2 bedroom prefab homes

2 Bedroom Prefab Homes for Sale in Australia

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Last month, we got an inquiry about the 2 bedroom prefab home from a customer in Australia. He wanted to purchase an expandable house with 2 bedrooms. Our sales manager confirmed a lot of details with him, such as the color of the floor, the number and type of windows, the doors, the living temperature, and so on. After knowing these, we provided a solution for him, and he was satisfied with it. Finally, he bought the prefab house from us and we would begin to prepare his order as soon as possible. Are you looking for a convenient house to solve the living problem? Do you need 2 bedrooms to live with your family? Please get in touch with us if you are interested in it.

2 bedroom prefab homes
2 bedroom prefab homes

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2 Bedroom Prefab Homes for Sale in Australia Parameter

No.SpecificationConfiguration nameConfiguration listArea
EXH-01. 00120ft-590*630*248LClass VersionPVC windows, flood leather36m²
EXH-01. 00220ft-590*630*248MLuxury versionBroken bridge aluminum window, wooden floor36m²
EXH-01. 00320ft-590*630*248HExalted versionBridge cutoff aluminum window, wood floor, soft wall cloth, baseboard, corner line, ceiling line36m²
the open process of the 20ft container foldable house
the open process of the 20ft container foldable house

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Why Do Many People Choose the 2 Bedroom Prefab Home?

2 bedroom prefab homes for sale in Australia usually are 20ft foldable prefab houses with 2 bedrooms. Compared with a single room, the 2 bedroom has bigger available space for living. It is a good choice for people’s temporary accommodation or long-term homes. The folding prefab house can provide a good living solution no matter for camping, outdoor adventure, or emergency rescue. There are lots of choices available, such as the material and color of the floor, the material and shape of the door, and the window numbers and materials, etc. Besides, if you need solar energy, a pitched roof, or a pavilion, we also can add them according to your requirements.

20ft foldable prefab house
20ft foldable prefab house

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Advantages of the Foldable Prefab House with 2 Bedrooms

  1. The house service life can reach about 30 years
  2. This prefab house is foldable, saving transportation space
  3. It uses high-quality galvanized steel with anti-corrosion coating and has a strong anti-aging ability
  4. Its overall structure adopts a steel frame, with a seismic resistance level of 8 or above
  5. The use of steel structural panels can resist various adverse weather conditions
  6. Fearless of any weather, rainstorm, insolation, strong wind, major snow
  7. Easy installation, only takes 10 minutes, reducing construction costs
  8. Wide application range, safe and durable, energy conservation, environmental protection
the packaging and transportation of the expanding house
the packaging and transportation of the expanding house

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