Paper tube making machine, also known as a paper core making machine, is a device for producing spiral corrugated paper tubes. The equipment can be used in the manufacture of paper tubes used in various industries such as toilet paper, non-woven fabrics, plastics, round packaging boxes, and cloth. Besides spiral corrugated paper tube machines, Yugong paper tube machine manufacturer also provides parallel corrugated paper pipe production equipment. The equipment can be matched in the toilet paper production line for making cored toilet paper.

Kraft Paper Core Making Machine Application
Kraft Paper Core Making Machine Application

Types of Paper Tubes

According to the type of reeling tube, the paper tube is divided into two types, spiral corrugated paper tube, and parallel corrugated paper tube. A Spiral corrugated paper tube is a paper tube made of multi-layer kraft paper in the way of a spiral winding tube. A Spiral paper tube is suitable for making toilet paper rolls, film rolls, BOPP sealing film, thermal paper rolls, etc. The parallel-grained paper tube is directly rolls the kraft paper into a paper tube, such as the paper tube used for fireworks and firecrackers.

Spiral Paper Tube Making Machine Configure

Kraft paper tube-making machine generally includes an unwinding rack, gluing device, conveying device, coiling, control system, and other configurations.

Spiral Paper Tube Winding Machine
Spiral Paper Tube Winding Machine

Paper Tube Production Process

The paper tube production process mainly includes base paper slitting, glue preparation, tube cutting, drying, fine cutting, grinding, packaging, loading, and other steps.

  • Raw paper slitting: Use a slitting machine to split the paper raw material into strips into narrow rolls for rolling.
  • Preparation of glue: sodium hydroxide, glue, and borax are formulated into glue in proportion, and added to the glue tank of the hose reel
  • Roll tube cutting: place the roll paper made in the first step on the paper tube holder according to the unwinding paper part of the machine. Add glue to the glue tank and run the machine to roll the paper into a spiral paper tube. There is a tube cutting device at the end of the device, and the length of the cutting tube can be set by yourself.
  • Paper tube drying: Drying is an important part of paper tube production. The drying temperature and the degree of glue evaporation will directly affect the shape and hardness of the paper tube. Put the cut paper tube in a trolley and push it into the dryer for drying.
  • Paper tube fine cutting, grinding, packaging, loading: In order to ensure the beauty and precision of the paper tube, the paper tube after drying can be cut again, and the cutting incision should be polished.

Kraft Paper Core Making Machine Parameters

Process Speed5~20m/min
Main Machine Power7.5KW
Max Paper Tube DiameterΦ120mm
Min Paper Tube DiameterΦ20mm
Range of Paper Layers3-15 layers
Paper Tube Thickness1.5*8mm
spiral paper core making machine parameters

Advantages of Paper Tube Making Machine

  • Adopt a touch screen, easy operation, and stable function performance.
  • A fixed limit plate box and a movable limit plate are added on both sides of the station to limit the paper tube to the station for grinding.
  • Fully automatic operating system, automatic fault diagnosis, and alarm to avoid damage to the equipment.
  • The cooling speed is fast and the service life is prolonged.
  • Each system can be operated independently, and maintenance is simple and convenient.
  • Automatic gluing, automatic cutting and falling tube, automatic speed change
  • The paper tube-making machine can automatically stop when there are no paper or paper breaks
  • The design structure is stable, the paper tube processing power is strong, and the cutting precision is high.
Spiral Paper Core Manufacturing Machine Details
Spiral Paper Core Manufacturing Machine Details

Other Paper Product Machine Recommendations

YG not only supplies the paper tube-making machine but also provides other paper products processing machinery. Such as toilet paper production lines, paper rewinding machine, paper bag machine, disposable cup machines, wet wipes making machine, wet wipes production line, non woven bag making machine, and other paper product processing equipment. If you want to know more about paper product handling equipment, please contact us.

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