Industrial Wood Chipper For Sale

Industrial Wood Chipper

The industrial wood chipper is a professional piece of equipment for shredding and chipping the pruned branches of roads and landscaping. Heavy-duty wood chipper is mostly used in large outdoor venues such as orchards, parks, farms, gardens, etc. The pruned branches, branches, bark, leaves and roots, and other materials can be directly crushed. The crushed material can be used to make cattle and sheep feed, Buddhist incense, fertilizer, charcoal, edible fungus base material, etc.

Industrial Wood Chipper Application

The industrial wood chipper shredder can be applied to shred branches, trunks, wood blocks, planks, wood chips, waste wood, waste wood furniture, and other raw materials. After crushing by an industrial wood chipper, the above raw materials become available materials. These treated fertilizers are processed to make paper, power generation, feed, fertilizers, and other products useful to people. Therefore, the chipped material has a very high utilization value and a wide range of applications.

Suitable Raw Materials
Suitable Raw Materials
Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Application
Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Application
Shredded Effect
Shredded Effect

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Parameters of Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Shredder

Knife Roller Diameter (mm)500
Equipped with powerTurbocharged 75KW (102hp) diesel engine
Start methodElectric start
host speed2500r/min
Number of blades4 moving knives, 1 stationary knife
Blade length(mm)230
Feed roller diameter500mm
Maximum broken branch diameter≤250mm
Feed roller powerhydraulic motor
Diesel tank volume120L
Hydraulic tank volume25L
Feed gearForward-reverse-stop three-speed manual control
Inlet sizemm450×380
tire size215/75r15
Wheel size15-inch aluminum alloy wheels
Generator power800w
Battery Specifications24V 105aH
Machine power off switch300A
YG-145 Industrial Wood Chipper
YG-145 Industrial Wood Chipper

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Knife Roller Diameter (mm)300
Equipped with power23.6KW diesel engine
Start methodElectric start
host speed2600r/min
Number of blades4 moving knives, 1 stationary knife
Blade length(mm)155
Feed roller diameter280mm
Feed roller powerhydraulic motor
Inlet size600*500
Maximum broken branch diameter≦130mm
Hydraulic tank volume20L
Feed gearAdvance-reverse-stop three-speed manual control, intelligent control
tire size165/70r13
Wheel size13-inch aluminum alloy wheels
Generator power600w
Battery Specifications12V 105aH
outlet directionThe 360-degree quick adjustment device
YG-130 Industrial Wood Chipper For Sale
YG-130 Industrial Wood Chipper For Sale

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Large Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Working Principle

The heavy duty wood chipper has a good cutting system. It converts waste tree branches into small particles of wood material very quickly and efficiently. The wood shredder is equipped with a triple stator ring, a shredding cutter head, and a fineness analyzer. The host adopts an alloy cutter head. It has high wear resistance which also increases production. The motor drives the rotor of the chipper to rotate at a high speed, and the high-speed airflow generated by the machine produces high-strength impact force, compression force, and cutting force on the pulverized material, and achieves a unique pulverizing function.

Industrial Wood Chipper Application
Industrial Wood Chipper Application
Industrial Wood Chipper Manufacturer
Industrial Wood Chipper Manufacturer

Structure of Heavy Duty Wood Chipper

The picture shows the structure of the wood shredder. It includes several parts such as a feeding port, discharging port, hydraulic device, engine, traction device, frame, and so on. A diesel engine powers the entire device. Hydraulic tanks are used to store hydraulic oil. When crushing wood, turn on the machine and put the wood into the machine from the feed port. The inner blade will slice and dice the wood. The crushed material can be directly collected into the forward carriage by the traction device.

Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Structure
Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Structure

Features of Industrial Wood Chipper

  • Wide range of uses. It is widely used on various occasions, such as in gardens, parks, orchards, golf factories, and other places.
  • It can move. The industrial wood chipper has removable wheels so it is very easy to move.
  • Simple operation. The equipment only needs one person to put the wood into the equipment, and the equipment automatically shreds the wood.
  • Wide range of adaptation. The raw materials processed by this heavy duty wood shredder can be used for the production of feed, fertilizer, paper, incense, and other purposes.
  • The blade is wear-resistant. The blade adopts a double-sided cutting edge, which has the characteristics of wear-resistant and long-term use.
  • Smooth operation. Equipped with an intelligent feeding system, it adopts a hydraulic motor drive to ensure the smooth operation of the engine.

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