Fabric spreading machine is the equipment that lays out rolls of seamless sewing material layer by layer on a cutting table for cutting. There are two types in the market, manual and automatic. Compared with the manual type, the automatic type has higher efficiency, saves manpower, and works orderly. The automatic fabric spreading machine is controlled by a computer and automatically performs operations such as spreading the cloth, cutting off the material, trimming the edges, replacing the cloth rolls, and recording the number of layers, etc. When the sewing material reaches the set number of layers, the machine will automatically stop the operation. It is an ideal fabric spreading and cutting machine in the garment factory. If you are interested in the equipment, welcome to get in touch with us to get more details.

fabric spreading machine
fabric spreading machine
fabric laying and cutting machine
fabric laying and cutting machine

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Parameter of the Fabric Spreading Machine

Fabric width(max)1600mm1900mm2100mm2600mm3100mm
Diameter of fabric rollMax. 600mm
Weight of fabric rollMax. 80kg
Travel speedMax. 96 m/min
Spreading heightMax. 250mm
Power1P 220V/1.5KW
Width of table1830mm2130mm2330mm2830mm3330mm

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Fabric Spreading and Cutting Machine Features

  1. Microcomputer control program control system, stable control, digital tightness adjustment control system
  2. Automatic edge trimming control system, lifting control system, layer accumulation control system, system fault prompt, easy maintenance
  3. Auxiliary cloth passing rod device for convenient cloth loading
  4. Once the fabric is used up, the machine will turn off and return to its original position, and the machine power will be automatically turned off after 5 minutes of idling.
  5. The fabric will not be dragged during an emergency stop. It is easy to operate and helps improve production efficiency.
automatic fabric spreading machine
automatic fabric spreading machine

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The Function of Fully Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine

  • Remove fabric wrinkles and release fabric tension.

The automatic fabric spreading machine can loosen the fabric promptly and quickly and release the fabric tension fully. During this process, the distortion of the fabric can also be corrected to reduce fabric loss during the spreading process. While the combination roller sends out the fabric, the combination roller can spread the fabric in the width direction and remove fabric wrinkles.

  • The most difficult fabrics can also be sent out in a stable state.

In order to stably feed fabrics that are prone to produce loads, a conveyor belt-type fabric feeding device is used. The vibration device on the conveyor belt can release the tension when the fabric is sent out, thereby making the fabric more stable.

  • Simple operation and simple setting.

On the LCD touchscreen, it is easy to set the layout length and the total number of layout conditions.

cloth spreading and cutting machine
cloth spreading and cutting machine

Why the Fabric Spreading Machine Is So Important for Cloth Factory?

Automatic fabric spreading machines have many advantages over traditional manual spreading machines. First of all, automatic spreading machines can greatly improve production efficiency, while manual spreading requires a lot of time and manpower. In addition, automatic spreading machines can ensure precision and consistency in the production process, which is difficult to achieve by manual spreading. In addition, automatic spreaders can also achieve the goal of saving energy and raw materials in the production process, because they can better control the various parameters in the production process.

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Automatic Fabric Spreading VS. Manual Spreading

The disadvantage of manual spreading is that it can neither eliminate fabric tension nor ensure the original state of elastic fabrics, such as high-elastic denim or light and soft down jacket fabrics. Moreover, spreading cloth plays a fundamental role in cutting production. The efficiency and effect of cutting work are directly restricted and affected by the spread of cloth. Now that the digital transformation of clothing production has arrived, the automation of the production process can improve production efficiency while controlling fabric consistency and quality, and can also deal with various laying problems with greater flexibility.

cloth spreading machine
cloth spreading machine

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Benefits of the Fully Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine

  1. Easy to use, neatly pulling and cutting cloth, reducing labor costs, improving efficiency.
  2. It is easy to learn and operate. Users can get started quickly and have a high usage rate.
  3. Intelligent cutting device, using high-speed and high-torque motor, suitable for cutting a variety of fabrics.
  4. Automatically stops when there is no cloth and returns to the origin automatically.
  5. Wear-resistant, pressure-resistant and high-temperature resistant
  6. Accurate position control, more aligned the head and tail ends, with automatic edge alignment function and layer counting function
  7. It is easy to install on site. 24 hours after-sales online, remote guidance to solve problems.
  8. It is convenient for the operator to set the equipment spreading length, mode, quantity, speed, which is concise and clear.

Other Machines in YG Machinery

YG Machinery is a professional machine manufacturer. We are engaged to provide high-quality equipment to help our customer’s business. In addition to the automatic fabric spreading machine, we also supply non-woven bag making machines, coffee cup making machines, paper bowl making machine, paper tube core making machines, tissue paper manufacturing machines, paper bag machine lines, paper rewinding machines, wet wipe making machines, etc. If you are interested in these machines, contact us freely to get more detailed information.

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