Non woven bag making machine is a device for making bags with non-woven fabrics as the main raw material. The equipment is suitable for processing various styles of non-woven bags such as flat pockets, vest bags, handbags, three-dimensional bags, etc. Non-woven bag machine uses the computer to complete the automatic positioning, edge correction, punching, hot handle, and other processes. The non-woven bags made by this equipment are beautiful, firm, and practical, and have become high-quality environmental protection equipment.

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Non-woven bags directly bonds the fibers together by physical methods. The raw material of the non-woven bag is polypropylene. The chemical structure of polypropylene is not strong, and the molecular chain is easily broken, so it is easily degraded and is an environmentally friendly material. Non-woven bags are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, easy to decompose, and recyclable.

Non-woven Bag Machine Application
Non-woven Bag Machine Application

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How are Non-woven Bags Produced?

The production process of non-woven bags roughly includes:

Roll material—folding—threading—heat sealing—half folding—insertion—positioning—punching—heat sealing—cutting—collect the finished product.

Non Woven Fruit Bag Making Machine
Non Woven Fruit Bag Making Machine

The non-woven bag-making machine uses rolls of non-woven raw materials to make nonwoven bags. Wind the roll material on the non-woven bag equipment according to the instructions, and then use the computer to set various parameters to start the equipment for production. The automatic non-woven bag-making machine can complete the production of non-woven bags at one time. And it can adjust the size of the non-woven bag by setting parameters.

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Non Woven Bag Making Machines Types

The production of non-woven bags can be done using a set of semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment. Semi-automatic non-woven bag production equipment mainly includes a non-woven fabric slitting machine, non-woven fabric slitting machine, printing machine, non-woven fabric embossing, and sewing machine, handbag shearing machine, handbag welding machine, and other equipment. Due to the production complexity of non-woven bags, it requires multiple semi-automatic equipments to complete the production. YG machinery manufacturer recommends you to use fully automatic production equipment. It only needs a set of automatic non-woven fabric-making machines and a printing machine to complete the production of non-woven bags.

Fully Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine
Fully Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Non-woven Bag Machine Parameters

Production Speed20-65pcs/min20-65pcs/min20-65pcs/min
Bag Making Width100-800mm100-800mm100-800mm
Bag Making Length200-500mm200-600mm200-700mm
Bag Making Weight30-120g30-120g30-120g
non woven bag machine parameters

Non Woven Bag Making Machine Advantages

  • Adopts automatic punching, the punching speed is as high as 20~60 per minute. The punching speed is fast, equivalent to the punching speed of 5 workers. Greatly reduce labor and reduce production costs.
  • It is suitable for the production of various non-woven bags such as non-woven flat bags, vest bags, rope bags, three-dimensional bags, and so on.
  • Automatically weld the handle and the speed of the ironing machine is as high as 20~75 per minute, which is equivalent to the speed of five workers using five ironing machines.
  • Step-by-step fixed-length, light with you to track, computer automatic positioning, edge correction, counting, punching, etc.
  • The non-woven bags produced are beautiful, firm and durable, and environmentally friendly, and are the perfect equipment for producing non-woven bags.
  • YG Non-woven bag machine manufacturer provides semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment to meet the needs of different customers.

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YG Non-woven bag machine manufacturer also provides other related equipment for non-woven bag making. Such as non-woven slitting machines, non-woven slitting machines, printing machines, non-woven embossing, and sewing machine, handbag shearing machine, handbag welding machine, and other equipment. In addition, YG also provides plastic bag-making equipment, non-woven machine, non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric machine, meltblown polypropylene fabric, and other related equipment. Such as mask machines, nitrile glove machines, latex glove machines, shoe cover machines, and other equipment.

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