tires, vacuum tires have higher performance in puncture resistance, comfort, and stability.
  6. The enclosed cab has a heater, glass doors windows, and wipers, which can keep warm while improving comfort, with a better-manipulated sight.
  7. This car can be equipped with a variety of functional accessories so as to realize the sweeping, high-pressure cleaning, water sprinkling, leaf suction, salt spreading, and other functions, available all year round in four seasons.
snow cleaning car
snow cleaning car
4-wheeled snow sweeper car
4-wheeled snow sweeper car

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Snow Sweeper Machine Manufacturer – YG Machinery

YG Machinery has engaged in road machine research and manufacturing. We have received a lot of good feedback about the snow sweeper machine from our customers. It plays an important role in snow cleaning and sweeping. In addition to the snow sweeper machine, we provide other road equipment as well, such as hot road crack sealing machines, cold paint road marking machines, portable shot blasting machines, concrete cement floor shot blasters, concrete scarifier machines, and so on. If you are interested in this machine, please get in touch with us.

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